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Monday, 18 June 2012

Square eyes

Apologies tonight, I am a bit late and this is a duff post. Not been able to come up with any ideas, due to the fact I have become addicted to this
Television for me is a novelty because I don't have one, so when I am able to watch I'm afraid I get a bit carried away and don't know when to turn it off. I'm just back from Barry's house, my excuse is I'm sitting with Scruff to keep him company, but it's also an opportunity to become a zombie and sit in front of the goggle box. There isn't much of interest on but I zap across the channels like a woman possessed, trying to find something decent to watch. 
The programme I have just seen was about police sorting out problems across Lincolnshire. It seems I live in a county full of rowdy drunks who are intent on resisting arrest, but are persuaded to give in when they are face down on the floor. Not a lot of choice when they are handcuffed. 
I've watched the paramedics and air ambulance going about their business doing some wonderful work in rescuing people from smashed up cars. They really do deserve every penny they get for doing that job. 
I've watched people revealing some weird and yucky problems in that Embarrassing Bodies medical programme. How those people can drop their pants and display their genitals on national television I do not know. Surely it's better to go to your own doctor for problems of a delicate nature. Put me off my flippin tea. 
I can only stand 30 seconds of that wotsisname Kyle show. Good grief, four people on stage all argueing and sobbing, and threatening to kill each other. Do people really watch that codswallop?
On a more positive note I've watched my favourites, Last of the Summer Wine, Heartbeat, and Monkey Life, the documentary about Monkey World in Dorset. It's been wall to wall footie, and you can't get much more boring than that. Thank goodness I don't have a tele. 


  1. You are so right about TV content. With a very few exceptions it is rubbish. My family are hooked on shed loads of junk, I see bits and bobs while I fidget about from book to laptop to just about anything and the best thing I have spotted are the Meerkat adverts. Once my cast is off my arm all I will see on YV will be the dust.Pam

  2. Oops left handed Typing error I can spell TV if I concentrate. Pam

  3. "Reality" TV is cheap to make. And we are all fascinated by trainwrecks.

    A friend's police detachment was asked to be filmed for "COPS". They declined. Drunk First Nations shooting at their neighbours cars might be riviting for some people but just seemed to be waiting for racism charges to be filed.

    Add in the US camera crew was really unhappy that they wouldn't wear their red uniforms so the viewers knew they were Mounties....

  4. Sounds like you have the same kind of boring TV programs we have here in the States!! If it wasn't for my DH I wouldn't have a TV either. It's too expensive for the junk they show. I do, however, like Masterpiece Mystery Theater on PBS when they are British, like Sherlock, Downton Abbey, etc.

  5. I pulled the plug on my TV earlier this year and don't miss it a able to watch a show or two I enjoy on the internet and save myself $50 a month too!

  6. Ilona,
    I, too, am like a woman possessed when in the presence of TV since I don't have cable or anything. Your Kyle sounds like our Jerry Springer--horrid, loud, sad.

    I would waste lots of time if I had one, but since I cannot do much anyway, no harm. There are some favorites like local and national news, Law and Order that I would like to watch. Our Cops sounds like your show with all the arrests.

    Back in Feb when I was very ill and in a bed in er for 6.5 hours with iv drip and all sorts of tests, I was miserable until they gave me the tv remote. I was the happiest sick person you ever saw.

  7. No TV here either...sounds like I'm not missing anything!
    Jane x

  8. Yes, there is an off-button on the remote...........................

  9. I love the British TV shows we've been able to get here in the US, and sometimes American TV will try to copy one of your shows. (I hope that medical show is one that isn't.) But usually the TV shows from the UK have been wonderful! Wish we could receive more.

  10. We do have some good stuff over here - I'm a Lewis and Midsomer Murder fan myself - but what annoys me so much about the 'reality tv' is even if I don't watch it I still know whats happening as it is all other people talk about!! There's just so much more to life than that as our lovely Ilona shows.

  11. I hardly watch TV at all - I sometimes find that I'm not involved in conversations as thats what people tend to talk about and I really haven't the foggiest who celebrities are or whats going on in soaps etc. I do watch BBC documentaries (usually history) but I use iplayer to catch up with the whole series which usually only takes one evening or so. I have joined lovefilm as I really enjoy a good film in an evening when kids are in bed. This is a huge extravegance at £7.99 p/m but we don't have any digital tv packages so I justify it though it makes me feel a bit guilty.

  12. We have TV as husband loves it. He loves disaster films (I HATE the word MOVIES that seems to have been adapted from The States!) When I was young it was either 'a picture' or a film. The term movies was used when they began to be just that! It seems to be another thing that has come over the pond. (apologies to you American commenters but I think we should keep our own identities and not copy another country's) He loves Star Wars etc and dinosaurs too.

    I like things like Coast and my one claim to a soap is Emmerdale, don't watch the others. I also like Grand Designs and anything where they restore some crumbling ruin.

    Sometimes Ilona, if I get the night to myself and want to watch TV- the things I want not husband, there's absolutely nothing I can find, sod's law! I think if I was on my own I would ditch the TV and use my computer too as I often end up watching things on catch up upstairs.

    1. Campfire,
      I was amused by your reasoning for not liking "movies." Well, it could be worse and "talkies" could have come over to you. How do you feel about saying "show"? We say that too. Since we are being so honest,I cannot stand British humor shows that we get. Everybody I know loves them! I have friends who drive me nuts making me watch it. It is boring. Maybe there is something really good that we don't get. Oh, the funny one with the black chef is good. Plus, the one with the ladies named for flowers is so sappy that I liked it. I don't like our soaps at all and most sitcoms. So, not liking tv choices is nothing new for me.

      I wonder how the keeping our own identities would have worked after the Revolutionary War. I am not being mean or criticizing at all. It is just an amusing thing to ponder. I do like your queen and her family.

      If I had a tv and a husband, we would come to blows over the use. I have neither now. I wanta tv more than a

  13. I think we have about 400 channels!!! And most nights we never even switch it on. There have been some interesting programmes on like the house the 1950s built but I watched that on the laptop on i-player so still no need for a TV. I wonder why we don't cancel it??? Save some money and maybe the kids would leave home :0)

  14. Boring? Football?!!!!! I haven't had a tele since the changeover. Don't miss it much. 'Cept when there's footie on.

  15. Hi Ilona

    you're so right. TV these days is revolving rubbish for the most part. OH has just bought a satellite kit so we'll be cancelling Sky very soon. BBC show some very good thriller series such as The Killing, Wallander and Spiral as well as interesting documentaries. Our dog Jenny would watch wildlife programmes all day if we let her!

    Thanks for such an interesting blog. love the photos, especially the doggy ones.

    All the best

  16. I watch TV at my OH's house but with all the 300+ channels he can access we always end up searching for something interesting and frequently fail. It just isn't worth the licence fee.


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