Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wot I did 2day

I wish this bloomin weather would make up it's mind what it wants to do. After a sunny few days it's been raining most of today. I was planning on getting up early to watch the sunrise this morning, but I missed it. I woke at 5am and it was light, and no sun anyway, so I went back to sleep. Then woke at 6.30 and again went back to sleep. Then I woke at 7.30 with a thumping headache. That always happens when I pinch an extra hour of sleep. I feel as bright as a button if I get up early, but if I lie in a bit I feel yucky, serves me right for being lazy.

Barry came home today, I was out so I didn't see how Scruff reacted to his masters return. Apparently they were both overcome with emotion. Barry has got to take it easy for a while, no golf for a few weeks but he is allowed to walk Scruff, which will please them both.

I did a Meanqueen talk for the Townswomens Guild this afternoon. It was a very small group, only nine people, they enjoyed it. When they booked it I got the feeling they couldn't afford to pay very much, because they don't have many members. We came to an agreement that they would pay £15 as a donation to our cat rescue. Every little helps, and these kitties are getting through quite a lot of food.

Talking of cat food, Tesco have got Felix pouches on offer at £2.50 a box, and Whiskas pouches at £2 a box. I called in on the way home, and was disappointed to see the shelves empty of the adult version, none left. Then I looked at the kitten section and found loads there at the same price, so I stocked up. I will give kittens adult food, and adults kitten food, I don't think it matters what label is on the box. In fact my Bugsy prefers the kitten food, and he is 16 years old. If the pieces are too big for kittens I chop them up into smaller pieces.

I am hoping to get away next week for a few days. I'll be camping if the weather is ok, maybe a youth hostel if is it is a bit wet, or maybe I won't bother at all if it is pouring it down. Looking at North Yorkshire, will make my mind up at the last minute. I'm getting fed up of being in now. I think we are heading for a lousy weekend weatherwise, maybe it will pick up by Tuesday. Please let it be nice next week.

I still haven't done a big shop and it is two weeks since the last one. I picked up some bananas, and brocolli in Tesco, and stocked up on baked beans at 25p a tin from Asda, and guess what, Tesco rice pudding has actually gone down to 12p a tin, so I got the last eight tins on the shelf. I also got six eggs from Asda for £1. I've enough in the freezer and cupboards to last me another week. Still got potatoes, and loads of rice and pasta, so no need to rush out and get any more food. I will make do with what I have.

I've just had my half yearly water bill from Anglian Water. We also get another bill for water drainage from Severn Trent. So, we pay to receive the clean water, and pay to get rid of the waste water. I've done some sums, and it works out at £134.35 a year, or £2.58 a week, or 36p a day. I am on a water meter so I'm not sure how that compares to those still paying for their water according to the rateable value of the house. I think what I pay is pretty fair for what I use.

Well so much for the longest day, pity it wasn't sunny. Toodle pip.  


  1. WOW. that water and water drainage (sewage) bill is really low. I pay about $50/month for those two combined, and I use half the minimun usage. I could use twice as much water as I do and still pay the same $50/month! I cannot imagine how much people pay here who who have larger families or just waste water.

    I am going on two weeks of sun, but you cannot have any of mine. I will probably have deluges for weeks for being selfish with my sunshine.

  2. We have had a real price hike with Yorkshire Water this year(we are not on a meter). We pay £568 per year (which is £71 pm for 8months, this works out at £1.56 per day) We have a four bedroom house though. I'm wondering whether we would be better off on a meter, how could I work that out? The thing is I just have enough to worry about without stressing over our water usage. I don't want to be timing people in the shower and having palpitations with every loo flush. I will look into though we need to save as much money as possible and I'm flipped off with greedy YW. Glad Barry is on the mend and you got a paying gig!

  3. Actually (after my little rant about YW) if I divide £1.56/4 people thats 39p per day. So not so bad? Silly me.

  4. There are 2 of us in our house and we're still paying for our water according to the rateable value of the house. We pay almost exactly the same as you. If we had to go over to a meter, I'm sure that the bill would go up.

  5. I am pleased that Barry is back home and I hope total recovery is fast for him.

    I pay £2.00 per month for water, I expect they overcharged me last year and are letting me off lightly this year.

    I hope that you manage to get away and have some sunshine.

  6. when we weren't on a water meter we were paying £45 per mth for 3 adults. On a meter we now pay £25. You can always try it and switch back if its not working out. Glad to hear Barry is feeling better

    Pat in norfolk