Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Feeling a bit weary.

I haven't been able to put together a decent post for the last couple of days, there's been rather a lot going on here and I am feeling a bit weary. As you know my old cat Lily isn't too good so I have been nursing him. He can still get out into the garden and lie in the sun, but I have to constantly check his whereabouts as he gets a little confused. Yesterday I had to go into next doors garden and bring him back, I don't want him to go off and hide, I want him to stay close by, I need to know where he is.

Yesterday my friend Barry fell and bumped his head while out walking his dog Scruff. He went to the hospital in an ambulance, and someone brought Scruff back and put him in his garden. I went to get the house key from Barry so I could look after Scruff. Barry is still not back home, maybe tomorrow, so I've been in and out visiting Scruff and walking him. Poor dog is missing his master terribly.

Another emergency, the two black labs needed taking out so I've done that today, plus the kittens need three feeds a day and I like to sit with them for a while. It's a good job Rocky is away on his holidays because I haven't had time to take him out. He's staying with his owners relatives.

Not done much on the garden so no pics yet. Catch you tomorrow.  


  1. About time you took a bit of time to yourself Ilona. Hope you feel rested soon, and everything gets back to normal for you.

  2. Oh Ilona what a catalogue of woes :( Hope Lily is ok and Barry is home soon. Good news that Rocky is getting a holiday - your turn next xx

  3. Such a trouper Ilona. Don't forget to look after yourself too.

  4. Pets and friends before blogging, Ilona! Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Blessings, Chicago Gran

  5. I do hope that Barry is soon better and that Lily stays where you can see him.

    Try to get some rest when you can Ilona.


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