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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Bunny capers

Good evening. I know it's a little late, if you have given up and logged off, I don't blame you. There are better things to do than sit and wait for me to post. I've been for a walk today, thought it was time that I got out more. There are a few pics which I will post tomorrow. My dinner tonight, which was something quick because I couldn't be bothered to cook, was some courgette, chopped up into small pieces and steamed in the microwave. I opened a cheapo tin of Value veg soup which I bought to eat at the hostel but didn't, and warmed it up in a pan on the hob. I tasted it, it wasn't very nice, so I added a small chunk of Danish blue cheese and tasted it again, it was lovely. With the courgette added it made a filling and tasty meal for a few pence.

After eating I went round to my friends house to water up for them, and found they were back from their holiday. A glass of wine was offered so I stayed a while and chatted. Two cucumbers were produced in payment for watering the plants in their greenhouse for a week. Fair swap, they only live round the corner.

The highlight of this evening was when I saw a white rabbit in my garden, running about with Heidi and Mayze. They thought it was wonderful to have a new playmate. I tried to catch it but wasn't successful, so I went to my neighbours two doors away and reported that their bunny was frolicking on my lawn. They have recently acquired two rabbits and they have a hutch in their garden. Apparently they have both been out and about for most of the day, but one was recaptured. They have spent the last seven hours trying to catch the second one. There was four of us in and out of the three gardens trying to catch it. Hooray, at last it was caught. What a palarva. Very funny. Now all I've got to do is to wait for my cats to come in and I can go to bed. I'll get the pics on tomorrow, after the Chat and Craft Club.
Bye for now, Toodle pip.   


  1. I'm still up, Ilona! That's 'cos I'm an owl, not a lark - I like my bed of a morning. Probably I'm retaliating to a working lifetime of early shifts.
    I would love to see a video of all of you chasing round after the rabbit! Glad it didn't come to grief with the cats - they're not normally so reluctant to attack a bunny. Yours must be well fed. Thank you for your daily blog - I love it.

  2. Think they were lucky to get the rabbit back, our cat fetches us rabbits home, then eats them.

    1. Their rabbits are as big as my cats. I did despair when I saw the hutch turn up on their back garden. They have young children and I thought, here we go, been to Pets at Home, spent loads of dosh, got all the equipment, wonder how long the novelty will last. Seen it all before, with cats. We get loads of phone calls from young families wanting to offload their 'not kittens any more cats' onto us.

    2. Yes, a depressingly familiar story, my own grandson (6 now) has had a rabbit in the Pets-at-Home hutch, then a little furry thing (Guinea pig I think) in another little cage. Don't know where they went, but they didn't seem to last long.


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