Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Day 4. Monsal Head to Chesterfield.

Ooooh, it is nice to put my feet up. I'm in Chesterfield tonight, not done quite as many miles today, 16.2 to be exact, a bit less than yesterday which came in at 21.6. This morning was a sunny start, I'm lucky with the weather this time round, a bit different from all the rain in September. A quick pic of the Castle Cliffe Guest House before I leave. The cleanliness of the place, the lovely breakfast, and the hospitality of the owner, makes it a good place to stay, and no, he didn't pay me to say that, ha ha. Sometimes I think I'm like a mystery shopper, with all these reports of places I have stayed. 
One last look at the Monsal Trail and viaduct, before I leave. I took this pic this morning, the light is a bit better than last night's photo. 
I set off round the corner and down the road to Little Longstone, and saw this pretty little church. So dainty and so sweet, it looks well cared for. 
About a mile along the road is the pretty village of Great Longstone. There is a lovely mosaic of the Queen and her corgi's in the bus shelter. 
Coming into Hassop is this huge Catholic Church, I thought it a bit strange that such a large building should be here by the side of the road. 
I just thought I would put this one in here, a typical English country pub. I was almost tempted to sit down at the front of it. Don't think the landlord would be best pleased, ha ha. 
I arrived in Baslow, I see from my map that I have been here before, I recognised the church. 
After picking up a few supplies at the Spar shop, I left the village and headed towards Chatsworth Park. The car park was very busy, also a couple of coaches were in, and people were pottering around the shops licking ice creams. I didn't indulge because everything costs twice as much here. The dafs along the roadside near the entrance looked very spring like. 
I haven't been to Chatsworth House before, what an impressive building it is. The place was buzzing with visitors. 

There is a lot of scaffoling up at the side of the house at the moment which rather spoils the photo's. Workmen were busy putting the massive tents up for the forthcoming equestrian event next weekend. 

The grounds are extensive, sheep, lambs, and deer roam freely and seem to take no notice of the visitors. 

I enjoyed the walk through the park. I took this last photo as I was passing by Beeley Lodge. It's like a massive dumping ground for dead trees. Some of them were still standing but only just, they were crumbling where they stood. No signs of a fire, they were just dead, Such a shame.  
I reckon that's about 82 miles done so far, so more than half way. My leg muscles are beginning to ache a bit, when I stop I tend to seize up and find it hard to get going again. That should ease off eventually.

Something amazing happened tonight as I was walking into Chesterfield, a lady was sat in her parked car with the window down, and called my name. I was as surprised as she was, she recognised me from the blog. I seem to remember the same thing happened once before when I was on a long walk, through Yorkshire. Spotted again because of my sun visor. Flippin amazing, I am very chuffed when people recognise me. Think I'm going to turn in early tonight, I feel like I need a good nights sleep rather  than watching the tele. So I'll say goodnight. Toodle pip.  


  1. Another great post and beautiful pic's. Love, love, love Chatsworth! Stunning.

    Stay well.

  2. You certainly deserve your rest tonight...I feel as though you are taking pics just for us....and that makes me feel very own roving reporter!
    Jane x
    PS That B&B looks really nice.

  3. Hello again, Ilona ... such beautiful architecture and scenic views. This is such a treat to be able to 'armchair travel' with you! FYI - I first learned of Chatsworth last year when my favorite US blogger, Susan Branch, visited and posted about it. She has just completed a travel diary about her two-month journey in the UK which will be published this fall. You might like to check out her website, which has a huge fan base:

    Happy Trails,
    Sharon in Alabama

  4. From Nancy in Northern California ~ Ilona, If I ever recognize you walking near our home, you can stay as long as you like with us especially since you would of just walked about 8,000 miles! :)

  5. Yup! That's my old stomping grounds. That bus shelter in Great Longstone was where my then boyfriend, now husband, (54 years later) and I sat many a long cold evening when we were courting. Nowhere else to go in those days. The mosaic was not there back then. You must have walked past my old all girls college, Thornbridge Hall, (now a brewery) and later in the day my boyfriend's all male college, Cliff College, on the road from Baslow and up Cliff Lane. You would pass the little row of houses where we lived for a year. I'm guessing you went over Frogatt Edge(not literally)and on to Chesterfield. Such a long time ago and a long way away now.

  6. And, because of your video instruction, we all know how to pronounce your name correctly when we spy you out trekking! Lol.

    What do you think killed the trees? Disease? Or poisoned on purpose?

    1. Disease I think. They were all in various stages of decay, crumbling trunks, branches breaking off. It was like a graveyard.

  7. Hi Ilona, The lady in the parked car was me. I was flabbergasted to see you walking past,hope you didn't mind me calling out to you. Meeting you cheered me up no end. Hope the rest of your walk goes well, can recommend chesterfield canal, walked chesterfield to west stockwith last year. Best wishes Lyn & Jess

    1. Hi Lyn, It was lovely to meet you, what an amazing coincidence. Sorry we didn't have more time to speak, but I was dying to get my boots off and sit down.

  8. A good life on a pension, that is what you are having. Enjoying life outdoors and taking wonderful photo's to share with us all.
    Thank you House fairy

  9. Lovely pictures, you're doing great. I've only been to the garden centre at Chatsworth, when I lived over that way. Chatsworth appears to be very grand but I prefer the ruggedness of Haddon Hall, not far from there. It is a totally different style.

  10. Lovely pics again. You are turning into a net-celebraty, it seams. But, you are right. It`s nice to be recognised sometimes. I get that same feeling when people call my name out in town. They still know me from my dancing days.
    It`s lovely to chat to them about my favourite subject.
    Good luck with the rest of your walking tour.

  11. A lovely walk, I enjoyed this one as it's areas I'm familiar with! Chatsworth is a great place for a day out, if you don't want to cough up the entrance fee for the house and gardens there are loads of walks to do around Chatsworth and Beeley.

    How nice to be recognised by someone on your travels too!

  12. Danneke here, I am enjoying your walking trip, I agree about Chatsworth, the area is lovely I went around the house last year with my group pals but the stuff in their tourist shops was really high, we Brits couldn't buy anything as the price were really out of our price range. Even the normal ice creams were double the price. Going around the house was a bit disappointng as it was a one way system, no going back to take another look at a room and lots of people pushing and shoving, not my idea of a good day out. Hope the blisters have gone Ilona, painfull little things

  13. Hi Dan, Blenheim Palace has the one way system as well. I'm not paying the high prices they charge, either.

  14. I hope to be able to visit Chatsworth House one of these days.
    Thanks for all the lovely photos as you continue your walk.


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