Thursday, 7 March 2013

Just poppin in

Good morning. Just poppin in before the day's activities, lounging in bed with a cup of coffee, tele on, waiting for brekkie at 8am. I've just been over to Mike's blog to read his write-up on the walk yesterday. You might like to go and have a peek for yourselves, There's a few more pics of the fog, and a couple of the nice views when Mike did the reccy for the walk last week. Thanks Mike.

The weather is still not good today, I might change my mind as to what I'm going to do. Brenda has suggested a visit to Durham. I wasn't thinking about a city day, but I will make up my mind after breakfast. I have printed a map out for this area and was rather looking forward to a bit of a ramble here without having to drive somewhere else. Hmmmmm, watch this space.
Toodle pip.


  1. I have just found your blog from Frugal Queen I love the lifestyle that you have found. I am in my late forties and live in an outback town in South Australia.....very envious of an English village... Thanks Janine, Whyalla South Australia

  2. FrugalatChristmastimeFrugalalways7 March 2013 at 16:04

    Just out of interest, as I know you go on a lot of trips, when was the last time you went abroad?

  3. Go to the cathedral - the Venerable Bede is buried and also St. Cuthbert I think - the Galilee Chapel is breathtaking.......

  4. Hi Ilona from Nancy in Northern California ~
    Are dogs allowed on all your footpaths throughout Britain? I think it's great people bring their dogs with them but was wondering if they set rules and/or restrictions in some of the areas. Your current walk looks good (and one for bundling up too).


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