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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Filling up the fridge

Well that's one job finished for another week or so. I decided to go to Tesco and get my shopping in. Could have stretched it to another day I suppose, but what the heck, just get on with it. Not many people in the store, so there wasn't a scrum to get the reduced stuff. Some good prices as usual, 90% off in some cases. Did well with the salads and veggies, could have done with some more bread though. Only white sliced on offer at 24p, so I picked one up. I don't like white bread very much, but it will go in the freezer for toasting. I had a Value sliced wholemeal loaf at the normal price of 47p, so not too bad.

I must tell you, it took all my willpower not to pick up a packet of biscuits. I normally don't go down that aisle, but the honey and lemon curd were directly opposite so I had to. Oh my, I was sorely tempted, should I get a cheap packet of Value biscuits. I thought I would let myself down if I had to put that in the food diary, so I walked on by, I didn't pick one up  :o))

I managed to get some treats for the cats and Rocky, good reductions on sliced ham, beef, and chicken. They will love that. On the home baking section it was a buy 2 get 1 free promotion. I needed sultanas so I got three packets, a little saving there. I also had a voucher for 50p off any Linda McCartney products, so I got two packets of veggie sausages for £1.50. Six in a packet makes three meals. Oh, and I had a £3 off voucher so that brought the total down a bit. Every little helps.

Now my fridge is full again. I've got stacks of vegetables to go at, and salad, so that's me happy. Although I keep tinned food in, I don't eat a great deal of it. Our empty tins and glass for recycling is collected once a fortnight by the council, but I only need to put my box out every six or eight weeks, as there is hardly anything in it. Not worth the lorry stopping to pick it up with such a piddly bit in it.

Anyway, I'll add the shopping list to the food diary tomorrow. I'm off to bed now for a read, I'm into a good book. Goodnight.  


  1. I never think much of the value bread. It seems to go off the day you buy it! Probably alright kept in the freezer as you're doing though.

    If you ever do want a cheap biscuit, the Tesco Value bourbons are 45p for about a million biscuits and they're REALLY tasty! :) Then again I know you like to eat healthily!

  2. Glad to see you got some good bargains. How often do you normally go shopping?


  3. You should have bought the biscuits Ilona. But tremendous willpower.
    Sleep tight.

  4. What is the book you're so engrossed in?
    Jane x

  5. Hi Ilona, Firstly, good on you for not buying the biscuits, tremendous willpower. Great that you got a lot of bargains; good too that there wasn't a crowd of folk tussling for what was on offer. I alway feel sorry for the person doing the pricing, security guard stands by in our little Tesco when it's being done, as there was a fight over reduced meat once. Rocky and the cats are well looked after by you, tasty meats and, Magnums for Rocky. I saw a lovely cat on the way home tonight, a white longhaired one, very friendly. Felt bit sorry for him, he was soaking wet, lashing rain here. Was wondering what the Quorn sausages were like? I sometimes buy the Tesco Mexican veggie burgers, as the boys like them. Enjoy your book. Good Night. Christy.

  6. Here the meats are usually reduced in the morning and put all in one spot so if you get there early you have a chance of getting some good stuff (we got there before anyone last week). I haven't read this blog in a while so not sure why you couldn't have the biscuits but here they are cheaper to make anyway. I hate finding cats, we end up with way too many, lol.

  7. I second the 'should have bought the biscuits' comment. I do worry sometimes Ilona that you're making things a bit too hard on yourself, after all, we're only here once and you should have a bit of enjoyment too, after all as they say, can't take it with you can you? If you were into baking and all that you could make your own of course, along with the lemon curd, but I know you're not so that's that. But don't be so hard on yourself, please!

  8. Ilona, you should treat yourself once in awhile, we wouldn't think any less of your food diary. It's impressive as it is! My DD has a brace so not allowed any processed sugar at all, naturally we don't have any of those sweet treats in the house. It has been 2 months without really missing treats - until this week! Really been craving chocolate biscuits! Last night OH pulled out a bar of chocolate which we shared in secret, we were like two naughty children guzzling it down fast before we got caught :o

  9. I agree with the others Ilona, you really should treat yourself to a few biscuits now and again. Life is to be enjoyed and I notice you buy lots of treats for the cats and dogs, so let your hair down girl and have a treat or two for yourself.

  10. It's making me chuckle that readers are genuinely concerned about whether or not you choose to buy a packet of biscuits :) You, more than most people, have built a life based on making thoughtful decisions, and your choices large and small enable you to live the life you choose, day to day and year to year. Well done you!


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