Thursday, 25 July 2013

New fangled, my posterior !!!

I am a little bit baffled about these new Google Profiles that I see popping up everywhere. When I try to comment on some blogs I get a different box open up, different to the norm. It asks me to create a Google profile, but I don't want to, I have a blogger profile, is that not enough, why would I want another one? The consequence of that is I don't comment on those blogs which have this new fangled way of doing things. I don't like new fangled, I am used to the old way. I don't want to get involved in other peoples circles, or recruit others into my circle. I don't want a circle at all. I am an independent blogger, I go where I like, I read other peoples blogs and they read mine, that's good enough for me. I don't want to be joined at the hip, afraid of missing out on the gossip, that's not my style.

I also keep getting hassled by Yootoob. I am registered on there because it's the easiest way to get my videos onto my blog. I made up a name for that account, but now they want me to change it to my own name. I don't want to, I like my made up name, I know it's me, that's all that matters. I am getting fed up of being bullied into changing it.

Anyway, that's got that off my chesticles. Not a lot to report tonight. I've been doing more sewing, done some litter picking, watered the veg garden, and had a bath, haven't I been busy. A man is coming from British Gas tomorrow to change the electricity meter. They rang me eventually when I couldn't be bothered to ring them. I told them on the phone that I didn't want a new fangled Smart Meter, because it says on the paperwork that I don't have to have one. If he brings one, I shall tell him where to stick it. I don't want my electricity supply hooked up to a computer, don't want them spying on me. 'Oooh look, she's switched the kettle on'. Nosey beggers. The old meter has worked perfectly well for the last 17 years, I want to keep it.
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  1. Quite right about the meter Ilona-its all about keeping an eye on you. Nosey so-and-so's!
    Ruth x

  2. Hi Ilona,
    I've been reading your blog for a while now, still enjoy it every day! Along with a few others, you have inspired me to create my own blog. Because of this, I was wondering, do you mind if I link to your blog in my first post? :o)


  3. From Margie in Toronto

    I agree with you about the comments issue - I'm so glad that your blog accepts things the old way - as does Shirley Goode's blog - but - Frugal Queen has the new set up and even though I've tried various ways I can never manage it - oh well.

    Stick to your guns about the meter - I agree - wouldn't want them snooping on me either! I find many shops here now ask for your personal details even when you want to pay cash! Just ridiculous - I know damn well it's so they can track my habits and also send me all kinds of junk mail and email - I've even had clerks hesitate to take my money when I refuse to provide all the data - what a scam!

  4. Thank you for being a litter picker. Have started doing such a thing myself - doesn't it upset you? I'm finding it leaves me with a negative, hostile feeling about society, really angry! But I will do it anyway. Have you heard of David Sadaris? He is a brilliant author who litter picks as a past time (He was on Claire Baldings Ramblings R4) I think people who litter pick are pretty fantastic. Debbie

    1. Litter picking can be rewarding, you're keeping your corner of the world tidy but its surprising what you find, money for instance. I live near shops and takeaways so drinks cans are everywhere but the aluminiun ones can be weighed in. Flattened down, 2 or 3 large bagfulls are worth around £10.

  5. The smart meter also gives off radiation - harmful to you and your neighbors. As for all that info they're asking for - it's to keep and to sell and to give to the government. Here in US big brother is spying on us through our email. DON'T GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFO!

  6. Agree wholeheartedly about the way Google is going, I don't like it one bit. It may be progress, but why change (and complicate) a system that performs quite well - and that everyone seems quite happy with. It just seems to be complication for the sake of complication....and probably more profit for Google.


  7. I know what you mean about all the social circles on the internet. I don't want in either. I only use YouTube to watch and I get that stupid pop up abut using my own name too. Just click it off, but why should I have too. It's as bad as facebook which I have pretty much quit using.

  8. I blog. Not interested in Facebook twitter,circles ,squares +s etc. if I get left behind well..I know you are here!
    Jane x

  9. Its all a bit 'big brother'. I think google and youtube are trying to make things easier for themselves. A few days ago David Cameron spoke of making internet operators resposible for some of the unsavory goings on on the net and as usual us law abiding citizens get hassled and the criminals carry on getting away with it.
    Accountability and probably advertising etc. are their motives to make us all change.

  10. Hi there,
    I agree, google needs to leave things alone! I avoided it for so long, but I got sick of not being able to view other blogs and profiles, so I joined and I still have no idea how it works, it's just over complicated things.
    Those new 'smart' metres are being made compulsory in areas of Australia. . . . The first three bills we got after it was installed were all incorrect! So much for their smartness! Avoid them for as long as you can.

  11. Yes, I'm getting annoyed about this circle thingy.

  12. The only circles in my life involve tea and coffee, my mugs are round! The occasional wagon wheel for Michael, oops my plates are round and my cereal dishes.I have been invited to join some but have no idea how they work and have not the time or inclination to find out. I am happy being square.

  13. I found that it wouldn't let me be "compostwoman" any more, so I reverted back to just being a blogger. I do have a Google profile but not Google+, because of this.

    I wrote about it, and how to get off it, in this blog post.

  14. Hope your chesticles feel better after that rant! I HATE being badgered into things too.

  15. Good for you on the smart meter front, Ilona. Smart meters also have the capability to switch off your supply at source without your permission - another reason not to have one.

  16. I never heard about smart meters before. But, from what everyone else is saying here they sound like a nightmare installation. If you can stick with your old metering system you should be lucky. We had to have a new electric meter last year, but we did insist on having one that we can charge with a key. I have much more control over the meter when I can see what I used and can calculate myself how much I`d like to charge my key with. Far too much big brother intrusions are already part of our lives. We do not need more of that sort of thing.

  17. Google Connect confuses the heck out of me, I never know who or what I'm connecting to! I get the same on Youtube, I have a made up name since I joined it many moons ago, I get hassled to give it up, but I'm remaining resolute, the nickname stays!!


  18. Glad to hear that there are others out there who do not want to fool around with all the Google stuff. What a pain in the arse.


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