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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Time to say hello

I think it's about time I said hello to a few people, as I've noticed my follower list is creeping up, and there are some new names I don't recognise on the comments posted. I've still got the option of commenting anonymously enabled, because I don't want to exclude anyone who is not signed up to an account. If you are using this option you can always include your name at the end of your comment, then I know who you are. I see some of you already do this, thank you.

So, who is new? Hello to.....
Abi.  deb hulks.  Happy Plotter.  west 9.  Christine Jones.  suzym.  linda,  Gairdh.  amandaa5449.  welleatagain.  Orfy.  Anne Burnie.  Lydia La La.  Connie.  queeniekinky.  Cuttingwood Cottage.  lisamaywalters.  fostermummy.  lorna williams.  Susan Kim.  never too old.  Di - julie.  Mal's Allotment.  Mrs T.  Stephanie H.  Vixen 307.  Encourage One Another.  Meri.  Melamori.  Fran.  kezlou.  Jenny.  ChirpyChick.  awemastuff.  Christine.  Cheapchick.  Rolina.  Sarah.  Lizabeth.  Julia.  CountingPennies.  e.  Kat.  maria armada.  Colleen.  Q&ADebt.  Ricardo Gomez.

I'm going to stop there, that's the last 48 who have joined up. Welcome to you all, and any I might have missed who joined before.

Now, Hello to those who have been commenting. I read all your comments no matter how old the post is. All new comments come in at the top of my list, so I read them all.
RoseH UK.  Mo.  Wean.  Bryallen.  Kath.  Carol.  Samantha.  Littlebit.  Sals View.  ChrisJ.  SharleneT.  Sarina.  Shrimpton and Perfect.  Matthew.  Anita and John.  Attila.  Practical Parsimony.  Jane and Chris.  SharonK.  Little Rosie.  Frugal Living UK.  Kearnygirl.  Joto.  minimiserdeb.  KittyKittyWeaselFish.  MG.  ToffeeApple.  Campfire.  sue15cat.  Littlebit.  Jayne.  Lilyredcloud.  Barbara.  Tawney.  Daisychain.  quinn.  Jo.  Louise.  landcuckoo.  Kate G.  Carol.  Laura.  crafty cat corner.  judes07.  50 and counting.  Polly.  Ruthdigs.  Beauty and the Green.  Willow92.  Jean.  kelley.  Don't unplug your hub.  carole.  Lafemmet.  Joyful.  heleng.  Jane.  Debs.  Halfrida.  Garry.  Theresa.  Catriona.  Maggie.  lizp2000.  Sandi.  Mum.  Sandie.  lizzie.  Fishcake random.  Mike Knipe.  Josie.  PatioPatch.  Elainelnphilly.  sarah.  Twiggy.  Little Blue Mouse.  kaybee.  Eileen M.  spirit.  Donna.  KnattyKnitter.  cumbrian.  Jellie.  Victoria Stevens.  midlands annie.  Carrie.  becky3086.  treeswhereyousit.  amandaa5449.  Molly41.  shirley2647.  Justine.  Whatsitlikewhereyouwork.  gibberish.  mumasu.  Brian Cowling.  Charlies Aunt.  KamGem69.  Scarlet.  Dartford Warbler.  Dinahsoar.  DaveAJ.  andrea.  Eileen M.  Cynthia.  Jenny Woolf.  Bolybarb. 

Phew, I'm going to have to stop, I'll never remember all these names. Thank you all for commenting, and any I might have missed off.

Not all the commenters join, and not all the joiners comment. I don't mind which way you do it. It's just nice to know there is somebody out there.

There is one new lady who at this moment in time is ploughing through all the past posts. She is in 2009 at the moment, so Anne in Cambridge, we'll wait for you while you catch up, ha ha. Keep going, I am reading your comments.

I have defrosted the frozen yogurt, it is the first time I have tried this, after watching a youtube video about making yogurt, which I posted about a few weeks ago. It isn't quite as nice as the original, the texture is different, not so smooth. It is edible, but I doubt I will freeze any more.

Here is a smoothie I made today. Frozen berries, one pear, half a tin of mandarin segments, and six teaspoons of various seeds.
What a lovely colour. I ate it with a spoon rather than dilute it with juice. It tasted lovely, but I had forgotten how irritating pips are. It was either swallow them quickly or keep spitting them out, and there was loads of them.

Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Mmmm, that smoothie looks amazing! :) I love berries!

  2. What a gorgeous colour your smoothie is.
    I remember reading through your blog when I first found it, took ages lol, but well worth the effort.
    I like your no nonsense topics and upbeat outlook of life.

  3. Smoothies are delicious -- but NO seeds! I won't even put strawberries in mine. I use frozen peaches,frozen pineapple, mango and when and if it's available, papaya. I also put about a third of a glass of pomegranite/cranberry juice and also mandarin oranges. Fresh fruit is not much of an option for us-- too expensive, except tropical or frozen. If I'm really feeling wicked I will put 1/4 cup of evaporated milk in also, which I love, but can't do that very often as my weight will soon skyrocket. So I do it when I feel the need for comfort food. I am Chrisj, Chris Jones (or Christine when I'm feeling very formal.)I'm in Southern California. My sister is Kaybee and we are the ones who raved about your Flamborough photos. She's up in Canada.

  4. P.S. I am also Flamblogger from flamblogger-dot-blogspot-dot-com

  5. Wow I'm so impressed with your following. First thing I do in a morning is check your blog. It gives me inspiration for the day and reminds me to think frugally. Will give the frozen yoghurt a go even though you weren't recommending it. I see so many 5p yohgurts in the yellow sticker chiller but only get enough for the day. I'll try and freeze some as I'll eat anything!

  6. That looks like my kind of smoothie - i don't mind the pips. I couldn't drink the ones made mainly with veggies though.

    1. Hi Ilona,
      Thanks for the mention-well I think you meant me! There seems lots of Carole's and Carols about doesn't there. I think it's really interesting how you can age people roughly by their age. There's not many babies being christened Carole these days!
      Thanks for all the lovely posts. I dip into reading you most days. I thought about you yesterday as I walked around our indoor market looking at all the bargains. Well the sun is shining today. My pottering begins. Carole

  7. The smoothie looks lovely. I made a nice one yesterday with frozen raspberries (from my allotment), bananas, melon and a little bit of aldi apple juice. It was gorgeous and far healthier for my 8 year old twin daughters than sweets. The only trouble is, it will cost me a fortune as they now want one every day after school! The raspberries are 'free' as the plants were already on my allotment as I took it on and they are very prolific (I have 9 bags in the freezer!), but the rest I have to buy. It's one area I won't be too frugal though - healthy food for my children.

    Love your blog Ilona.


  8. That smoothie looks so delicious. I could go for some right now! I love smoothies and usually make one around lunchtime instead of the same old sandwich or leftovers. I use soy milk in mine because I like the added liquid and I can't drink regular cow's milk.

  9. When/Where are you meeting up with Matt? Up and Over?

    The smoothie looks delicious.

    Sft x

  10. Hi SFT. He is staying at Doncaster Services M18/M180 on Saturday night, not far from me. He will ring me with times. Don't know whether he wants to meet Sat or Sun, depending on what else he is doing.

    Hi Donna, I think you can make smoothies for a good price if you search out reduced or free fruit. If short of fresh ingredients add some tinned fruit. Good for you for dropping the sweets in favour of fruit.

    Hi ChrisJ, I am hooked on evap milk also, have to stop myself from guzzling it.

  11. Hello,

    Now you've just given me a great way to solve the problem of slightly over-ripe fruit. I use protein powder in mine when I can get it. I do love the colour of your smoothie. Thanks!

  12. I have never had a smoothie, they just don't appeal to me, I think it is the yoghurt aspect of them.

  13. Ah thanks for the mention I so enjoy reading your blog.
    I've started making smoothies lately I love you can add a huge handful of spinach and not even taste it, I'm always trying to find low calorie ways to add iron into my diet, my iron level is always in the low side. I've been making a peanut butter and banana smoothie for breakfast lately very inexpensive and nutritious.
    Anyways thanks for blogging and keep up the good work.


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