Friday, 8 February 2013

Freebies in the post

Oooh, Friday already, time goes fast when you're enjoying life. I've got a sooopadooopa friend who collects lots of little sample sachets of face creams and suchlike, and every so often she bundles them up and sends them to me. Today these arrrived in the post. I quite like the Pro Collagen Eye Renewal, don't know how long I've got to use it for though, before I get new eyes, ha ha. Most of my lines are not around my eyes, they are lower down, so I spread the contents of the whole sachet all over my face, maybe I will get a new face.
Just out of curiosity I've had a look at how much this cream costs to buy. Blimey, only £59.50 for 15ml :o( Apparently Elemis Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal gives you more youthful looking eyes. In just 28 days the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area is visibly smoothed. I wonder if it will work to restore my youthful appearance any better than the M & S face cream I bought with the gift voucher last year. Thank you for my freebies my friend, I've got quite a stash of them now. Note how the little plastic trays are the perfect receptacle for storing the sachets in the bathroom.
Please note I am not endorsing these products, there is no way I would buy them.
I've decided to spend some of my Tesco vouchers on a Rail Card. For £14 in vouchers, I can get a card which will give me a third off any train tickets I buy. This will give me another option for travel. Some train fares are very expensive, but with a third off  I might be inclined to use them more often. I see I can have a day out in Doncaster for £7 return, that's cheaper than driving there and paying to park in the city centre. A lot less hassle too. The bus pass is handy for local journeys, but anything longer takes ages. I'm looking forward to a few train trips. Chooo Chooo.
I dropped some friends off at the railway station this morning, so I picked up a few things from the discount stores while I was in town. Didn't actually need them right this minute, though I was getting low on sugar, so I might as well get another jar of coffee, and some Coffee Mate. Cream crackers are cheaper at B & M, a big packet for 39p. I also bought a hair colour for £1, my roots are showing, so very soon I will be trimming my hair and using half the lotion like I did last time, and saving the other half for later. 
Ooooh, look at the time, I'm late again. I'll say Goodnight, and have a good weekend. Oh, flippin heck, I always forget something. We rehomed a cat this week. Toby who's elderly owner passed away a couple of weeks ago has gone to live with a nice lady near Grimsby. We are so pleased for him.  Toodle pip.


  1. Just qualified for my bus pass, so looking forward to some free trips. Buying a rail card is good thinking, last time we used the train I couldn't believe the prices.

  2. I love free things :-) were off to pick up some new pans that we desperately need off a lovley
    freecycler tomorrow. We like to reuse and recycle but the rest of our reletives look down there noses at it :-( oh well means we have spare cash for fun :-) you won't stick a picture of your pans in the photo album :-)

  3. Well done on Toby's new home.
    I use a face cream to stop my skin feeling like it's shrinking. My photos make me look 50/51 I'm really 137!
    Jane x

  4. Okay, I need my glasses adjusted. I was reading Eye Removal not Eye Renewal trying to figure out what you had forgotten to type. It's not just my hearing that is going!

  5. Oh I have to say how much I love the Elemis products especially the fruit active face mask. In my past thoughtless all consuming days I used to pay those prices. I still have my hair professionally done but have stretched it to every 10 weeks, no beauty or nail salons for me. DIY beauty night on a Sunday and a pot of No. 7 gifted each Christmas keeps me going. I only wish I look younger for those few moments in the morning then I forget all about it. Far more important stuff to be doing.

    Good news about rehoming the cat, I'd love a dog myself but home life doesn't allow for the attention it deserves at the moment. I refuse to have a pet and leave it locked up for hours each day. I'm dreaming of a house by the Lincolnshire coast someday oh and a rehomed Border Terrier or two !

  6. I love freebies too. I buy Aldi face cream, various types, they are cheap and very good and I have fair skin that doesn't like some creams too. There is one which gives it a sheen, which is my favourite but has no SP factor in. It lasts ages as I'm quite sparing with it.

    My railcard was acquired instead of my bus pass when I was first entitled to one as I didn't use the buses, it taking so long to get to town around the outskirts. Then I got the bus pas and bought the rail card. I have used it a lot and saved plenty. Last year I bought a three year one on line and saved £20! Well chuffed with that.

    Lovely for the cat to get a new home too.

  7. I haven`t used any make up or face creams for years and wouldn`t even spend the money on them now. I will just grow old and wrinkly disgracefully.

  8. I love getting free sachets of moisturiser because it really stretches my regular facecream/suncream for a lot longer :)

  9. If only they sold thigh renewal, backside renewal and booby renewal, I'd be like a new woman LOL

  10. I use Olay moisturizer with SPF15 every morning. I have fair skin and like to have the sunblock on every day. Where does your friend get all those nice samples? If I buy makeup in the department store every so often, they usually give me a gift with some samples and some smaller sized cosmetics in a nice bag and that's the only time I ever get anything in sample sizes. Great news about the cat going to a nice home. Also, good idea about your rail pass. I should look into one of those too for spring and summer day trips.

  11. Well done on finding a lovely home for Toby.

  12. Well done on Toby's safe harbor!


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