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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

These boots are ready to walk

Hiya bloggy pals. It's piddling it down in Ellesmere Port tonight. I'm sitting here in my friends posh lounge looking out over the garden through the patio doors, and it's coming down in stair rods. Linda is tapping away on her computer checking her works emails, and we both have one eye and one ear on the tele. I must say though it is a distraction, I can't work with background noise, so blame her if I talk a load of crap. Her lovely hubby made us a great dinner and I have got a posh bed to sleep in. Linda has been my friend for 25 years, she's an ex trucker like me.

The journey on the train started well, I had a lovely lady sat next to me and we chatted all the way to Doncaster. She was going for a job interview, and if I was doing the interviewing I would definately give her the job. At Sheffield someone else filled her seat, but there wasn't any conversation forthcoming from a big burley bald bloke who was plugged into his music machine and reading his kindle. I then changed trains at Manchester, for Liverpool. At Liverpool there was a short walk from Lime Street Station to James Street Station, where I boarded the train to Ellesmere Port.

I had an hour or two to kill so I thought I would go to the Boat Musuem and start my coast to coast walk. This is where the Shropshire Union Canal meets the Manchester Ship Canal. I didn't go into the museum because I didn't have time, and it costs £5.50 for a ticket. But I had a stoll around the outside of it. There is  big hotel nearby, the Holiday Inn. Here are a few snaps I took.

Tomorrow morning I am going to pick the canal up again and head off to Chester. I'll be up about 6.00am when Linda gets up, and out for about 7. Hope it's not raining, keep my fingers crossed. Toodle pip


  1. There's something magical about canal barges and the basins. I'm glad they are being tarted up.
    Jane x

  2. Lovely pics. Keep my fingers crossed for a dry day for you.

  3. It's been quite a nice day in Cheshire, in between the 'patchy showers'. But my word the showers were fierce. I thought of you, and hoped tomorrow would be better. The forecast;sess= is changing. When I looked yesterday it gave Thurs fairly dry, and the really wet day next Wed. Now it says you'll get drenched and drowned and not be able to see through the rain on Sunday. Hmm

  4. Hi Ilona.
    I can't wait to see your pics of Chester as that was where I was born and bred.
    Will you be walking all round the Roman walls? The Cathedral is beautiful inside if you get the chance to roam round it. And the Rows are lovely.
    Hope you enjoy your day.


  5. I hope the weather stays clear for you,


  6. Will you be watching any football up Liverpool way?

  7. Good luck, I hope the weather improves for you.

  8. Good morning. Wednesday. Just popping in before I set off. Weather showery so I'll start off with full wet weather gear on.
    Hi Eve, I doubt I will have time to see much of Chester, will be passing through on the canal, might wander off if time. This walk is more like clock the miles up rather than dilly dally, saying that it won't be all hard slog.
    No footie DUYH, no time for that nonsense.
    See you later Mo. Leaving in the next ten minutes about 8.30am
    Toodle pip

  9. Nice pictures though it looks a tad cold :)

  10. Have a safe journey, lovely photos today, I can't wait to see some more.

    Sue xx

  11. looks like it might be a wet one.i live in neston near e port and its a wet a windy start to the day!!have a lovely time,look forward to the photo's x

  12. Love canals and barges. Had holidays afloat in barges years ago but too expensive now. Hope you stay dry.

  13. I should love to spend time on a canal with the Narrowboats.


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