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Monday, 25 June 2012

Going for a walk

I've had a big think about this and I am not sure if it is a good idea to go camping untill the weather settles down a bit. I really don't fancy floating away in a tent, so, I have booked three nights in Earby Youth Hostel for this week. I stayed there for a night last year, when I was walking from Blackpool to the Humber Bridge. Earby is near Barnoldswick, though I don't think the locals pronounce it as it is spelt.

As usual this will be a cheapie holiday, the biggest cost will be the petrol to get there. It's on the Lancashire/Yorkshire border, just past Skipton. My bed in a female dormitory will cost £11 per night, and I will be self catering and taking my own food. It's a smashing little cottage type hostel, home from home really. There's a bit more info about it here.

My plan is to set off tomorrow morning and stop off en route somewhere for a walk, arriving at the hostel about tea time. I'll have four days walking, but I won't be posting daily because as I remember the signal is not good in that area. I will take lots of pics, maybe a vid or two, make some notes, and post the whole caboodle when I get back.

I am hoping to do lots more walking this summer, and I've come up with the idea of offering to accompany anyone who would like to do a days walking following a map, but may not have the confidence to walk alone. Of course I wouldn't expect anyone to walk the distances I do, I would plan the walk to suit whatever level you are at, whether it be beginner or more experienced. If anyone is interested in this let me know via my email addrerss on the side bar. The distance I would need to travel to meet you would have to be considered. I don't mind shelling out for petrol because I would make it a two or three day trip, which would give me some time to do more walking. Let me know what you think, anyone up for it?

Anyway, I'm just off to chuck a few things in a bag and feed the kitties. I'll leave you with this........ 

Talk amongst yourselves while I'm gone, and last one out to turn the lights off. Toodle pip.


  1. Godbyeeee! Have a great time, we'll talk amongst ourselves, and we'll try not to get up to any mischief while you're not here to control us, hahaha! Look forward to hearing/seeing all about it.

  2. Promise we will be good (define good!).
    I wish you lived near me I'd love to walk with you.
    Jane x
    PS Have a great time, stay safe.

  3. Have a good time. What a brilliant idea to accompany someone on a mapped walk.
    See you when you get back.
    Be good and if you can't be good, be careful.

  4. Have fun on your latest adventure...looking forward to hearing about it on your return...

  5. there is a rather pretty but sometimes sadly littered waterfall just behind the youth hostel. The locals affectionately call Barnoldswick (pron Barn Ols wick) Barlick - enjoy your walk and hope the weather holds out for you! There are some wonderful walks in this area, with glorious views and interesting history - happy walking!

  6. You are wise not to be camping. I was over the weekend, at York racecourse and the first night the wind howled around my tent, I thought I was going to be borne away like the wicked witch of the West! The next night it rained all night. It was quite cold, although I had got spare blanket to put over me. The field was boggy where the cars drove but fortunately my pitch was OK. Enjoy your trip. You will be walking not far from the region where the Lancashire Witches by Harrison Ainsworth? was written.

  7. I certainly hope this will be side income. You are at least known on radio, so it's not like you are an unknown entity. At least have the person bear the cost of your gas to get to them!

    Not everyone will want to sleep and eat cheap, so you would probably end up spending more money. It's a great idea.

    1. I would imagine that anyone who is able to join MQ has a similar mindset to her and wouldn't be thinking of participating doing anything different.

      By the way Ilona, I got a book on private hostels in the UK at York last weekend, it was last year's, given away free. If you are ever on the Selby York cycle path (route 65 I think) there is one at Naburn, the old railway station, and it's quite reasonable B & B, although not quite so cheap as a hostel.

  8. Hi PP, I have to correct your assumption that I am offering my services in exchange for money, I am not. This blog is about making the most of the money I already have, not making more. If people want to travel to meet me, they can either pay for their own luxury accommodation, in which case I won't be joining them, or they can join me in either camping or a youth hostel. I only use B & B's on a long walk where there is no other alternative.

  9. Have a great time Ilona, I shall wish for good weather for you.

  10. Have a wonderful time Ilona:) Fingers crossed for some warm and dry weather

  11. Have a wonderful time, I, like Jane, promise to be good in your absence......Lol xx

    Stay safe.

    Sue xx

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