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Sunday, 21 October 2012

A board, a few bits of wool, and some paint

How's your day been? We woke up to fog here, it didn't clear untill mid afternoon, then eventually the sun broke through at about 4pm. I had a lovely walk around the fishing pond before dinner, that's dinner at 6.30pm, not dinner at lunch time. I don't have a traditional Sunday dinner, roast and the trimmings, I have whatever I fancy and what I happen to have in, I can't be bothered to go shopping at the moment. I had cous cous with scrambled eggs and sweetcorn and a couple of fresh tomatoes. Quick and easy, couldn't be bothered to cook. Now I'm finishing the last of the three day bottle of cheap plonk, Cheers.
I got on with this project today, and I can show it because it's finished. I have nine of these white boards, they are off cuts I found in the Scrapstore. They are a kind of plastic material, a bit like what they make those soffit boards from, 29inches by 5.5inches. Anyway, I thought I would make a wall hanging, I divided it into five sections and drilled some holes in a pattern.  
Then I got five different kinds of wool and threaded it through the holes.
Some close ups, taken on my dining room table. Do you like my table cloth, it's a bed sheet. I find I can fold and re fold it if it gets a bit dirty, then when all parts of it are mucky it finally gets a wash.
The red wool is very hairy.
The next step was to paint it. I used different kinds of wool because I wanted to see which type of wool worked the best. The middle panel on the blue has the red hairy wool, I don't think this looks particularly attractive, a bit messy.
This wool on the purple is a knobbly wool, a bit rough looking, not sure if it works too well.
This is a thick smooth wool, I think this gives the best finish.
This one is quite nice on the yellow, it's got a twist in it.
Here it is hanging on the wall. I quite like it, something a bit different. I'll try and think of some more ideas for the rest of the boards.

I want to say a really BIG THANK YOU to one of my readers. A lovely lady called Pam arranged for a delivery of cat food and litter to be delivered to our cat rescue. It arrived yesterday from Asda. This kind gift will help us to carry on our work in taking in and rehoming cats in need. Pam you are an angel. Only this morning we took in a mum cat and her two kittens. The people who brought them in couldn't afford to keep them, this was the cats third litter, all because they didn't think about getting her spayed.  So now we are up to eight cats, maximum capacity, we are full once more.

A special welcome to Sandy in New Zealand, she is very bravely ploughing through the whole blog and has almost caught up. She's in August at the moment. Well done Sandy.

There are quite a few new names appearing in the comments list, thank you for visiting. I read all your comments, even those from the older posts, every one is important, thank you all for joining in.

Thank you very much to gotthisfar for nominating me for an award, I am highly honoured and most flattered that you think my blog is good enough. I hope you don't think I am being mean, ha ha, Meanqueen, geddit, but I would rather not participate. I am happy to have no awards, I am not awards driven. I write my blog for the fun of it, and if people like it that's nice, and I'm happy if you're happy. Toodle pip.


  1. Love the tablecloth, identical to ours which our friend Indu brought back from a family visit to Mumbai. She was always so surprised that we liked and used it so much. Now we know the reason why, God rest her soul.

  2. I am like you I don't do awards either. Great bit of artwork and very original!!

    Gill in Canada

  3. Good on you, Ilona! I enjoy your blog very much.

  4. Being a bit obtuse I like the effect of paint on the hairy and knobbly bits. Crikey, that sounds a bit naughty! Sorry about that. I shall leave it. It's funny too.

  5. Oh, I do like that. I was browsing again through some of your older posts and saw the one of the bag made from giveaway carrier bags. I have taken some old t shirts and cut strips around them and started knitting on great needles. It was going to be a bathmat but think it would not be large enough as I can only fit so many stitches on needles. I think it might be a shopping bag now.

  6. Hi Ilona, I like your wall hanging; very inventive and original. You're very creative and it's great seeing what you put together. Re your Sunday dinner; we don't do roast dinners either, just make something from whatever we have in. Hope the kitties you have at the moment are rehomed soon. Cheers for now, Christy.

  7. Did you paint over some of the yarn and not other yarn? The hairy yarn looks fine. You could use scissor tips and trim the hair if it bothers you. You could put your name on one board. The five sections look like just enough room for I L O N A.

    If you don't like it, you can always sell it for cat food.

  8. I like it. I can see a calendar attached to the bottom, or maybe some magnets glued onto the back to keep reminders on the fridge. This is something the kids could do in the holidays :). Thank you - for your blog and sharing parts of your life with us. I like your positive attitude and I need my daily dose of Life After Money as a gentle reminder to be happy with what I have and never take anything for granted :)

  9. Your wool art reminds me of the 70's when string art was a thing I did for decor back then. Very retro Ilona. :)


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