Saturday, 13 July 2013

Nothing is dead or missing

Hello. Just a quickie to say I'm back. I spent the afternoon with Compost Woman and her family at Ledbury. Had a lovely lunch, and a good old natter, just like old pals. Sarah gave me a guided tour of the Ponderosa, I mean the garden , the veg patch, the chicken runs, the orchard, the wood, and the pond. She showed me her crochet and her quilting, and we ate the home made bread. It was all very farmhousey. I came away with a dozen eggs and a plant, and she gained one of my shopping bags, a good swap I thought.

My house/cat sitter has watered the plants for me, she is a star, and the sunflower plants have reached the top of the canes now. Nothing has died while I've been away, and all cats are accounted for, ha ha.
I'll catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Sounds like another lovely day for you and nice swops too.

  2. Hello Ilona!

    Phew! It's taken me some time..... But I have finally finished reading your blog from start to end! Wow, thank you so much for all that you have shared with all of us who are prepared to read and learn :o)

  3. Lovely photo of the pair of you and a successful walking/exploring holiday under your belt. I bet you sleep well tonight; it's always so good to be back in your own bed.
    Thank you for all the photos and informative blogs.

  4. Ledbury is a lovely place. I remember going there in a van to deliver to an agricultural supplier when i was 20 years old. Your going around meeting your blog followers could be an idea for a book or a tv programme - Meanqueen on her royal tour or Meanqueen meets her blogging subjects.
    Looks like you had a great time in this great country of ours. Although theres no place like home.

  5. Glad all was hale and hearty on your return Ilona. I have enjoyed being nosy and "seeing" some of the bloggers whose writings I so enjoy!

  6. So MeanQueen on tour is finished for now. Are you going to make this a regular event until you've met all your blog friends? :-D

  7. What an interesting life you lead Ilona - and you don't just wait for it to come to you. You go out and get it! Well done on another successful adventure. We love you!

  8. when I retire I would love to tour around like you are. maybe with a camper van.

    I also love the painting in the back ground of that picture. its really vibrant

  9. Danneke looking in=== Pleased you are back safe and sound Ilona, what a wonderful week you have had and meeting with blogger friends. Knowing you as I do I am sure you made pals with other hostelers along the way also. Did the pussy cats make a fuss of you on your return or did you have to coax a cuddle, mine used to ignore me for some hours , a way of punishment I suppose for having time away. I will have some catching up to do on here in a week or so's time as I am having my surgery on Wednesday, a bit aprehensive about things but I can not get out of it. Bye for now.

  10. Was lovely to meet you and talk to you - as you say we had a really good old natter and yes, I did feel you were an old pal :-)

    Compostman commented that between us no one could get a word in edgeways lol

    The bag is lovely and I was so touched that you gave it to me, thank you so much

    Glad all the plants and animals are ok - was worrying a bit about the Sunflowers in the heat!

  11. Good little trip. I followed you along and marvelled at your pics. Good to hear that you had a great time and are back home safe and sound.

  12. Sarah is lovely isn't she, we met up last year on a wonderful day out. It's always nice to meet up with our Blogging pals in person, and yes, we do chatter away like old friends once we meet don't we, I guess we share so many similarities and that's why we enjoy each others blogs so much.


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