Friday, 10 August 2012

This little bird. . . . . . . . twice

Oh dear, what have I done! My lovely girls, Mayze and Heidi are such lovable and affectionate little characters, but they have a dark side. Last night I heard a chirping coming from the bedroom, went to investigate and found this little cutie. Now which one of my sweet pussies has brought this one in? At 10pm I was out digging for worms in the compost heap by the light of my head torch.

I made it a bed in a square plant pot, and when the worms had gone I continued feeding it with morsels of cat food on a wooden toothpick. I got up to use the bathroom at 3am and checked on it. It twittered more food please, with it's beak wide open, ha ha. 

Protected from the cats with a wire shelf salvaged from an old fridge, fastened down with a bungee elastic.

This morning it looked quite perky, and quite fat as it asked for more food. I also gave it a few drops of water with a plastic syringe. Maybe it has a chance of recovery.

This morning the cats were eager to be let outside as usual, I never leave them out all night. I got on with a few chores and happened to look out of the window over the back garden. Oh no, there was Heidi chasing some small creature across the lawn, it looked like a frog at first. I rushed downstairs to rescue the poor thing, and found an even smaller bird trying to escape the jaws of death.

And now I have a bird hospital. This one is very tiny, and traumatised. I can't get it to eat yet, it sits in the corner quivering with fright. It looks like it has a yellow underneath, is that a yellowhammer, I'm not sure about what they are called. I can just about recognise a seagull, a pigeon, a blackbird, and a thrush, the most common ones.

I'm just off out to dig for more worms to see if I can tempt yellowbelly to eat. Back later with some holiday pics, they are on the small computer.


  1. Oh no! Maybe you should put a bell on those cats. Are they getting these tiny ones from trees? A stupid teenage robin made a nest in a bush only 4 feet from the ground. I chased cats away until the babies could fly. Next year, the mother built there again and lost day old babies to cats.

    I hope you are wearing kneepads while you dig worms because those babies like to eat all day long.

    Is there a bird shelter/rescue nearby?

    Those cats are quite the eager hunters.

  2. It's a pity cats have to do that. It's usually to late for the ones at my house. I find feathers strewn around. Luckily it only happens about twice a year. Look forward to seeing your holiday pics.

  3. I adore all my cats but I know that all of them are killers at heart ! it's nature - cruel I know but you cant stop it.
    It's that time of year when the young are leaving or being pushed out of their nests -
    I've done what you are doing many times, some survive, some don't it's the shock/stress that kills young birds rather than their injuries.

    You're doing a grand job - keep trying and I hope they live to fly another day !

    btw - so sorry to read about the deer incident - poor thing !

    I'm totally stressed out myself at the moment waiting to hear about my Sopicat - he's had a stoke it seems, and is on drips, medications and all sorts of tests - so upsetting to say the least - he's my bestest friend !!

  4. We have a wildlife rescue sanctuary wher you can take baby birds; they know just what they need to survive (food wise).some may need insects as well...I hate it when the cats bring in a bird...they go out at nght now mostly and I think hang out in the barn, mousing (they sleep all day inside- too hot!!)...good luck!

  5. Ok first off, remove the grass and put in scrunched up paper towel...the grass chills the bird who needs all the body heat it can. The paper towel will help the feet to grip (you don't want the bird to have broken legs as well). Place a towel over the bird to reduce visual stimulation and keep more heat in. The bird will sleep which helps to conserve energy needed for healing. Please don't feed worms, the worms carry a parasite which causes teeny worms to grow in the birds throat...soft cat food is perfect. If the birds skin has been punctured it may well have a bacterial infection so needs to see a wildlife specalist ASAP.
    Thank you for caring.
    Jane xxxxx(retired wildlife rehabber)

  6. Goodness me, you will have your hands full for a while, now!

  7. First, the little birds are so cute. I hope they survive. Second, sorry to hear about your car and the deer.
    I'm glad you weren't hurt. If it was a very large deer, you could have easily been hurt badly.
    I noticed that you have zucchinis (corgettes?) in your garden. Did you ever use the flowers? They can be eaten. I make a batter of flour and beer and dip them in it and deep fry them. They can be stuffed with cheese too. Don't know if you eat cheese but if not, then just the batter and fry them up. They are so good! They are quite expensive if you buy them.

  8. Those little birdies are lucky to have you around....hope that they will both be okay after the love and care that they are getting from you.

  9. God Bless you, the lover of all animals. You have such a sweet heart.

  10. The first bird looks like it could be a very young Robin but I can't tell what the second is. I don't think baby birds drink water, I know several species get all the water they need from the insects the parents bring, that's why they eat so many little green caterpillars - they're mainly water. I guess that varies with species though. I think you might need a bit of expert advice or something to keep these two going but I hope they make it! Any idea where the cats found them? I wonder if you could put them back near the nesting sites and let them cheep for their parents to come and feed them? I hope they're both still alive!

  11. Dont feed or pick up fledgings - the mother will feed it if you leave it alone - just keep the cats in forthe time being - I know you mean well but it will not survive if you interfere.

  12. The little yellowbelly has been missing all day, it got out between the bars. Then tonight I saw Mayze playing with something brown and fluttery in the long grass, she had found it again. The bigger one seems to be doing well, I've been feeding it all day at regular intervals, and it looks quite perky.

    It's a bit late in the day to let them out now. Although I shall be getting my cats in soon there are lots of other cats about round here. I think the birdies might be eaten if I let them out now. I've put some scrunched up paper in as Jane suggests.


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