Monday, 28 May 2012

Rocky the olympic swimmer

Hi, popping back for a quick chat. First of all  I want to say thank you for your great comments, every one is a welcome addition to the blog. They're like little snippets of information which show the wider picture. I especially liked the comment from Joto on the previous post, thank you, I appreciate it.

I know you like Rocky pics, well here are three of him. Today I took him to the big pond that's more like a lake, to see if he would like a swim. I didn't expect him to relish the idea as I gave him a bath once and he didn't like that. But today was a very hot day again so I wondered if he would like to cool off.

We got to the waters edge and I half expected him to sniff at it and walk away, but he didn't. I was amazed, he went straight in and soon got out into the deep part. He showed no fear, his little legs were paddling away ten to the dozen. It's a good job I kept him on his retractable lead, or he would have gone right into the middle of it, and it is very deep there. I think it was the sight of the mummy ducks and their ducklings which were driving him on, I am sure if given half the chance he would have gone after them. It wasn't just a quick dip, the little fella swam almost half way round it, he absolutely loved it. Here he is rolling around on the lawn when we got back, to try and dry himself off.

Sun stopped work in the garden again today. The job I am doing is turning out to be a bit more complicated than I first thought, as I keep thinking of ways to improve it. All this paraphernalia at the side of the garage has now been dismantled and removed. Now I have a blank canvas to play with. No doubt I will change my mind half way through the project and bits will get added and changed. It's like fitting a jigsaw puzzle together.

You'll have to come back another time to see the end result, not sure how long it will take though, ha ha.


  1. Aw lovely Rocky looks so pleased with life. Our dog has been her usual ball chasing mutt today despite the heat. I wish the hosepipe ban was over she loves a good dip in the paddling pool with the grandchildren. A trip to the beach and paddle is her next favourite thing to ball chasing. Rocky is so lucky to have you giving him such a fun time. I'll watch this space to see the transformation of your new garden project.

  2. You give Rocky a life.Thank you for doing that.
    Jane x

  3. Rocky looks completely happy. Thanks for posting these pictures and for being kind.

  4. What was all the paraphenalia that you tore down? It was so hot here today, I was wishing for a kiddie swimming pool, the hard plastic kind so I could sit in it. And, now it is 79 degrees at 10 pm and the ac has frozen up...ugh.

  5. Rocky looks so happy. Do you think that you might become his forever owner? You make such a difference to him already though which is so appreciated. I guess it is a very tricky situation x Molly x

  6. Pets can do such unexpected things. We brought in an extra armchair to the living room to accommodate my sister who is visiting for a couple of days. Scruffy took one look and jumped up into it. I don't think he has been out of the chair for more than a couple of hours in the last two days.

  7. That dog is a lucky one to have you pampering him.

  8. he's a proper little terrier isn't he!

  9. Hi PP, The paraphernalia I took down is in the picture, the wood, pallets, metal shelving, and rusting mini greenhouse frame. They used to be covered in plastic and used for protecting seedlings and small plants from the wind and rain. I don't need them any more.

    Hi Molly. I do see Rocky's owner ocassionally, if she happens to be outside her house when I call to pick him up. She says thank you for taking him out. I will carry on doing what I am doing, I can't give up on him, because if I didn't go for him he would never meet any other dogs or people. I don't know if she will eventually do the right thing and let him go, or start taking him out herself.

    I have seen his personality change since I started walking him. He showed signs of aggression towards some breeds of dogs, mainly bigger boisterous ones. I think it was because he is small and felt they were a threat and he had to fight his corner. Since coming into contact with lots of dogs he has gained more confidence and now gets on with them. He knows it is ok to play with them now. He just needed some encouragement with his socialising skills. He is very intelligent and learns quickly. The owner doesn't know what she is missing, he is a joy to take out, and a lovely companion.

    1. Plastic would have helped me guess it's use! Thanks.

  10. I'm all teared up reading this...thank you for giving Rocky a happy life...his owner sure dropped the ball...your photos and words show such a happy fella...(((big hugs)))

  11. Ilona you have brought so much happiness to that little dog, changed his life around! Sounds like he really enjoyed his swim :0)
    We have been taking Dino to swim in the river, always with the retractable lead on for safety though as there are some strong currents out there. We also took eldest son's dog at the weekend - she is such a dainty lady though and kind of prances through the shallows never getting wet above the knee lol, you can almost imagine her thinking "stupid spaniel, thinks he is a seal"

  12. I am a Rocky fan. Rocky should have his own blog. I want to know how he feels about his situation in life.

  13. I just love little Rocky. I call these type of dogs Wuffy dogs. lol
    All scruffy looking but lovable.

  14. Its nice to think there are people out there such as yourself who help look after and care for animals. I think Rocky would have a very sad life if it wasn't for you taking him out. Thankyou for sharing your pictures of Rocky, and your other animals. It's made my day.

  15. Just been catching up on your posts, as I haven't been able to check your blog for quite a while. Rocky looks so happy, rolling around on the lawn. It got me all choked up, so nice to see. I sometimes watch Paul O'Grady's show about Battersea dogs home on Channel 4 on Monday nights. There were a pair of dogs who had been given to Battersea Dogs Home as the owner could no longer afford to look after them properly. The little Bichon Frise was getting spayed and when she was having her op, her companion was beside himself with worry, you could see the concern on his face wondering where his pal had gone. When his pal came back you could see the difference in him. They had such a strong bond. You do a wonderful job with all the animals that you take on, Ilona. Good on you. All the best, Christy.


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