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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Stuff and nonsense

I started my day with a healthy breakfast, a bowl of fresh fruit, peach, banana, melon, and grapes, and a drink of warm lemon juice made with half a squeezed fresh lemon. Mind you I was feeling peckish by 10.30 so I had a toasted cheese sandwich, ha ha.

The car is sorted out, the dent in the front caused by hitting the deer has gone, and I am £120 lighter. He's done a good job of repairing it, it looks like a new car at the front, pity he didn't wash the rest of it as well, ha ha. I would much rather give the work to a one man band who works in a small unit, than a big conglomerate with an astronomical heating and lighting bill. I will be recommending him.

I dropped the car in yesterday and walked the five miles back home, to get a bit of practice in for my big walk. I stopped off at the retail park and bought a box of 48 Whiskas pouches, and carried them back in my rucksack, to remind myself of what it felt like to carry weight :o) The lady at the checkout had to wait while I opened the box and put them loose in the bag.Today I cycled back to the bodyshop to get a bit more excercise. I must say I prefer the walking, pedaling into a headwind is flippin hard work.

I did a couple of other jobs while I was out and about, I needed some ink for my printer to print the maps off. Then I picked a few bits up in Morrisons. I think I can get away without doing a big shop till next week, I have enough in my store cupboard to keep me going. I was looking at the price of cheese in Morrisons, I like mature cheese but it's so confusing to find the best offer. I see the packs are shrinking, they used to be 400grms, then went to 375 grms, now they are 350grms, for the same price, around £2. I will only buy it on special offer. There was an offer on 250grm bags of grated mozzarella  for £1, so that's a better price. Not sure what it tastes like yet, but worth a try at 500grms for £2.

I got a large cauliflower, it was reduced to 65p, the label said 'Store 2nds', but I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Maybe I'll open it up and find a load of caterpillars inside, ha ha. I see they have Youngs frozen salmon fillets on offer, a bag of four for £2 so I bought a bag, even though I'm trying to cut down on my fish intake. It's about three months since I last bought any, so not doing too badly.

The battery packed up in my hearing aid while I was out. I don't usually carry a spare unless I am going away. It's horrible not being able to hear properly, everything is muffled and I try not to speak to anyone as it's too difficult to keep up a conversation. It must be very isolating and frustrating for people who are totally deaf, I would hate it. Thank goodness for my National Health hearing aid, it was completely free and I get a regular supply of free batteries. I don't know why some people choose to buy a hearing aid from a shop, some of it maybe vanity as the National Health ones are not that attractive for those with short hair. Personally I don't give a toss who knows that I can't hear properly.

I'm going now. Pardon, did you say something, just a minute I'll pump up the volume :o)


  1. I think seeing a person's hearing aids reminds us to speak up and don't mind being asked to repeat something.
    Jane x

  2. I think I would rather bike than walk, not that I could do either to the end of the block! I wish we were on the same system so I could tell what you buy and for what price without figuring roughly in my head or going someplace on the internet to compute it.

    Yesterday, I bought cheese that is regularly $4 @ $2 each. I felt lucky. I get whole wheat sandwich rounds, little flat things split open, put on jar spaghetti sauce, sprinkle cheese and have a really healthy lunch. Later, I eat fruit.

    I cannot hear well, but every hearing test shows I can hear better than most. I keep telling them that in a soundproof box, I can hear. With fans and fluorescent light noise, plus other ambient noise, I am half deaf. I figured out that I am reading lips most of the time. A hearing aid in my ear would drive me nuts. But, so do my glasses. I would wear a hearing aid. I have long dark hair, so mine would be hidden quite well, not that I would care. And, a free hearing aid is a good thing.

  3. Good for you getting on your bike. I agree headwinds are the pits but at least it wasn't raining . Have you thought of cycle touring? I love travelling by bike .
    Brenda in the Boro

  4. Your cauliflower is probably Class 2 because it's got a yellow tinge rather than being pure white or something mad like that! x

  5. Speaking of hearing problems. I usually suffer with what they call 'Glue Ear' when I`m going on a holiday where flying is involved or I get a cold. Then my right ear is virtually deaf and it makes my life a missery at times. I can`t join into a conversation over a table when their are other background noises and I`m forever straining to hear what was said. I`m not good at lip reading, so this does get me down at times. Since my last hospital appointment I`m much happier as the good Thaiwaneese doctor suggested a clever devise for me that helps to open the little tube between nasal canal and ear when it had collapsed in on itself. This is what happens with Glue Ear. And, a small plastic tube with a balloon attached will release a little pressure and air into the nostril to re-inflate/open that closed tube in my ear. It`s a fabulous devise and will help me to combat that dreaded ear problem in seconds. But, not being able to hear at all would drive me bonkers! Just imagine you couldn`t listen to your favourite music anymore. I couldn`t bare that!

    Lovelygrey is right about the cauliflower. Apart from a yellowness there might not be anything wrong with it, taste wise or overall condition wise. I just wish we had bargains like that here in the South. As you remember from your visit, everything is more expensive here than up north. Even the charity shops have outragious prices at times.

  6. My husband's hearing is not as sharp as it used to be and this is starting to provoke some marital discord.... It is now not just me that he fails to hear but other people too and it is starting to really bother him as well as me. We both play in our church music group and he is starting to have real problems with the music too which upsets him. He had a hearing test yesterday and they said that his hearing is fine in all but one area. Grrr! I suspect that his problem is similar to Practical Parsimony in that the background noise doesn't help at all and the test conditions are not related to normal conditions. It took a huge effort on his part to get to the point of asking for a hearing test and be prepared to wear an aid and now there is no help at all. Grrrr!

  7. I am always so grateful for the NHS. There are some serious health problems in my family and I am so happy that my family members can come home safely without thousands of pounds of hospital bills that people in other countries seem to have. Even I had a major operation as a baby that required anaesthetic, blood transfusions, skull cutting etc etc, so yeah, I love the NHS!

    Sounds like your man's done a good job with the car! :)

    It's amazing what a difference cycling against the wind makes. It's so difficult, even on the flat!!


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