Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Life goes on.

Oh boy, it's been so hot today, I've been out in the garden a lot, but had to keep coming back indoors to cool down. There's loads of jobs to do, everything is growing, and needs trimming or cutting back, to keep it under control. The lawn has grown while I was away, so I got the mower out, I suppose that will be a weekly chore from now on. Hedges have been trimmed, and ivy around the bottom of the hedges has been pulled up and binned. This little fella spotted an opportunity to come and grab some bugs for lunch.  
My seeds are not doing well at all in the pots, so I have sown some more. The only thing that is growing is the broad beans, they have been planted out in the raised bed. I have sown some more in pots, so at least I should have plenty of them later on. I have scattered the turnip, carrots, and beetroot seeds directly on the beds, so we'll see what comes up. No sign of the potatoes appearing yet. I had half a bag of Value spuds from Tesco left over before I went away, and now they are sprouting, so I have planted them. You never know, they might produce some more for me to eat. Worth a try.

I spent the morning cleaning up more of the blue and white tiles. I have got 36 now. There are three more but the cement is stuck hard on the backs, a bit more soaking might make it easier to remove. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet.
The cats have been in and out all day, they follow me around the garden, and keep coming to check that I am still here when I'm indoors. It's been too hot for them, they have their hidey places under the bushes. I'm trying to get back into the routine of normal life now. Having my breakfast made for me, and not cooking an evening meal is very appealing to me. Now I've got a pile of pots to wash, and I'm trying to find some enthusiasm for the kitchen, but it just isn't there. Oh well, maybe the pots will get washed tomorrow.
Toodle pip.


  1. Glad you got some gardening done today....so did I.
    You'll soon get back into the swing of things...it's easy to be spoiled isn't it?
    I'm loving those tiles more and more....can't wait to see how you end up using them in a project.

  2. Sounds a bit odd but now that you have done all of the hard work on those tiles they look extremely sellable to me - maybe some extra cash to put towards your next bit of travelling? They are very pretty but if you don't have anywhere to put them someone else would definitely buy them.

  3. I bet the cats keep you in their sight when you get back from a trip. It's a bit grey here today, I hope you have some sunshine to get your outside jobs done.

  4. It's hard to get back into a routine when you've been away. Thanks for sharing your trip with us, it's lovely to come along for the ride, or walk as it were!
    It's hot here today as well, can't quite believe this weather considering we are just weeks away from winter. But I'm not complaining!

  5. Those tiles are gorgeous! It's been wonderful here but raining now - typical when I was planning to go out car booting. x

  6. Stunning tiles Ilona, can't wait to see what your inventive mind decides to do with them.

  7. \Danneke here Ilona, What lovely tiles, they would look stunning put on the top ofa kitchen table or even a patio table. Must say I do enjoy your travels, I am waiting for hip operations now so at the moment I am not able to gad about anymore, and just sold all my camping gear, I noticed my seed potatoes are poking through the compost so will have to try and cover the tops again, I still have beans and peas to plant and will try and get them done this afternoon and certainly by weekend. hope you get some luck with your next batch of seeds. Often Ilona I have had some lovely little potatoes from my compost bin peelings, its surprising what goes on in a compost bin.

  8. I love the tiles!

  9. Those tiles are really pretty. Yes, I agree with Danneke that the tiles would look great on top of an outdoor table or even a kitchen table. I was also thinking about putting them on the wall behind your sink in the bathroom? We put tiles in an area right next to the stove in our kitchen and use that area as a hotplate when we take stuff out of the oven. It's very handy and decorative. My husband thought of it and I use it all the time.

  10. I know what you mean about settling back in. After my 240 mile ride over the long weekend, I feel a bit tired and am easing myself back into work gently. I do still work because I enjoy it.


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