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Sunday, 8 July 2012

I could stuff a mushroom

Today I went to Jerry Green's Dog Rescue Open Day. Me and Janet had a stall to raise some money for our kitties. I have been going to this event for several years and it has always been fantastic, loads of people, today however it was different. No car boot sale, half the outside stalls missing, no classic cars and bikes, the craft tent was half empty, and not many visitors coming through the gate.

Granted the weather was not too good, but it did brighten up. I think it might have had something to do with another show being on a few miles away, and of course the tennis, a lot of people would have stayed in to watch that. It was quite disappointing but we made a bit of dosh, enough to feed the kitties for a couple of weeks. I was hoping to post lots of pictures, but I didn't take any, there was nothing much going on to photograph. I did a couple if short vids, but they are rubbish so I have scrapped them. So I'm very sorry but I haven't got much to write about.

I will tell you about my dinner tonight instead. Here we have the wrapper from Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms. There are two in the pack and I bought them for 62p, the normal price is £2.50. Blimey that's a lot of money for two flippin mushrooms. They sound mouthwateringly lovely, read the description. Portobello mushrooms with a rich, creamy roasted butternut squash soft cheese filling, topped with parmesan and sage ciabatta crumb. Sounds posh doesn't it!

I had one last night and one tonight. Last night I had steamed veg with it and tonight I had lettuce, two chopped spring onions, a spoon of potato salad, five more smaller mushrooms, and a small potato cooked in the microwave. Very nice, they gave me two cheap meals, but do people really pay these silly prices. I thought they were expensive at 62p, ha ha, maybe if I'd waited they might have had a further reduction but I didn't want to hang around. They are never worth £2.50, and they're not very special either. I'm sure I could stuff a mushroom a lot cheaper than that. Toodle pip.


  1. I bet you could make it more flavourful too Ilona.

  2. It was interesting for me to read this post about the price of the portabellos. Two large ones at the local supermarket cost $5.00 Canadian. Instead I picked two that were not in a package and it cost me $2.50 (about 1.5 pounds). Still a lot for you I know but they never get cheaper here.

  3. Its the only time I get ready prepped meals (on YS)and I am always gob smacked by their original price. I too can't believe that anyone would pay the full price for these as I don't think the quality reflects the price (from Mr M's anyhow). The are ok for a cheap, quick meal but nothing special. We got some garlic mushroom things from M's (19p YS) which were incredibly expensive, yet I found them to be a bit watery and rubbery like they use previously frozen mushrooms. You win some you lose some.

    Sorry your event was a bit rubbish - probably the tennis more than anything. At least you made something so not a complete waste of time.

  4. I make my own with whatever I fancy from the fridge blitzed up in the food processor and then top it all with a knob of butter, a quick grating of blow your socks off cheddar and some breadcrumb. Knocks the socks off any shop bought ones.

  5. Oh dear, I work in a place that makes a version of those mushrooms, one of the reasons they are so expensive is that they have to be within a weight and size range. Stupid, but the shoppers with more money than sense want them to be identical. I tried them but thought they were pretty tasteless, when the naked ones are reduced we stuff them with chopped up leftover cooked meat, onion and tomatoes sweated in oil with seasoning and a good handful of whatever cheese we have, stilton is the best. half an hour in the oven and served with veg.We have had several events cancelled due to the poor weather, we have a car boot next weekend I hope that is still on, I love a good rummage and it is walking distance. Pam

  6. I am from the US (Northeast). I recently saw two portobello mushrooms for $3.99 (of course, American dollars)! These were raw and not stuffed. Sometimes they are even more expensive than that. I make stuffed mushrooms only on occasion and usually on a holiday when I'm having people over. Otherwise, I stay clear of them. I buy mushrooms during the year but not portobello. So your mushrooms were a real bargain.

  7. Stuffed Portobellos are out of my price range here in the US. I have not even cast an eye in their direction lately, so I could not quote a price. However, mushrooms are one of my favorite foods--in food or out, cooked or plain. It's been five weeks with no more than ne hour total of light rain at my house, even though it has rained three miles away.

    The forecast of rain has kept yard sales to a minimum. When people go ahead and have a sale anyway, knowing the forecast is wrong, the 100 degree temps make me drive right by.

    What kind of tennis ruined your sale? The level of tennis?

  8. These mushies aren't expensive where I live. They are around $11 a kilo or 2.2lbs.
    I peel them first then brown them in salted butter. Put them on soy and linseed toast with salt and pepper. Very healthy and wholesome. A pity that the event was a washout. I was lucky enough to go to a car boot sale while my friends and I did a house swap in Snettisham. It was held in a big field in front of that beautiful church. I bought a lovely little blue vase. I could have gone crazy buying but my luggage weight was limited by Ryanair limits. I love Ryanair...... they get me lots of places cheaply. See you.

  9. We call Portobellos "sexy mushrooms" because they are so expensive here. We have them about twice per year for special occasions.
    Sad that the event wasn't as good as last year, but on the bright side....the proceeds will pay to fill some hungry tummies.
    Jane x

  10. I bought some the other day, unstuffed. He didn't like them stuffed so I just added them to the tomato sauce mix I had made with a glut of tomatoes I was given. Very cheap veggie dinner with pasta. I certainly wouldn't have bought them ready prepared unless they were drastically reduced.

  11. Your event wasn't the only one suffering this weekend Ilona, we went to the Americana at Newark Showground, we've been going for at least 10 years and this year were amazed at how depleted it was - much fewer stands, catering outlets and so on. Today it was reported in the paper that attendance was 50% down on last year....

  12. I've been to Americana, many years ago, it was good. I think people are getting bored with the same old format every year. Needs some new ideas.

    PP, it was Wimbledon, the top British event, and our Andy Murray reached the final. I really hoped he would win, but never mind, he keeps trying, maybe next year.

  13. I can't find bargains like these in our local Tesco. Do you go at a certain time, for instance near to closing time? Our Tesco is open till late so that wouldn't work for me.


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