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Monday, 5 November 2012

A few notes while I'm waiting

It's worse than watching paint dry. Have you ever tried to upload a video onto yootoob? It takes forever and a day. I started it off about 3pm, and it still isn't done at 7.30pm. Hang on, I'll have a look at where it's at, 65% so far, good grief I'll be here all night at this rate. The video is only about nine minutes long, why it takes this long completely baffles me. There must be a quicker way of doing it, at this rate it would take a fortnight to upload a film. Anyway, I'll carry on and see if it is ready by the time I finish putting a few words down here.

I took some books back to the library today, there was three out of the six I previously posted about, which I didn't read cover to cover. I got half way through the Peter Purves autobiography and was bored with it. It was a plodding book, an account of his family, his school, and his working life. Not much humour, not much passion, just plodding. While I was reading it I could imagine what his voice might sound like if he was reading it out aloud, probably all one tone with no expression. I flitted through the last half and that was that.

I didn't read the Doreen Tovey book, just picked bits out of it. I tried to read it, I started at the beginning, but there wasn't much story to it, not much was happening. Just what the cats and the donkey did next. The Remembering the High Street book was more like a magazing in hardback, not the sort of book you need to start at the beginning with. I picked the interesting bits out and looked at the old photographs. It's the sort of book you can go back to at a later date and read a bit more.

I chose three new books. Worth Fighting For by Lisa Swayze. The first chapter is about how she met Patrick, the second chapter is called The Diagnosis, so it looks like most of the book is about the 21 months of his illness before he died, and how Lisa managed to cope afterwards. My second choice is a book about Walking the Pennine Way, by Simon Armitage. Right up my street, or should I say footpath. The third choice is A Countryman's Lot by Max Hardcastle. It's a biography about a couple who move to a smallholding in the Yorkshire Dales. I found this book in the large print section, does this mean I will be able to read it more quickly than a conventional size print book, ha ha.

Just checked yootoob, we're on 82% so it's getting there. Keep typing. I've made a start on another body panel art work today I've been turning ideas over in my mind for the past few days, trying to decide what I could do with it. I wanted to drill some holes in it and borrowed a friends power drill, but the two test holes I did took quite a bit of effort. I thought the drill would cut through the plastic in no time, but it was pretty tough. Spose it has to be as it's part of a car body. Wouldn't do to be a piece of flimsy plastic which would crumple on the slightest impact. Anyway, I might give up on the holes idea, I have another idea which involves just paint. You'll have to wait for the finished article, being creative doesn't happen in a flash, us artists need to visualise our masterpieces before we can put the ideas into action, ha ha.

Gawd, only on 87% now. I think I'll go and make a drink while I'm waiting. Right, I'm back, are you still there, or have you fallen asleep waiting. The video is done. So toodle pip, I'll sign off and leave you to it.


  1. I clicked on the video and it says
    This video is private

  2. Thank you. I've just changed it, try again.

  3. The Simon Armitage book is one I've got my eye on to read at some point, I'd be interested to hear your views on it when you've read it. I'd love to walk the Penning Way one day, along with many others!

  4. Tried again, loved the tour - did I see Rocky Dog lurking in there ? is he 'yours' now ?
    anyway, I'm not getting any sound now, can't be sure if it's my computer though, any other readers not getting the commentary ?
    Love your storage towers, I've got some of those, packed with needlework/knitting stuff, glad I'm not the only one.

  5. The time it takes for the video to load is in direct proportion to your internet speed.

  6. Your video came through fine here in US. I have some of those plastic towers? or whatever you call them for craft supplies also, but I don't have a living room the size of yours so have all my crafty stuff, fabric, yarn, etc., in my spare bedroom. Thanks for letting us see your living room.


  7. I can see and hear the video :-)

    Thanks for sharing - it's lovely to see where you live ('cos I'm nosey :-0)- and hello to Rocky.

    Polly x

  8. The video is coming over loud and clear here Ilona. I saw Rocky. And the walking stick I gave you. Not that you need it for walking of course. Very nice post .

  9. Loved the tour of your living room, especially seeing little Rocky♥ Your room is surrounded by things you enjoy, so interesting to see all your craft items. Ha ha my kind of girl Ilona, I very rarely iron:) I had almost the same sideboard back in 1982 which was given to me by my parents, unfortunately we sold all the furniture with the house when we left the UK. Lovely to hear your cheerful commentary, you almost sing when you speak:) Gorgeous back garden. xxx

  10. I love your video's and the old sideboard.

    If the drill doesn't work and you have a heavy nail just hammer the nail through the panel to make the holes you need. That might do it.

    Jake's a Girl

  11. Oooops! Forgot to say, Put a board under the panel where you want the holes to be to support it whilst you nail. :)

  12. Ilona, this is a very lovely post of your living room and it's given us a bit of a visual into your life. So interesting what you collect and how you may or may not use your treasures. I am a cross stitcher and I have one of those plastic towers in my living room to hold my stitching supplies and books as I don't have room in any other room at the moment for it. I even have my 5 cu ft. freezer in my l.r. 'cause there's no other room for it.... well at least until I do some rearranging of furniture in another room Your life is very, very interesting. :)

  13. Thank you for sharing your home with the video tour!

  14. LOL...we say "right up my alley."

    I don't have any plastic boxes. I have one of the huge metal pattern cabinets about 4.5 feet high and about 3 feet across and maybe 2 feet deep. It is not very portable, but I love the separations built in for lining up patterns. All those spaces hold my various patterns, laces, name it. I may go with plastic storage boxes in the future.

    Your furniture is your furniture however you got it and for whatever you paid. It is no one's right to criticize.

    My corded drill did not work well. It took a guy friend of mine to point out I had to press and press hard. I had won the drill and never used one before. It may take someone holding the plastic while you press hard, very hard. I put things to drill between my feet on a concrete step and with a board underneath so I won't drill the concrete. Use both hands. Don't drill your feet.

  15. nope - cant get any sound - shame, I would have like to hear you talking about your home.
    Obviously a fault with my computer.
    I've just had another 'nosey' anyway, and noticed a lovely 'cat' cushion on the back of one of your chairs.

  16. Glad you are giggling - you have to! You remind me of my grandma, if you needed a bit of this or that she would have a rummage and always come up good. She never threw anything away but was so organised with it. I really like your artwork on the wall - it looks so striking. I also like your old sewing table, how lovely!

    Nice to see Rocky there too bless him. Have a nice day!

  17. Really enjoyed the guided tour, Ilona. I too have masses of craft stuff all over the place including 2 floor to ceiling bookcases in my sitting room, jam-packed with boxes,plastic drawers, folders etc. of papers, ribbons, card etc. for my cardmaking and scrapbooking. I also have plastic boxes stuffed full of wool and knitting materials, more boxes with material scraps, cross stitch materials etc. and I've even had a go at jewellery making. I admire your stash because so much of it is free, whereas most of mine was aquired some time ago at great cost (Damn QVC shopping channel). I've broken the must-have buying habit now and I'm using the stuff I have instead of adding the already overflowing stash. Having followed your blog for some time it's also great to hear your voice and have a look-see at your stately home so I now have a better picture of your living arrangements. The long wait to upload was totally worth it. Thank you.

  18. Gotcha !
    can hear you now -

  19. Hi Joyful. I have done as you requested. My email address is on the right on the side bar, under the heading 'I am here'.

    Hi ladyhawthorn. My internet speed is not brilliant. A banner came up on the yooyoob site as the video was uploading, it said it is taking longer to upload due to the pressure on the site and I was in a queue. I guess that's because they are busy and everybody is uploading at the same time.

    Sorry about the lack of sound at your end Wean, are your speakers still plugged in? Sometimes I don't get sound then I remember I still have the headphones plugged in from watching a tv programme late at night. Silly me!

    Hi Jake. I think I might crack the plastic if I try and knock a nail through it. Maybe more pressure is needed, or the drill bit needs sharpening. I'll have a play around with it.

    You my lovely readers have given me an idea for another video. Maybe take a look at some of the everyday rubbish items I collect for my crafting, and show some ideas what to use them for. I'll get onto the job.

    Yes Rocky was hanging around as usual. Can't seem to get rid of him, ha ha.

  20. Cross posted Wean, glad to see you have it sorted.

  21. I owned that sideboard in the 80's and regret letting it go! Thanks for the tour. It looks so handy and the garden is lovely. I can hear that you are your own person - I wondered if you would stop blogging but know you won't on hearing your voice.Julia (no blogger account)

  22. Good video Ilona...I have boxes of bits in "my" little room...the smallest bedroom which I commandeered when we moved into a 3 bed house...Mr S has the next size up and the main bedroom is for sleeping. My room's always a mess with bits of, what hubby calls junk. But as I say to him "I can't be expected to be creative AND tidy!!"

    You can reduce the size of videos to quicken up the pace of uploading to Youtube by following this youtube video

    Cheerio, Mrs S

  23. How lovely to meet you, Ilona! Your house and garden are lovely and I'm glad my Mum wasn't the only lady who kept her Birthday cards up for 6 months either. You've such a lovely tone to your voice I could sit and listen all day.
    I loved the link to your walking forum and the comments were so kind. Those pink boots of Krista's were fake Doc Martens picked up in Edinburgh, they remained waterproof, comfortable and had a good grip, not bad for £20! I used to walk a lot as a child, I've had one hip replacement and expecting another in between 18 months to 3 years. Hopefully once I'm fully bionic I'll do more! xxx

  24. Thanks for the tour, Ilona. I've been trying to sort out and rearrange my craft hoard. I don't think there's enough time left in my life to use it all up!

    By the way, I got myself a Google ID today. I was bored with people being rude about Anonymous ID's.
    Joan in Michigan

  25. A very nice post and you sound alot happier.

    Dianne - Hereford

  26. I've really enjoyed the tour of your living room. Such a buzzing space, full of creativity. Nice to see Rocky making himself at home.
    Love from Mum

  27. I really enjoyed the tour, you are very generous to share your space with all of us. What a wonderful view you have out your back window. Thank you.
    Candace (Colorado, USA)

  28. Ilona, with so many craft supplies, we will be expecting lots and lots of interesting projects from you...we know you won't let us down.

  29. Were those rubber duckies I spied out your back garden wonderfully quirky :) hmmm for an allegedly cheerless living room of despair it seemed quite charming and sunny to me.
    Have to admit I'm a bit jealous of your huge crafting room I only have the kitchen table :)


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