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Saturday, 30 March 2013

18 miles today

Howdy. Do you mind if I don't write a long post tonight? In fact, could I make it very short? Well, just a few words really. I've walked a long way today, 18 miles to be exact, and I'm a little bit weary. I am creating two posts at the same time, this one, and uploading the photo's on another one, flicking between the two. I'm not going to get it done so I'll finish it in the morning. If that's alright with you. Ta ever so. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Ilona, Sue here .... after your eighteen mile walk you most certainly have earned a rest and an early night.
    Well done to you. Look forward to seeing the photos.

  2. Definitely don't begrudge you some sleep. Just wanted to say I can't wait to go on another walk with you.

    Sleep well and hopefully tonight my time I will be able to read and see your walk and imagine myself in it.

  3. Hello Ilona.

    I don't mind :-)

    Look forward to seeing the photo's.

    18 miles - not surprised you're weary. Sleep well.


  4. Wow Mean Queen 18 miles you deserve a rest after that. I have walked today for the first time in ages not very far but much further than ususal I tend to use the car alot.

  5. 18 miles, well done! Rest well.

  6. 18 miles! Crikey that's great, well done! Oh and last time I looked, it was your blog so you are entitled to do as you wish :)
    Judy xx

  7. That is a long walk! Hope you have a good rest. Looking forward to your next post.
    Martha from Kansas

  8. Night night,God bless....and Happy Easter!
    Jane x

  9. 18 miles! That is most impressive. Rest well and look forward to the story and photos when you are energised. Joyce

  10. 18 miles makes me tired just thinking about it Ilona.
    Look forward to the piccy's.

  11. OK - from America here. Don't have a clue what being "dead chuffed" means - ha! But I do so LOVE this story. Way cool! It is, after all, a very, very small world.

    Great blog!


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