Friday, 15 February 2013

A walk along the Viking Way, and back

Should 'ave cleaned the windows today. Should 'ave done some washing today. Should 'ave got the Dyson out today. Should 'ave had a bath today. Should 'ave changed the bedding today. Should 'ave done a lot of things today, but I didn't. I went walking instead, ha ha. It was such a lovely day, would 'ave been a shame to waste it. 
I drove the 18 miles to Barnetby le Wold, I may have posted about this place before, it's on the way to Immingham and the east coast. There are quite a lot of footpaths to chose from around here. I set off along the Viking Way. This is a long distance footpath, I've already done some of it mainly the bit further north, so today I am going south. If you want to read about the Viking Way, this is a good site.
Mostly it's agricultural land, tramping along fields, past farms, and through villages. It's a nice day, sunny and warmish, and squidgy underfoot.

All Saints Church at Bigby is super lovely. The building dates back to the thirteenth century, and has a lovely wooden porch. There was a very convenient wooden bench to sit on round the back, with glorious views over the fields, while I had a bite to eat.  

The next place I come to is Somerby. You can see this monument form quite a long way away.
The plaque on the side tells you all about it.
This little shelter is in Searby. It looks as if it might fall down at any minute, it's very old. The building behind it used to be the village school, but is now being renovated and turned into a house.
This is the plaque inside the shelter.
And around the back is a wooden canopy.
St Nicholas Church is opposite the shelter.
As I arrive in Grasby I noticed that there are a lot of very big, very posh, detached houses.
All Saints Church. Grasby.
This used to be the Post Office, but is now a private house.
And just opposite is the Methodist Chapel, with it's very modern stainless steel chimney stack.
I did a left turn in Grasby, crossing over the A1084, along Grasby Wold Lane. When I got to Hendale wood, I did a left turn onto a bridleway which ran alongside the wood. It was time to head back towards the car.
About half an hour later I passed by a lot of lights, just beyond them you can see the runway at Humberside Airport.
I checked my watch, and realised that I was going to get back a bit too early, so I did a right turn and headed off towards Kirmington Vale, next to the Airport. I didn't want to cut my walk short, I have time to fit in another couple of miles. Oh my word, where has the path gone. When a farmer has ploughed a field, he is supposed to re instate the footpath, by running a tractor over it to flatten the ground. As you can see, lazy farmer has not done this, and now I have to stumble over here to the other side. Some of the ruts are a foot deep. It isn't long before the clay like soil is sticking to my boots and making them very heavy. Not good fun :o(
At New Barnetby I picked up the railway line and followed it to where my car was parked at Barnetby Station, arriving just after 5pm. Perfect timing. I've checked how far I've walked on it comes out at 13 miles. Another good day out, and I didn't spend one penny, except for a splash of petrol for the 36 mile round trip.
Have a good weekend. Toodle pip.


  1. I love your walks. The churches are amazing.

  2. I love that monument, not so much for its looks but for the reason behind it. I also love that you share your walks with us, I guess as the weather improves there will be more of them! And who cares about the chores, life is for living and getting out and enjoying yourself! Well done, you :)
    Judy xx

  3. Great, we're back walking..OK I'm not actually walking ...I'm sitting here enjoying your walks!
    We call those modern, huge, posh houses McMansions...because they have been 'supersized'.
    Jane x

  4. I too walk over ploughed fields the farmer has three weeks to reinstate but most of them don't bother. They don't I really want you on their land. Ring the council.

  5. A much better idea than housework. I wasted a lot of this afternoon trying to get the ******* TV to record a programme on The Moody Blues that husband wanted. He had to go to bed last night and I wanted it to be a surprise for him. I truly mucked up the TV settings and had to revert to factory settings, a real annoying, wasteful day. I managed to record 3/4 of it but am annoyed with myself. Wish I'd gone walking too.

  6. Lovely pictures. Dont be put off by people who say you cant walk on their land. I am really sorry no-one broke into your house and cleaned while you were gone; just inconsiderate :)

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely ramble, Ilona!

  8. Nice! Thirteen miles is a long way! I've run that far, (and further), but never to walk. Some day....

  9. That's beautiful! It's very different to have walking paths in the fields. They don't do that here in the States.

  10. Infuriating about the footpath! I'm with you on e "housework can wait if the sun's out" thing too - I was brought up to believe that housework is the thing you do if nothing more interesting happens along!

  11. I so love your adventures across the countryside. What a great life you lead! Thanks for sharing your walks.

  12. I've never heard of a farmer having to put back the path after plowing. Not done here in the US as far as I know. What a nice day you picked to be outside enjoying the warmer weather. It got up to 55 degrees F here yesterday. I guess you had similar weather?
    Nice pics of all those churches. I especially like the one with the wooden porch.

  13. Loved taking that walk with you Ilona.....beautiful photos.

  14. lovely photos as always, I've missed our walks! I really liked the church porch and the little post office house.

  15. Hi Ilona, we always enjoy your walks and pics.
    I get the map book out and see where you have been. Really interested in the old shelter in Searby, glad you could show us that.
    Wendy (Wales)

  16. I did enjoy your walk! Those village names and the pretty old churches remind me of childhood visits to my Granny, who lived not far from Brigg.
    I particularly like the photo of the bridleway beside the wood. Beautiful light and wintery colours.


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