Sunday, 5 May 2013

Day 6. Worksop to Retford

Right, where was I, oh yes, I managed to get these pics on before the internet connection threw a wobbly, so now I can add some words. I had no trouble finding a bed for Friday night, I decided to pack up early when I landed at Retford, and went into the Tourist Information Office, where the nice lady located a wonderful B & B for me. I had a beautiful room at the Tanamara Guest House. The whole house was beautifully decorated, and the owner was a friendly cat loving lady who made me feel most welcome.  
At about lunch time I decided I would have the afternoon off, and take a look at Retford and give my feet and legs a rest, so I only did 10 miles. I had looked on the internet for a place to stay a bit further on, but I was heading past some small villages which didn't have any B & B's, or pubs which did rooms. I could have gone on to Gainsborough, that would have been another four or five hours, but I just didn't feel like it, so I decided to stop at Retford and chill out a little.
I got back onto the Chesterfield Canal again, following the Cuckoo Way footpath. It goes past several industrial sites, warehousing, and factory buildings.
A bit further along I was back in the countryside again. This unusual building on the other side looked to be empty, I thought it would be a good project for restoration, though I couldn't tell what it was. A few minutes later, I came across a lady walking her dog, she told me it was an old sewerage pumping station, and some restoration had taken place on the brickwork. She was a chatty lady like me, and we had quite a lot in common being a similar age. She is also enjoying her retirement very much. So Jackie, if you are reading this, it was lovely to meet you.
Lots of brown cows lazing in the sun.
This is where the canal goes under the A1 trunk road at Ranby. I noticed when walking through Ranby village that the traffic noise was horrendous, I don't know how anyone can live that close to a busy road, it would drive me nuts. There is no way that you could sit out in your garden there.
Along this stretch was a lot of weeping willow trees, I love them.
On the way into Retford I passed by a lot of locks, and came off the canal to head for the town centre. It was about 1.30pm, I was ready for stopping and thought a longer rest period would benefit my feet. The blisters were all gone, no problem there, but the soles were a bit sore. I found the Tourist Information Office, where I left my bag and had a bimble round the town while the lady assistant found me a room.
This is the Town Hall, in the Market Square.
I went in for a nosey, and found this beautiful ballroom. The man in the office said they have a lot of wedding parties there.
A grand wooden staircase with all the names of the Mayors, and Town Councillors throughout history, displayed on the walls.  
Looking out over the Square, there was an antique and bricabrac collectables market on.
The flower beds in the centre of the square around the war memorial were very pretty.
There is a nice little museum in the town.
There was an art exhibition in this beautiful church, which I enjoyed looking around.
I'm glad I took a few hours off, just to bimble around. I popped into Asda for some supplies and had a feast in my room. Even treated myself to a small bottle of wine. The cost of the room was very reasonable, in fact it should have been more and I told the owner so. Dee has a beautiful house, her standards are very high, I would say she should have four stars, and put her prices up. The Tanamara Guest House has to be the best place I stayed at, yet she doesn't charge enough.
Toodle pip.


  1. What an interesting walk. I love the mix between rural and old Industrial sites.

    And aren't we a bunch of old worry warts. We should know you'revas tough as old boots. (And not so much of the old, thank you very much.)

  2. Glad you rested a little....worry about you on these long treks.

  3. The picture of the old sewer plant could be a prizewinner! Absolutely gorgeous with the shadow play on the water.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your indoor picnic..pity you couldn't have had a picnic in the's lovely!
    Jane x

  5. enjoying your blog very much, love the photos!

  6. Hello Ilona from House fairy

    You see so much more on your walks than you would in the car.
    Glad you had a great time.

    Just taken our dog out for a walk along the canal path with tiny river. He came back puffing and panting.Had a long drink.

  7. Even though you were still exploring, I'm glad you were able to get some rest.
    I'm enjoying this walk with you very much.


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