Monday, 20 August 2012

A bit of extra padding needed

Hi again, I thought I would slip this in while I think about it. Remember the two padded sleeves I made to wrap around the straps on my rucksack? They were supposed to make it more comfortable on my boney shoulders. Well, they never really worked very well, they are too bulky. I ended up stitching some extra padding directly onto the straps, which is much better.

So what to do with them The arm rests on my office chair are not padded, just hard plastic and not very comfortable at all. Brainwave! They fit perfectly and are fastened together with press studs. Now I can sit comfortably and watch the catch up TV without getting sore elbows. By the way, the mesh backrest was a good buy from Poundland, makes the chair so much more comfortable. I'm going to get another one for the car.

Easy to make, you could make some to fit any chair with hard arm rests.

Toodle pip


  1. If you wait long enough you can find a use for anything can't you ?
    I could kick myself sometimes when I've thrown something out that's been hanging around for ages, when the very next day - I need it - urgently !

  2. Ilona, what will you think of next? That's a really clever idea!


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