Sunday, 15 July 2012

Little things amuse me

Good morning on this gloriously sunny Sunday morning, guess what I found in my 'In box' this morning? Ha ha, you've guessed, another offer of writing guest posts for my blog, and they don't even charge, wow they're free. Free my arse, a touch of Ricky Tomlinson there, aka Jim Royale, ha ha.

Hi Ilona, Hi Melanie,

I really enjoyed reading your blog. That's nice to know. So do thousands of other people all around the world.

I would like to see if I could submit guest post for your blog/readers and I was thinking about the following topics: So you think my writing is not good enough, you think you can do better?

1. Ways to save money on your electricity bill. I know all there is to know about this topic. To save money on your electricity bill is simple, turn everything off.

2. How to develop a monthly spending plan. Dead easy. Keep a spending diary, write down all money coming into the house and all money going out. Don't spend money you haven't got. Doesn't take a genius to work that one out.

What do you think about these? Crap, haven't you got any better ideas?

For your information, all of our articles are custom written by our writers for your blog, Your writers don't live in my world, how can they ever know what is going on inside my head. I am a unique person, I have my own thoughts, no one can replicate that. and are absolutely FREE. What no charge, forever, as many articles as I want? If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Free my arse......

If you are interested, I am happy to get something written up and sent over to you, write all you like babe, it won't appear on my blog – or if you have another topic you’d like to see covered, please do let me know. Nope, I have all topics covered.

Thanks and I look forward to your response. Go away and don't come back.


“The University of Great Content”   I have been to that University and graduated with honours, a distinction in every subject.


  1. Ha ha, I love the Royale Family!

    I wonder if Melanie gets any takers? I wouldn't want anyone doing a guest post on my blog - (not that I'd get asked!).

    Great sertificat by the way.

  2. These people must be stupid, mad, or both...

  3. How can they have the same voice you do? I wonder how many ads and links to their products exist in one post. Your blog would probably be posted with advertisements. I suppose there are just enough people who are unsure, lazy, or gullible to take them up on this deal. I wonder how they chose you as a victim.

  4. (Chuckle). So they are wanting to ghost write your blog? I think this would be one quick way for bloggers to lose their followers. The thing about reading frugal blogs, is not just learning new tricks, its about seeing into a person's life and the ordinary things they do, put into practice. Having a "guest" writer would miss the point. There are loads of books in the library for budgeting and saving on the leccy. Most of us have heard it all before. Love the certificate, it made me laugh, I want to go to the University of Great Content.

  5. You seem to be taking this particular can of spamminess quite personally? This sort of "comment" or email is only worth the time it takes to hit "delete" methinks :)

  6. Hi quinn, what me, taking things personally? Nah, not a chance, it's a bit of fun innit. To be honest I am gratefull to the lady for giving me some words to play around with. Material for a post, totally free without charge :o) Don't worry, all unwanted emails get zapped. There is a litle button at the top of my In box, Delete and Block, I use it frequently.

    1. I couldn't have resisted replying in the same vein, Ilona. Great stuff. Love it, don't want to be vulgar, although I can LOL at other peoples, particularly The Royle Family!

  7. Thanks Ilona for another great post. It made me laugh out loud. I didn't think you were taking it personally, you were sharing your spam with us, and it's good to share. Also, it keeps us all on our toes by reminding us how many and what kind of sharks there are out there.

    But I just don't understand Melanie's thinking - why on EARTH would anyone accept an offer for someone else to write their blog? Surely people choose to write blogs because THEY want to communicate with others about THEIR life and THEIR passions and interests. Strange indeed.

  8. Excuse me, have I missed something here. I choose to read YOUR blog, because YOU wrote it. Why on earth would we want someone else to write it for you, why don`t they just stick to their own blogs. I definitely need to study for that certificate.
    Well done Illona for being soo polite!!!!!

    Patricia Brambley

  9. I think they picked the wrong blogger when they wrote to you Ilona!
    Why would anyone want someone else to write their bog anyway? If you have nothing to write about one day, you just don`t blog that day!

  10. I can usually count on you for a great laugh Ilona and today is no exception...there is no one that can take your place!

  11. I luv the sertificat I wish I cud do like wot they dun. Innit. LOL Very funny Ilona, I love your take on this spam email.

  12. You had me on the floor!!! Someone knowing more than you do on any money saving topic, my ass!

  13. A guest is someone you invite, not someone who tries to shove their foot in the door!

  14. Just found your blog and I'm enjoying your moodiness!

  15. I had one too ! someone wanted to write about frugal gardening tools !

  16. Haha yay give em hell!
    They didn't really make that certificate did they?

  17. That made me chuckle! I wonder if she is related to the people who keep ringing me about PPI, they don't seem to get the message either :)

  18. ha ha, I needed a good lauch. This did the trick! Lol, love the certificate.


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