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Sunday, 11 November 2012

A morning walk and a crafty afternoon

Good evening gang Well that's another weekend done and dusted. Don't the weeks just fly by, must be the shorter days we are having. The church bells were ringing loud and clear as I passed by this morning, calling people to the Remembrance service. I love the sound of church bells in a village.
Most of the leaves have fallen off this tree now, and given the grass a golden carpet.
Down the hill and a walk around the fishing pond. This is the small pond next to the big one, no fishing allowed in here, it's all given over to wildlife.
I made a little video this afternoon. Some people might like to see a bit of my craft work. I have written about this particular piece before, but the post is a bit buried in the archives now. I call it my rock pool. Take a look if you are into crafts, it might give you some ideas. You have seen some of the things I collect, well sometimes they get used for projects such as this. I like to look at my stash of stuff and come up with an idea for it. Most people get the idea to make something first, then go out and buy the materials. I like to use what I already have. Every so often though I have to put the brakes on my collecting as it is easy to get carried away. I can safely say I don't need to save anything else for a while, I have got plenty of stuff to play around with. Goodnight, and Toodle pip.


  1. Ilona, that is lovely, you have nimble fingers to match your nimble mind. I tend to save all sorts of bits and bobs but do not have your imagination, perhaps when I retire it will float to the top of my mind.

  2. From housefairy
    Hiya, love the crafting. The rock pool must have taken a wile to make. It would make a lovely gift.
    Thank you for showing us.

  3. The leaves around the graveyard are so beautiful. :)

  4. Very creative and pretty, could make into magnetic fishing game for children!

  5. That is a fantastic looking bowl Ilona, but please excuse my ignorance - what is a rockpool and what does one do with it?

  6. Ilona, you have such an artistic creative mind. I love to see things that you create.
    Jane x

  7. WOW Your mind is artistic and creative. I so wish I had an artistic bent but no such luck. Your creation is whimsical, fun and pretty too. AND you are helping the environment too! Thanks for the videos, I really enjoy them.
    Colorado USA

  8. Hi Ilona I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this it's great!! Keep coming up with these great idea's as they are so enjoyable to watch and learn from. Kind regards Jean

  9. Hi Anon. A rock pool is something you might come across when you are out walking. A pool of water with grasses around it, maybe a few wild flowers, and some rocks which have fallen in and mother nature has begun to reclaim them. A rock covered in water for a period of time is eventually covered by slime and lichen. This is my interpretation of it.

    All art is a way of expressing creation, and stretching imagination. Art is what you make it, you don't have to do anything with it, just look at it and let your mind wander.

    Thank you Candace, yes it's whimsical, fun, and pretty.

  10. I just love the pebbles and the variety of decoration. I just need the imagination. Thanks for the tutorial. Just inspiring.
    Love from Mum


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