Sunday, 19 May 2013

Walking the first 13 miles of the Viking Way

Hello, I hope you are having a good Sunday. My trip to visit family yesterday was a nice change. Uncle Stan was in fine fettle, he is doing well for saying he is just approaching his 90th birthday. Auntie Pat made a lovely lunch for us, and we enjoyed catching up with all the family news. A visit to sister and her hubby was next, another chat, and a cup of coffee with them before they went off out for their dinner. I got back home about 9pm, after calling in at Tesco on the way past, and was lucky enough to get some cheap wholemeal bread for the freezer.
It's been a warm day here, very nice. It was a bit misty this morning when I met up with Tony to walk the first 13 miles of the Viking Way. He posted about his forthcoming epic 147 mile walk, on and I thought, aha, my walk was the same distance as this, and I could meet up with him at the start. So, at 8.30am we set off from the misty Humber Bridge.  
The path goes along the waters edge for while.
There is a short diversion around a farm, where it is impossible to walk next to the river. The phrase, 'happy as a pig in muck', comes to mind here.
Aren't they just fab.

It's still a bit misty across the river, as we reached South Ferriby.
At this point we crossed over the top of the main A15 trunk road, near Bonby Lodge.
I love the fragrance and colour of the oil seed rape fields, of which there were many.

My walk ended at Barnetby le Wold where I had left my car. I said farewell to my companion and wished him luck for the rest of his journey. His walk will end at Oakham in Rutland in about seven days time. I need to start planning another long walk.
Toodle pip


  1. Nice photos Ilona. Love the colour of the rape fields. Love the piggies too, although I would not like to eat them! They are such comical animals.

  2. Glad to see the rape in glorious technicolor . It's the first I've seen in full bloom this year. Great that you could walk. Wasn't it at one of the Ferribys that they discovered a prehistoric boatyard?

    1. I don't know the answer to that one Brenda.

  3. Love the pig pictures! I am watching all 80-some episodes of All Creatures Great and Small on Netflix. I saw the first 3 seasons years ago on PBS but was busy working full time with 2 little kids when the rest came out. (The "kids" are now 34 and 36, LOL). Anyway, I have a West Highland terrier (see picture) who watches TV. She goes nuts when pigs come on the screen! (Not as interested in horses, cows and dogs--cats, however, are a different story. She also gets off on monsters).

    Sounds like you had a great walk and some good company, too.

  4. Well done Ilona. Loved the pig pictures but the oil seed rape gave me the sneezes just looking at it! aaaah chooo!!

    1. Hello Pat, fancy meeting you here :o)

  5. It's nice to meet up with like-minded folks and enjoy spending time with them doing what you both like to do.

  6. Ooo nice pics Ilona, haven't been to the Humber Bridge for ages, must pop up there soon.
    Twiggy x


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