Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A visit to Chichester and a natter with a friend.

Hiya peeps. I'm sitting on the floor in the dorm as I write, we have a full house tonight, six beds and six bodies to fill them. I'm sitting on the floor because this is the only place in the room with a socket to plug into, and the best place in the hostel for a signal. I treated myself to a full breakfast this morning, the works apart from meat. I also gave the scrambled eggs a miss, they looked horrible, all pale and watery, nothing like my scrambled eggs which are firm and yellow.

After enquiring about the bus times I walked the 25 minutes or so into Arundel. I was surprised to see a collection of second hand goods for sale lined up against the wall of a house in the High Street. The sign says 'Don't steal them'. A funny way to run a charity shop I thought, place a collection box next to them and hope people are honest.

I had a few minutes to wait for the bus so browsed a few shop windows. This caught my eye. A fundraising poster for the local Hospice. You can have your photograph taken holding the Olympic torch, well one of them anyway. I presume there is a charge for this which goes to the Hospice. Very inventive I must say, they think of everything to raise money these days.

It was a thirtyfive minute bus ride to Chichester, the bus stops very conveniently right outside the Cathedral. This is the Bell Tower next to the Cathedral.

The Cathedral is 900 years old, and it is free to go in ;o)

There is a small chapel in the corner and if you look up to the ceiling this is what you see.

This is an Anglo German Tapestry designed by Ursula Benker-Schirmer. The centre panel was woven in Germany the two outer panels in the UK. It took three and a half years to make. I love the vibrant colours of this.

The Market Cross is in the centre of Chichester. It has a very large pedestrianised area here, which makes it a much more relaxed and pleasant place to shop. Marks and Spencer have a large food hall covering the whole of the ground floor, and it was buzzing. People must be loaded here. I went in several charity shops and noticed that prices were quite expensive.

I got a map from the tourist office to help me find my way about, and made a bee line for the Pallant House Art Gallery. There was a sign saying £9 for entry, I was gobsmacked, so I asked the assistant if that was the price. She informed me that it was half price day and it was £4.50. I told her it was still too much and I couldn't afford it.

Then I found a gallery which was free to go in, the Oxmarket Gallery. I was gobsmacked once again when I saw the price of the paintings for sale. Up to £2,000 for a large piece of tatty paper daubed with black and grey paint. Looked like a chimpanzee with a decorating brush had done it. Amazing that people buy that kind of stuff, must be bonkers, ha ha.

I took a stroll to the Festival Theatre, which wasn't much to look at. But next to it on the grass was this strange monstrosity.

Aha, a temporary theatre has been errected.

It was a frame made of scaffolding and planks of wood. The outside was covered in lots of layers of what looked like very strong paper, lashed together with cable ties.

This is the stage, a bit basic.

And the seats don't look very comfortable. Probably best to take your own cushion. All very interesting I thought, I've never seen anything like it before. I'm not sure why they call it The Theatre on the Fly though.

This is the Guildhall, it's in the middle of Priory Park. A bit plain, it was locked so I couldn't see inside. Don't know what it is used for.

And here we have yet another pub decked out with a colourful display of flowers.

I got the bus back and decided to get off at the next village to John's place, and call in for a last visit before I go home tomorrow. We had a right good natter, and he made me some chips for tea. It started raining so he kindly offered to give me a lift back to the hostel. I think I have made a friend there.

Anyway, my room mates are all in now so I'll have to bid you goodnight, as they will want the lights out any minute. I shall be leaving here in the morning and heading back up north. I'll catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip

PS I haven't time to proof read this, I'll put the mistakes right another time


  1. Hi MeanQueen,
    I enjoyed your trip today....loved the photos.
    I think "on the fly" refers to doing something quickly, on the move so to speak.
    The theatre folks have a great concept there. We once had open-air movie screenings here on the island, which I heard about while growing up from the older folks, since there were no theatres back then.

  2. great photos, interesting about the theatre.....

    Gill in Canada

  3. These pop up theatres are the best!
    I think you've made a friend in John too...he's a gent.
    Thanks again for a lovely day out...glad the cathedral was free. In my opinion all churches and cathedrals should be free...they were built by the people for the people.The tapestry is very dramatic..I love it.
    Jane x

  4. love the Anglo German tapestry, what a fabulous concept.

  5. You can visit the Pallant Gallery for free on Thursday's - I think it's from 5.30 - 8pm

  6. And we had Couscous Ilona, with the chips I mean. The first time I had eaten that, and it was delicious.
    Ilona and I had Couscous. It sounds a bit naughty doesn't it?


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