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Saturday, 28 July 2012

The hairy monster :o)

Hi, here's a quickie post for you. Wean asks how do I manage to wear dark clothes without getting covered in cat hairs. Easy answer, I don't. Wean said she would love to wear black sometimes and darker shades, but can't do it because of her feline friends.

Wean, I walk about my village covered in cat hairs, and I don't give a monkeys. People have to accept me for what I am, a cat lover, I come with cat hairs on my clothes. I also greet every dog I meet in the street with lots of patting and fussing, adding even more hairs to my clothing, and a bit of dog slobber into the bargain as well, ha ha.

If I go out anywhere else I don't wear my slopping about the house clothes, I get changed, but even then there are always some cat hairs on me. I really don't care.

This is a sign I have in my front porch, anyone who crosses the threshold knows they will probably pick up a few cat hairs while they are here. If they don't like it they don't have to come in. 

Wean, why worry, wear your cat hairs with pride.


  1. ha ha - way to go MQ ! You're absolutely right of course, I must stop worrying about what other people think !
    Love the sign - mind if I 'pinch' it and put it where my 'visitors' can see it ?

  2. I'd love that sign! Could I copy it too?
    Jane x

  3. Help yourselves to the sign. It's a plastic one I bought from a cat show about ten years ago.

    1. Thank you! That's going up by the front door!
      Jane x

  4. I'm always covered in cat hairs, too, and used to have dogs. When my kids were growing up we had several animals and I used to say that the only time animal fur wasn't flying around was when we went camping.
    Am I the only one who loves to iron?

  5. Great post.
    My youngest son didn't bring his baby up to visit for 1 year because of the cat hairs, . My daughter doesn't sit down only on a hard chair because of the hairs, and then makes a fuss about brushing herself down before she goes. Like you, my cats mean everything to me and if these people don't like it, well, don't visit.
    We eat, drink and sleep with cats hairs. My dyson groans when I get it our because it knows its going to have to work overtime. lol
    As far as I'm concerned they are missing out on a whole lot of love and laughs, that's what my cats give me..

  6. oh that's just how it is with me crafty cat - I've known my daughter stand up for the whole visit - for goodness sake it's not that bad !
    I find that strange as she was brought up in a house of cats.
    My cats are now my family.

  7. We used to have a border collie with long white hair. Needless to say, my black school uniform at the time was usually COVERED!

  8. we got our first cat in 2008, my mum hates cats so hubby went and got another (wanted and loved) cat from Cats protection! my mum hasn't visited for two years!
    Josie x

  9. LOL Josie. I have never owned a cat, but I have the same problem with my short haired dog.

  10. Love the sign, Ilona, I think I'll print one for my brother. He breeds Maine Coon a house full of them and I always forget to check what I'm wearing when I go to his house.

  11. Love this sign! I shall copy it as well, if I may. Great attitude about cats!

  12. Stumbled on your blog and read this. I'm allergic to cats (their fur does terrible things to my eyes and skin) but I do have two dogs. Currently I have one either side of me on the sofa. If visitors come I sometimes put a clean throw on the sofa for them. But mostly it is definitely a case of love me, love my dogs and don't moan about the dog hair! They are my babies. What's a bit of dog hair amongst friends?!

    I had a girl from America live with me for a year. She went home mid-summer. In the winter she took out her slippers, which she had worn here, and found dog hairs poking into her feet lol! It made her cry though, because it made her realise how much she missed the dogs.

  13. I have 3 cats, fortunately I've never had anyone complain about cat hairs, if they did they know where to find the door (he he). I was sad to read that people have stopped visiting because of cats. A home without a cat is just a house♥ Love the sign.


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