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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Lovely weather for ducks

It hasn't stopped raining today, nobody wants to go out. Cats got up, had a quick shufty round the garden, wailed for their breakfast, and went back to bed.
Bugsy says, don't wake me up till lunch time.
Mayze says, go away, I'm sleeping.
Heidi says, grrrr, flippin rain, I hate it.
Rocky says, nobody in at my house, might as well snooze here.
Ilona says, this book is really good, I'm not shifting till I've finished it.
We are having a lovely day indoors. Toodle pip


  1. Snap, minus the cats. My dogs, Ben and Bertie, put their noses outside and promptly turned tail through my legs back inside. I put their coats and leads on and took them for a reluctant walk. They could not get home quick enough. I read Max Hardcastle ages ago and your pic reminded me how good his books are so when the lakes across the roads subside I will tootle off to the library. In the mean time I have a pile of ironing. Lucky me.

  2. opposite here, the sun is shining, it's glorious, just on my way outside to do spme more chores before we get snow......

    Gill in Canada

  3. What a peaceful, quiet household.
    Dianne - Hereford

  4. Just the same here too. The dog has cabin fever.

  5. As Gill says, plenty of sun here..I'll try to send you some.
    Jane x

  6. Sounds like you have had a lovely day! I went out for a nice drive- i dont know what it is about rain, but it always makes me want to drive somewhere. Not easy with petrol the price it is. Your kitties are so cute!

  7. Sometimes you need a day like this to catch up on your reading. Having said that, we were promised fine weather around 11am. It arrived about 3, when it was too late to do anything as I was at my Mum's

  8. Hi,Jan here..What a lovely,snoozy household you had today.We had torrential rain here (West Mids) until around 3.00pm.Took my old girl (canine)out for her constitutional then.Your cats look lovely,very composed.Little Rocky looks like a total star as always.Not sure what the weather will do later,but at a stage now where I have to take my old girl out last thing,the days of a quick run in the garden serving the same purpose are long gone!Good job I'm pretty hardy,no room for whimps here!So glad I developed an appreciation for the outdoors.Your walks always look lovely,not a part of the country I know.So many beautiful places still to discover.

  9. Why will dogs go for a walk in the rain but refuse to go out for a tiddle in the garden cos it is raining? I was at 'work' this afternoon and have just got home and now it is pitch black I don't fancy taking 2 mad dogs out on my own, will have to wait till someone comes home who will come with me. It's stopped raining thank goodness but the silly mutts still don't want to go out.....

  10. Hiya from House fairy
    It looks cosy in your house. Nice to have a home day and do nothing. Although the nothing often means chores here.

    It has rained all day here in Hampshire with high winds.
    I have been into town to do the food shop and see what Marks and spencer outlet store might have on offer (in the sale).
    Laugh, I bought daughter and I a swimsuit. You can pick them up cheap out of season. Not that mine will be getting wet, I like to sunbathe only. I bought a new pink dressing gown for myself with a voucher(birthday money) for £5 and husband a lovely blue stripped cotton shirt for £5.He is well pleased.
    Just going to cook some dinner. Scrambled egg, mushrooms,sausages and toast.
    All our good wishes...

  11. In the last month we have had only one brief period of rain. October is our dry month and it looks like November was pretty dry. Since we have not been a part of the drought, we will be okay. Now that I said that, it will probably rain for a week straight.

    Even when other parts have had clouds and dreariness, we have had glorious sun even during frigid times lately. I can handle that.

    All those sleeping animals make me want to go back to bed. It will be dark here in less than two hours, so I expect I ought to stay out of bed. It is very warm out, but cold in the house. Soaking up a bit of sun is the thing to do while it is out today. Of course, my soaking up rays is not accompanied by your long walks.

  12. What a happy and contented household♥ We are approaching summer so hot and humid here:(

  13. Can I come live with you? Looks peaceful. It's a day for hibernating.

  14. Aww bliss!! Sandy in NZ

  15. Lovely photos of a peaceful day Ilona. It's raining here today
    and my cats are curled up and resting. :)

  16. CUTE! My lot are so lazy in this weather I actually grow oat grass in a pot for them LOL

  17. My 2 insisted on going to the park and once we got there, went charging off with their mates,while the owners stood hopefully by the gate eager to get home for a nice hot cuppa.
    Lot's of flooding here, on the fields and the lanes, some roads closed.

    I had to smile this morning. Someone commented recently that you eat odd combinations of food. Well, how about this then? a recipe for spagetti with brussel sprouts and onions. I thought, maybe this is a little joke, but no, there is a recipe and it actually looks quite tasty!

    If anyone fancies it- it's here!


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