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Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dog sits on a dragonfly

Doesn't time whizz by so quickly these days, it's the weekend again, it will soon be Spring. It was a good day for a walk today, nippy in the air but nice in the sun. We went to nearby Flixborough in the car for a change of scenery. Rocky chased a squirrel but it escaped up a tree, he didn't see the deer that I saw thank goodness, or he might have gone after that as well. We walked through the wood heading for Skippingdale, and came across this wooden dragonfly sculpture. At least I think it's a dragonfly.

After Rocky cocked his leg up against it he tried to climb up it.. Probably thought it was a bench and he would get a treat, ha ha.
There you go Rocky, have you got a good view from up there. What can you see?
I can see a big hawk, it's enormous. Quick lets go, I don't like the look of him. Don't worry Rocky, it's not a real one, it won't hurt you, ha ha.
We met a man on the way back who was walking his two Westies, and tagged along with them. Rocky had a lovely time chasing them across the field, he can run fast even though he is getting on a bit.

I got the cats in early tonight, I can hear bangs outside. I suppose we have to put up with fireworks for the next few nights,  I wish they would stick to November the 5th. Talking of cats, I spoke to Janet yesterday, she informs me that we have re homed 48 cats since we started the rescue two years ago. I think that's quite good, but we can't take in all the cats we are asked to. More phone calls from people wanting to off load their pets, it's never ending. We can only do our best.

You might be interested to know that the post, 'To answer a few points', with 120 comments up to now, has had the highest page views ever. It has overtaken the post 'My home made shoe rack', from August 2009, which incidentaly only had six comments. It's flippin amazing. My overall daily page views have shot up by over 1,000 a day since last week, I think this has come about because someone has mentioned my blog on Money Saving Expert forum again. I often pop in there to keep on top of the job of money saving. There are a lot of informed people on the forum, and I can pick up some tips, even I don't know everything, ha ha.

Only a small top up food shop this week with the few items I picked up yesterday. My Tesco shop can wait a few more days, I have enough food to be going on with. Tesco have sent me some more points vouchers to spend. I need to go on their web site and check how much I have in the pot, as I haven't spent any for ages. I see they have a double up promotion on, £5 vouchers double up to £10, in certain departments for November. I've looked down the list and the only thing I might spend them on is frozen food. I don't want all the Christmassy stuff they are trying to promote. Don't need domestic appliances, toys and bikes, clothing, furniture, skincare and cosmetics, phones, books, no thank you, don't need any of those. But some extra frozen food would be usefull. I also have a £6 off voucher on a £40 spend, so it would be a good idea to use that at the same time. Could get quite a lot of extra food with the vouchers.
Anyway, Saturday night, I hope you are all out on the town. I am full after a big dinner, yep, steamed veg again, ha ha. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. I watched someone carving a wood sculpture. Its all done with chain saws of varying sizes.
    Very clever and beautifully tactile. Rocky looks such a happy chappy on his walk. I am typing this with Jess dog on my knee, she's got the collywobbles because of the fireworks.

  2. I am so pleased you seem to be a happy bunny again. Nice to think over 100 readers were on your side. Great blog as usual. Till tomorrow. Dianne - Hereford

  3. Hello - this is Sue from Michigan. Just wanted to pop in to say thank you for the wonderful inspiring reads every day - you have such a lovely life, enjoying the things that really matter. I'm a single Mom, age 53, with two wonderful kids still at home, and find your blog so enjoyable and inspiring! Hello also to Rocky and your adorable cats - I'm also an animal lover, and admire your commitment to helping out your furry friends. Thanks again!

  4. Ilona, I'm never out on the town! Sitting in front of the log fire then going to have dinner..too much excitement,eh?
    Jane x

  5. At home in the winter I dress like you do, minus the Garfild slippers. For safety sake, I bought a pair on sale today, men's on a great sale. I figure the heat I save having warm feet will pay for the houseshoes. Although I bought the smallest size, they are still too big. I just hope that does not trip me up. To the world I might look ridiculous, but I don't think I am a pitiful sight.

    Our dog, Puppy, was always more energetic in the cool fall air when she got older. Now, I know how the coolish air can be energizing. I almost feel like a puppy some days. My little children knew how sluggish she was and asked one fall day, "Why is puppy running? She never runs like that."

    We have lots of carved bears around here.

  6. Love that Rocky dog, what a little character :)
    I used to spend Saturdays with my dear mum who asked me every Saturday if I was going out on Saturday night, and nearly every week my answer was no. I am very content to be home taking enjoyment from simple pleasures, a nice home cooked meal, a glass of bubbly (occasionally) and something on the telly. Cheers Judy xx

  7. I'm wondering Ilona, at what stage DO you turn on the heating in your house? Just interested, as we did a very silly thing, forgot to check the oil tank and we ran out last Thursday. The house is now down to 8C and I am wearing several layers of clothing. The oil doesn't come till tomorrow, but I find that I am already becoming acclimatised to it as long as I am active most of the time. Unfortunately my house plants are not, so we shall have to turn it on again eventually, but I never normally have the temperature over 15C anyway and maybe now we can sink a little lower!

  8. Nice pictures of your walk with Rocky.

    If you wanted to take full advantage of this £6 off voucher you could always offer a friend or neighbour to do their shooping for them whilst youdo yours as well. This way you get easily up to the £40 spending, make use of your voucher and get extra points on your Tesco card. Just a thought.

  9. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I just wanted to say how much I enjoy it. You often make me laugh out loud, you are a great inspiration to those of us looking to retire early. Thanks for the daily read xxx

  10. Awww Rocky♥♥ I love the wood sculptures, isn't it wonderful someone has taken the time to craft such beautiful pieces of work for others to enjoy and free of charge at that:) No raving on a Saturday night for us either. A little too long in the tooth for that these days (sadly).

  11. I haven't been online for a few days so I missed all the 'comment drama' - it sounds like it has been very busy around here in the last few days! I'm glad you don't give a damn what other people say and I think it's good to leave the comments rather than delete them - everyone has their own ways and opinions and we're all different! There are often things I read on other blogs that make me think 'I could never do that' or 'I don't like that' and many other things but I've never felt inclined to pass comment on it, especially in a critical way - who cares? As long as you're happy it's doesn't matter and it makes no difference to any of us what you do or how you live and I can't believe some people get so bothered by it!

    It is a dragonfly Rocky is sitting on... dragonflies always land with their wings open whereas damselflies land with their wings tucked back. He's so lucky to have you for a neighbour :)

  12. Wow, 48 cats! How absolutely wonderful. You and Janet are doing a wonderful, caring job for them all. I bet they appreciate it. :)

    That photo of Rocky is so odd. I thought it was Cornwall until I read your post, because there is an almost identical carving of a dragon fly in the grounds of Pencarrow House, which is somewhere my family and I visit every May without fail (my Mum's birthday plus wonderful rhododendrons and bluebells have made it a lifelong tradition!). Maybe it was created by the same artist!

    1. Beautiful pics of Rocky, love the one of him on the dragonfly, thank you for sharing! Going to work out how to post so I am not the dreaded anonymous :) Barbara x

  13. Have decided that Rocky is a dog who likes to see what's going on.

    On a bench on a walk, on a bench in a hide, on a dragonfly...if he can sit on it he will.

    This will be another to add to our collection. Thank you Rocky.

    Sft x

  14. I love the wood carvings.There are similar ones at our own Risley Moss, which is a SSSi. One of the carvings is either a crocodile or alligator. I think there is an eagle as well.

  15. It's Sunday night now. A bit of a non weekend really. I went out on Friday night to an Open Mic event. Nice to see Rocky.

  16. WELL!!!! I have been away for a couple of days and have only just caught up with the big HOO-HA....... I want to say: I SOMETIMES EAT COLD BAKED BEANS OUT OF THE TIN!! I expect that means that I am some sort of social outcast in Anonymous's eyes. How will I manage to live with that?? I'll just have to try although it won't be easy.m

  17. Tut tut Moira, that is just not on :o)

    Hi Sue G. When I am very very cold, and I am already wrapped up I sometimes put the heating on for an hour. But then I am too hot so I turn it off again. I never know what the temperature is in my house, I don't have a thermometer. Mostly when I am cold, I get up and move about, or make a hot drink. I sometimes put the heating on for a little while if I think the cats are too cold.

  18. Rocky looks really cute sitting atop that dragonfly. I would find a way somehow to incorporate that photo into one of your upcoming collage art pieces.
    All the ruckus that some commenters have made about your lifestyle is just uncalled for. Don't worry about them. They never post about their lifestyles so who knows if they're living the way that they say they do......bunch of frauds in my opinion. Love you Ilona!!


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