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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Free clothes from the garage

I spend a lot of time sitting on my office chair. It's not the most comfortable chair in the house, so sometimes I put a pillow behind my back for support. I thought I would try one of these mesh Lumber Support doofas from Poundland, not such a lot of money wasted if it doesn't work. Lo and behold it does work, it's made it quite comfy. All I've got to do now is to make some padding for the arms :o)

I got some free clothes today, two pretty nighties and three black teeshirts, they are black not grey as in the photo, don't know why black never comes out as black.

How come they were free? I was rummaging as usual. The colours caught my eye, they were in a carrier bag of clothes in the garage where I take my car for servicing. It didn't need a service today I just called in to get the fluid levels checked and topped up as required. I know, I'm a lazy sod, I should check them myself to save money, but I can't be bothered. No matter, Simon Deeks did this little job for me for nothing, because I take my car to him for any other jobs that need doing. That's the beauty of using an independant one man band type, they look after you better.

Anyway, whats that got to do with these clothes. The thing is, they have a customer who regularly drops off a bag of clothes and other household linens which they no longer need, to be used as cleaning rags and polishing cloths. I was amazed, these erm 'rags' were ten times better than the rags I walk around in. I don't throw my clothes out untill they are falling off my back. Anyway, Mandy, Simon's wife said help yourself, take what you want. To be honest I would have taken the whole lot, because everything in the bag could be used, but I felt it was a bit mean to leave them with nothing, ha ha. Next time I'll take some of my old rags along for swaps. It's not every day you take your car to the garage and come away with free clothes.

I thought I would get my rail ticket from Farnham to London for next week, from our local station. I checked the times and prices on the internet so I knew what I wanted, just a matter of collecting the ticket and paying. The girl on the counter tapped a few keys on the computer and looked a bit blank, she said what time will you be travelling. I said I don't know yet, I want a day return and they run every half hour. She checked the screen again and said sorry can't do that, computer says no. Apparently because it's on a different network. Oh for goodness sake, how daft, I thought. Don't all computers talk to each other? Apparently not at British Rail.

The rear tyres on my car were starting to look a bit low on tread so I took it into Central Tyres, where I normally go. The man said they're only just legal, but I thought, in view of this long trip I have coming up they've got to be right, so I got them changed. I remember that last time I had two tyres changed, on the Focus, not long after a taxi driver wrote it off. I hope this is not a bad omen and the same thing happens again.

I think the kittens will be moving into the pens at Sue's soon, I'm waiting for the phone call to bring them over. Yesterday I got two big boards out of the garage and blocked off the stairs, then closed the door to the living room, and left the back door open so they could come into the hallway, kitchen, and front porch. It was so funny to watch them.

They crept in very slowly at first, nervously exploring every nook and cranny. Then when they realised they had a lot more space to play in they were charging about like crazy. They looked like lambs when they leap two foot into the air, then they were jumping on each other and rolling about. It was hilarious. After nearly hour I fed them back in their room, then they crashed out, they were knackered. They've been in again today for half an hour while I made my dinner. One of them managed to climb the step ladder and get up the stairs, it was a heck of a job to catch her in the bedroom. Anyway, it's almost 10pm and they are waiting for their last feed before bed time, got to go. Toodle pip.


  1. Only you Ilona! Just told David you had got clothes from the garage that had been taken in for rags and he was lost for words lol (that's a first) Well done I say on some good recycling!

  2. wouldn't have thought of looking at a garage for clothes.....well done.

    Gill in Canada

  3. You're the only woman I know who finds clothes at the garage!

  4. That made me laugh that you thought the clothes you got from the garage were ten times better than the rags you walk round in!

    When it was British Rail you probably would have been able to get your ticket.
    I only found out a while ago that if say you've got a ticket for a Virgin train and you miss it, and the next train going where you want to go is Arriva, and the next one some other company, you can't get on them, you have to wait for the next Virgin train.

  5. I'm a bit speechless Ilona. When I start getting my old age pension in a few weeks your ideas are going to be very helpful.

  6. we rota the front tyres to the back, and have the new tyres put on the front.

    A very old mechanic told us to do that. He still worked in the family run garage until he thought his son (58) and grandson (30), could cope and run the business. lol

  7. Hi Sol, I asked the tyre man about swapping wheels around but he said it wasn't necessary. I remember when I took it to the garage last year for it's MOT the man there, Mr Deeks, did swap them over. I will ask him if they need swapping when I take it back in October.

  8. You're going to miss those kitty kats !!

  9. Hello Ilona, I laughed at the visual of you swapping out bags of "rags" at the garage. Super resoursful!

  10. I LOVE my lumbar support and couldn't believe it was only $1.00 at our little store. Bought a second one for my office. So easy-peasy!


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