Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Oh crikey, not more snow !

Phew! I've cut up four teeshirts while I've been waiting for this lot to upload. It took that long I was losing the will to live. Twas brilliant sunshine this morning. After breakfast I cleared the drive of snow yet again, then went round to the back garden to clear a bit there. The puss cats were following me around. Mayze is up to her belly in the snow on the decking.
Heidi likes to climb up here and sun bathe.
Oh dear, the expanding ice has broken my ceramic pot. That's a shame, the cats like drinking out of a deep container. I shall have to look out for another one at a charity shop or car boot sale.
Next I cleared a patch of snow from the lawn, to make a bird feeding area. I put an old metal saucepan filled with water out there, and chucked some cereals, a slice of wholemeal bread, and a couple of manky cooking apples onto the grass. I looked out of the window five minutes later and who should be there, but big fluffy Micky cat from two doors down. He sniffed around a bit, no the food was not to his liking. Spose he is waiting for a tasty bird to pounce on now. Buzz off Micky.  
After lunch, a cheese and watercress sandwich, I went a walk across the fields to Normanby Park. It was such a lovely day, too nice to sit around indoors. The duck pond was frozen over, and the ducks had relocated next to the cafe. They're not daft, they know people go in the shop and buy bags of proper duck food. This little boy was laughing his head off, especially when they chased him.
Then they thought I was going to give them something and came waddling and quacking around my feet. Sorry ducks, I've not got any food.
I went a walk around the park. I like the way the snow has stuck to just one side of the trees.

I love the way snow transforms the landscape and the way it clings to everything, as long as it's not me it's clinging to, ha ha.
I think of this as a magical secret garden. No one is allowed to enter.
I would rather see a real tree like this, decorated with real snow, rather than the awful artificial Christmas trees wrapped in stretched fleece.
This is the walk way alongside the duck pond.
And I took this photo in almost the same spot in the Autumn of 2011. Someone mentioned that my photo's of the snow almost look like they are black and white. They do, not much colour around at all at the moment.
A bit of news hot off the press. I'm going to have another crack at the long walk I had to abandon in September. Ellesemere Port to the Humber bridge. I could actually start where I left off at Bakewell, but I decided I would rather do the whole lot as I first planned. It just so happens that my friend Lin in 'the Port', is getting married and she has invited me to her hen party, so a good excuse to get myself over there again.
Toodle pip.


  1. Thanks for posting such gorgeous photos!

    Lesley H

  2. Nice pics Ilona. I have done very little today. Snow almost gone here. Raining now.

  3. There are so many male ducks and hardly any females ...... Poor things :-)

  4. Fantastic photography there, Ilona. Love the 'stripy' trees & the comparison shot, reflecting the different seasons.

  5. love the last 2 pictures. amazing the difference

  6. great photos. We have snow and bitter cold temperatures here in Southern Ontario, Canada


  7. Awesome photos. What a beautiful world you live in. And I love how you find beauty everywhere.

    It was me who said the snow shots look almost black and white. Thanks for the comparison photos of the same spot. They are both beautiful - in different ways. I would love a year in an area like yours that has such different seasons.i just love what the snow does to the environment - looks quiet, magical and serene.

  8. As Gill said,it's flipping cold here -27C with windchill.
    When is Spring?
    Jane x

  9. I was one of those who thought your pics were B & W. Now I've looked more closely and I see a bit of colouring. :)

  10. WOW!!

    Look at all that snow! I am amazed at the difference in photos...the snow looks stunning :)


  11. Lovely photography as always. Wish we can have some of those snows. 40 degree summer is horrendous!

  12. You have had the snow much worse than us up in Cheshire.
    All our snow is melting away now.
    Lovely pictures

  13. It was a lovely sunny day here yesterday and, phew, the snow melted from the road. My garden is still absolutely covered. Lovely pictures Ilona.

  14. Love the comparison shots, Ilona!

  15. Sorry about your ceramic pot Ilona, I hope you find another suitable one when the weather warms back up.
    Love your photos, especially the trees with the snow stripes.

  16. Hello,from a very white and chili West Mids,Jan here.Your pictures are great,funny how snow scenes look so lovely until you have to go out in the freezing cold stuff!I do like our seasons and you always seem to manage to capture them so well in print.Your pending walk sounds interesting,how far is it?Guess you have a date if it's tied in with a wedding.Hope it's not just yet,a bit too cold to be out in for long stretches of time.Despite the snow,it does feel like spring is just around the corner,must be the slightly longer days.Your cats look like they are enjoying life.

  17. I really like the comparison of autumn and winter. Do the cats like the snow? I couldn't imagine our cat liking it much!