Saturday, 9 June 2012

Loads of money saved on shopping

I've been trying to get back into the swing of things today, it helps that I have a lot to do. It seems strange that I don't have to look out for Lily any more, like there's something missing, which there is. One minute life is good and ok, then I remember his little face and I want him back.

Being wanted elsewhere helps to ease the sadness. Mum cat and the kittens need me, Scruff needs me as Barry is still in hospital, Rocky dog will need me when he comes back maybe tomorrow, and my own Bugsy and Mayze cats need me. Keeping busy is what keeps me going, I have no time to be idle.

Last night I went to visit Barry, he is waiting for a pacemaker to be fitted. He seems in quite good spirits apart from missing his dog, and being afraid to cough because it hurts his injured back.

After that I went straight to Tesco to get my reduced groceries. Sometimes I am lucky sometimes not, it depends on if they have bought in too much stock and people have not bothered to go shopping. Yesterday there was a lot of rain so that kept people indoors. Lucky for me because I got loads of crazy bargains. I have added my shop to the list on my Food Diary, link at the top of the page if people are interested. The trolley full of shopping came to £9.31. If I had bought it at full price it would have cost a massive £64.52. This has to be the best shopping trip I have ever had by far. A saving of £55.21. Every item had a yellow reduced sticker on it. For the next two weeks I will eat like a Queen.

Shopping like this is such good fun, I had a bit of a banter going on with the man with the ticket machine who was marking down the fruit and veg. He had a lot of bags of peas, and asked how much I wanted to pay for them. I said oh, 10p a bag would be good. He said, how about 5p a bag? Wow, even better, ha ha. I had four bags. Then he said how much for the apricots? I asked him if they were sweet as I don't normally buy them. He took the wrapper off and said, try one, so I did. They were reduced from £1.99 to 10p, so I had three punnets. The staff were passing the message to each other to mark down the price to what the customer wanted to pay, most things were 10p.  

If you notice there ain't a lot of junk in there. It is mostly good quality fruit and veg. What I shall do is first eat things that are more likely to deteriorate quickly, checking the condition each day to see if anything has to be eaten immediately. I will eat everything, nothing will be chucked away. I have given away two punnets of strawberries and a punnet of apricots to friends. When I got home I checked my receipt and found that one item had been scanned at the original price at the till, so today as I was in town, I went back to complain. Customer Services gave me a refund of £3.14, so even better.

Here is a photo of Scruff, patiently waiting for his master to return. I went to the hospital to see Barry this afternoon and he tells me nothing has happened yet and he thinks he won't get the pacemaker till Monday now. Oh dear poor Scruff. It's a good job he only lives up the road, I can keep going in to see him. Tonight I actually got him to go for a proper walk. He doesn't want to go far normally without Barry. He is a lovely gentle boy.

This is my dinner tonight, it cost a few pennies. The dearest thing was the tuna steak at 28p. The wine was a gift.

As a reward to myself for managing to get an extremely cheap shop, I have bought a ticket for a show next week at the new Baths Hall in town. I saw the Ladyboys of Bangkok about ten years ago in Salford Manchester, I absolutely loved them, so I thought a nice treat would be to see them again. I asked at the booking office if I could have a look at the seating before I bought the ticket, because I wanted to be sure to get the right seat. The young lady was very helpfull, she took me in and let me try the seats in different parts of the theatre. I chose one on the side balcony. I am so looking forward to this. Anyway, bed time. Toodle pip.


  1. I wish I liked vegetables. Never mind though, you continue to provide me with food for thought. Glad you are sounding a touch more cheerful. Good night.

  2. I did not convert pounds to dollars, but I could tell that was some great deal! Do they give senior discounts at the threatre? I ask everywhere, shameless hussy that I am.

  3. Live like a queen...she should be so lucky!! The ladyboys of Bancok will be a fabulous show, Ilona.Please give Scruff a cuddle from me ...he's gorgeous.
    Jane x

  4. That is one fantastic shopping haul , must have been quite exciting. Nothing like that here where I live though if I ever stumble across a great buy I stock up and freeze it - like 10 packs of my fav. brand of sausages reduced from $5.99 to $1.49 a pack. That was a rare lucky find and have been using them carefully, even making one pack of 8 bangers last 3 meals for 2 people (pre cooked then finely sliced into quiches and pasta sauce! )

  5. HI Ilona Yipee this is my type of shopping WELL DONE !!!! regards Jean

  6. You certainly will eat like a Queen. Well done on your bargains. I'm completely obsessed by yellow stickers too, it makes a massive difference to our budget. I now look at full priced items in a completely different light - HOW MUCH?! I'm trying to teach my daughter the art of yellow sticker hunting as I think she may go to University in the next few years.

    You do sound like you have your hands full. When my daughter was born my mother in law said babies are a great healer. I think this may also apply to kittens!

  7. Wow, that's some lovely veggie shop! I wish Tesco is my side of town but it's 6 miles from here and when I go over that way to see my Mum, it's too early to grab bargains. What time are you there? Asda often have yellow stickers but at the same time some of the stuff is quite poor quality and not reduced much at all, quite unlike your finds. I was wondering how you were going to use all the strawberries other than pigging out on them, how nice to be able to pass on to friends. I am often passed things that have been past sell by but can't say from where! They come in very useful albeit making meals a bit 'creative'.

    I do love Scruff, he's a lovely looking dog. Barry is lucky to have you as a good friend.

    1. I managed to get you back on my PC Ilona, lovely having a wee chat, and I am so sorry to learn that Lily has gone to the great cattery above. That was a great buy in Tesco, you sure will eat well for some days. Poor Scruff looks forlorn , I hope his master gets home soon, its good you are such a good friend to them. Don't forget if you decide to have some days in my area you are always welcome to call in and stay over there are lots of great places to visit and see around Scarborough and the fish & chips are lovely for the odd treat.


  8. That's an amazing bargain!! :D What time is the best time to go?

  9. Hi Ilona, we have just had the Lady Boys here in Brighton, I have never been to see them but would love to.
    Wish we had a Tesco like that here, being a large town nothing much gets reduced that much, just a small reduction.

  10. You are eating like a queen there. That is the sort of shopping trip we dream of, where everything is massively reduced, sadly only comes about once in a blue moon. Scruff is gorgeous by the way!

  11. Over here in Northern ireland Tesco dont reduce their going out of date stock like that . They take a few pence off and I presume they bin it after that. Well done you

  12. What a great haul - plus a bonus of having enough for your trip to the theatre. All the best for Barry and Scruff.
    Love from Mum

  13. My other half popped into waitrose last night and came home with various yogurts and fruit and because they still applied the multi buy offers Ended up paying 7 pence . Think I have taught him well :)

  14. Well done for getting so many healthy bargains, and thank you for showing us your yummy dinner, you haven't done that for a while, and don't forget I am following the "Meanqueen Diet!" so it's nice to have some fresh meal ideas to be inspired by.

    Scruff is almost as adorable as Rocky! :)