Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Not many words tonight

Ooops, I'm a bit late tonight, been busy studying maps and walking Rocky. I haven't had time to prepare a post, but I've added another stand alone page to the blog. The link is at the top of this page, it's called Food Gallery. I thought it would be a good idea to put a selection of my meal photo's all in one place. Sorry there aren't any recipes, they are all made up. Use the pics for ideas, think outside the box for your own cooking. Mix and match things and see how it turns out.

I like to use the least amount of pots and pans when preparing meals, because I don't like washing up. I don't use the oven, don't bake, and don't fry things. Mostly my food is steamed or grilled, sometimes done in the slow cooker, and sometimes in the microwave. I never boil vegetables, you lose all the flavour in the water. I use the stick blender on raw and cooked food, to make soups and smoothies. The kitchen is not my favourite place so I try and make my meals simple, I don't enjoy slaving over a hot stove.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. I don't mean to harrass or press the issue or to criticize your way of eating. I just want to tell you about Livestrong.com. It gives you the nutrition in every food that you type in. AMAZING! At the end of the day, you can see how much of the daily recommendations you have consumed. Of course, if a person wants to eat a certain way and exclude nutrients, neither the program or you have to tell anyone.

    At the end of the first day I had eaten too much fat, and protein and less than the daily allowance of salt and protein. I think that is how it went.

    Like I said, I am not trying to change your eating habits, just giving you and your readers a tool to use to analyze each food, meal, or day. It is free. However, there is a charge to get some other components. I am not paying anything and find it very helpful.

    It even goes by some brands. Of course, I don't always pick brands they choose. I don't think that makes much difference. If a person eats mostly raw or whole foods, those are listed too.

    There is a place to start an account so you can return. IF you look at it, let me know what you think. I found this site the same day someone commented on your intake of nutrients. Otherwise, I might never had thought to mention the site.

    1. Thanks for posting about this site. I've just checked it out and it looks great.

  2. Wow.....no wonder you are full of vitality!!

    Virtually all those meals are brimming with goodness and life, how refreshng to see someone with a bit of imagination filling their plates with goodness.

    Not a ready meal in sight.

    Sue xx

  3. Very, very healthy. Plenty of protein and vitamins. That spinach is good stuff! I know you like soya milk and brandflakes so your calcium and fibre is fine. My son doesn't consume dairy, and his dietician told me all foods contain calcium - just some are richer in it than others. Your portions are of a good size and you look very healthy on it. There are some well meaning people in our society that are still very suspicious of a vegetarian diet, and consider it unnatural or unhealthy and try and pick fault. However, most people I know are over weight. I was on a beach last week and I noticed the vast majority of people were overweight, a fair few looked morbidly obese. I am 10 stone 5ft 2", a stone over weight. My practice nurse agreed I could lose a little, but everyone else thinks I'm slim enough and gets huffy when I mention dieting. Our visual norms of weight have shifted.

  4. Ilona, I have recently connected to your blog and after a couple of marathon sessions of reading have found my way through all your blogging days. Wow! You are so committed and so passionate about your life and all your interests. You truly are an inspiration to a fellow pensioner! Well done!

  5. Ilona,
    It's funny what you say about not boiling vegetables because I hear so many complaints that the British boil everything to death. Is there a segment of the population that does boil everything? Since I have never been to Britain, Ihave no first-hand knowledge.

  6. One spam comment removed from this post.

    Hi PP. Yes, a lot of people still boil their veggies, don't know why, probably because they have always cooked them that way. They taste better steamed. I always steam mine the minimum amount of time I can get away with, so they are just cooked but not mushy. If you boil you could use the water to make gravy, but I never make gravy. Or of course make it into a veggie stew.

  7. That's interesting. I boil a lot of my veges and haven't really thought why I do this. I'm going to steam a lot more now though. I do usually keep the water from my boiled veges though. Makes a nice drink and full of minerals and other goodness.