Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Village Fete

The weather was dry but slightly chilly for our village fete today. It started out a bit warmer but half way through the afternoon I went home and got changed out of my shorts and teeshirt into thermal lined walking trousers and two sweatshirts, what a whimp I am.

There wasn't the drama of last year, when the barbeque burst into flames and the fire brigade had to be called. Shame really, it was so exciting :o) We were all standing to attention at 12 noon, as instructed. All the stalls were ship shape and ready for trading. This is our stall, with Sue and Janet waiting to extract as much money as we could from the punters.

This one was opposite ours, not sure what they are advertising.

The book stall was busy, they had managed to aquire lots of union flag boxes to display their wares in. They were collecting money for the Lifeboat Association.

There were lots of tombola type stalls, and people had fun trying to win a prize.

The bouncy castle was popular as usual.

Oh my, the yummy cakes. We just had to have a slice of sponge cake with a jam and cream filling. It went down well with the Rose wine we were supping, ooops, sipping.

Afternoon tea anyone?

The Allotment Association stall had home grown plants and veg for sale. That's Janet's DB in the stripey shirt.

Queueing for a burger at the barby. Always popular.

This was just a few of the things to see, there was a lot more going on. Exhibitions in the churches, fancy dress parade for the children, a band playing on the stage, and a man playing his bagpipes. It was a really enjoyable afternoon, nice to chat with all my village friends and neighbours. I do like living in a village. We did very well on our stall and made some money for the pusscats. Hope you are having a good bank holiday weekend where you are.


  1. I couldn't spot you on the bouncy castle, I can't believe you didn't have a go :-D

  2. Looks like it was great fun al around. The cakes look fabulous!

  3. Looks like a great day and good to see your village getting together (and now that I know it a little!). Hope you raised some good money for the kitties.

  4. Rose wine and sponge cake.....mmmmmmm!!
    Jane x

  5. Very enjoyable. I don't think my village has anything planned, which seems a bit odd.

  6. Well done, it looks so lovely, typical village fair. Rosé and cake? Why wasn't I invited?


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