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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Can you resist it?

How much willpower have you got? Would you eat the not very healthy cheese and onion crisps, or would you go for the fresh nectarine and grapes, topped with chopped mixed nuts and plain yogurt?
I had to make the choice this morning. I am in the habit of eating fruit around mid morning, there are some good prices at the moment so it makes sense to take advantage of that. Sorry about the messy bowl, I took the photo when I was half way through it.
But why did I have crisps in the house. I don't normally, because I can't be trusted to not eat the whole lot in one go, but on Sunday I bought a six pack while I was out walking. I fancied some as I haven't had any for weeks, and I do love Walkers cheese and onion. 
My will power is very good, I can happily not go down the cakes, biscuits, fizzy drinks, chocolate and sweets aisle. I am not tempted to put a choc bar in my trolley when I get to the checkout. I can force myself to walk straight past Thornton's Chocolate shop, without stopping to lust longingly at the window display.
But very occasionally I can fall off the wagon, and treat myself to a bag of crisps, or a small packet of shortbreads, or a Magnum ice cream. And that's exactly what they are, treats.
When I bought the crisps in the Spar Shop, I spent ages mulling over which treat I should choose. I didn't want to spend more than £1. I wanted something that I hadn't had for ages. Something that I really enjoy the taste of. And something that doesn't have a lot of sugar in. I give careful consideration to all my purchases no matter how small they are. 
Buying healthy food is a lot easier for me than buying junk. I have no hesitation in choosing fruit and vegetables, because I know they are good for me. I eat wholemeal or seeded bread, wholemeal pasta, and brown rice. I try and reduce my sugar, salt, and fat intake where I can.  Monitoring everything I put in my mouth helps me to keep to the weight I am now, eight stone and a bit.      
The fruit was very nice. I have eaten the crisps today, so no more for another six weeks. A plate of vegetables for dinner, and more fruit for tomorrow.
Yesterday I made some courgette and potato soup. Haven't bothered with a photo, you can guess what it looks like. I had a tin of Value potatoes, reduced to 12p because it was dented, bought to take with me to the Youth Hostel. I didn't use it so I thought, make soup. I tried a potato straight from the tin, and I have to say I wasn't impressed, it tasted of nothing. It turned into a tasteless paste in my mouth. However, mashed up with the boiled courgette, with spices and herbs thrown in, it is ok. Nothing gets wasted here. Seven tubs of soup now in the freezer, and still loads more courgettes to go at.
I've been sewing and gardening today. More squares for the patchwork, and hedges have been cut. A few more flowers are appearing on the gigantic sunflowers. I'm going to have to climb a ladder to take a photo of them. Still having to water from the tap, need more rain.
Tattybyes for now.   


  1. You don't crave the junk food too often because your diet is so healthy. I know when I am eating much healthier on a given day, I have no cravings for junk. I think junk leads to food addictions so we crave more of the stuff that isn't so good.

    I admire your consistency in working on your gardening, patchwork and your other hobbies. Again, I think your healthy diet and great energy as a result are very helpful in that. Well done!

    1. Hi Joyful. I think you are dead right about cravings for junk food. My cravings for all things bad for me are almost extinct. I see shelves full of sweet cakes and biscuits, and think YUK, that is poison to my body. I love the fruit and veg counter, and think YUM, gotta have some of that.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your crisps. I made a decent veggie chili from the pantry and fresh veg if you want to take a look at my blog. I thought of you because nothing was wasted and it tasted good. Cheers!

    1. Hello e. I've been reading your blog and can't find anywhere to comment, so I'll say here, thank you for reading mine, and I'll go back to yours from time to time to see what you are up to.

  3. I must agree I am not fond of tinned spuds!

    1. Hi. I suppose they have their place or they wouldn't produce them. But if tinned or packet mash were the only option I would give them up altogether.

    2. and me - fresh spuds from the garden at this time of year are a delight :)

  4. I can honestly say that if you gave me the choice I would go for the fruit and yogurt. Only a few weeks ago that would have been very different and I would have snaffled the crisps without a second thought. Since we've been juicing my taste buds are alive once again and any food we eat tastes absolutely fantastic. I too miss out all the aisles in the supermarket that just have junk food in boxes and bags and concentrate on the fresh fruit and veg, although even most of that is now growing in abundance in the Veggie Patch.

    I have to admit to having a complete day off from drinking juices yesterday, I just rebelled and I have just had the worst nights sleep ever, serves me right. Obviously my body knows what suits me, I'm back on board today though.

    I feel for you having to water all those sunflowers, I had about four the year before last and I remember how thirsty they seemed to be all the time. But it will be worth it when the birds are tucking into all those lovely seeds throughout the Winter.

  5. I`m a bit like you on the shopping front. I never get myself any sweets or crisps when I go shopping. DB has his mint humbugs, but buying for him never temps me to dip into sweets. I prefer fruit any day. I might treat myself on rare occasions to an ice cream.
    My courgettes are sprouting merrily, so I have been making pickle with my monster veg yesterday. More veg to come as my red cabages are maturing. I planted out some late leeks last weekend, hoping to protect them with a fleece over the winter, so should have lots of lovely leek and potato soups coming. Hedge cutting is something I must do this weekend,
    weather permitting.

  6. I don't eat as healthily as i should and out on the road towards the end of a longer shift than i anticipated i usually buy a couple of mars bars, mainly because sandwiches are expensive in service stations.
    The tinned potatoes brought back memories of camping. We set off one time with the exhaust blowing. As usual i'd intended sorting it out but never got round to it. The exhaust snapped on the way so i had a quick look then carried on. After out tea i opened the potato tin out and wrapped it round the pipe and clamped it on and problem solved. Thank goodness for potato tins.


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