Friday, 9 August 2013

Cooking courgettes

Twas a good discussion yesterday about buying v renting houses. Thank you all for taking the time to write lengthy comments about your own personal circumstances. It was good to read your take on it. It's the biggest decision we all have to make in our lives, apart from the one about if we marry and who we marry. The financial climate is changing all the time, and what might  have been straight forward years ago regarding buying property, isn't so cut and dry now. There are far more complications along the road to house ownership, which makes people think again as to wether they want to sign the next thirty years of their life away. With employment being so unpredictable, it's a huge risk to commit to buying, when there is no guarantee you will have a job in the future. It must be very scary for the young home owners of today. I don't know what I would do if I had to make that decision now.
Hey, look at the size of this courgette. It's a whopper, and that's a dinner plate. I have ended up with six plants and they seem to be sprouting these in abundance. If you remember I bought three plants at the village fete because mine weren't doing very well. Now they have caught up and I've got courgettes everywhere. So, what to do with them. I chopped this one up into chunks. .  
In the pan I cooked some red lentils and a chopped onion for 30 minutes. Added a shake of curry powder, turmeric, veg stock cube, dried herbs, and threw in some porridge oats to thicken. Then add the courgette and simmer gently for ten minutes.  
Let it cool and put into five margarine tubs, and into the freezer. These will do nicely with some rice, or pasta, or potatoes.
This is what eight foot high sunflowers look like. I have seen some in other gardens, but none as tall as this. The first flower that came out has lost it's petals.
These two are facing into the garden.
And this one is facing the other way over the back of the garage. There are lots of buds waiting to open, I wish they would hurry up because they are drinking gallons of water.
It's a nice sunset tonight I see, it's going down behind the houses opposite. I took this photo a few nights ago from behind the church, and forgot to post it. Never mind, it will do here.
I picked up a few bits of shopping on my way back from Helen's new house today. I've added it to the food diary started on the 1st of August. No need to do a big shop yet, with the veg out of the garden I can manage with a top up shop. I have eaten all the broad beans, and now the runner beans are ready. I stuck my hand into the potato beds yesterday and picked out a big pan full, enough for three or four days. I shall be pulling them out as I need them.
Bugsy cat has just scrambled up onto my knee. The old boy is getting very thin now, even though he can eat for England and always lets me know when he wants food. He must be about 18 now, I'm going to be so sad when the time comes. He's been a wonderful friend.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. I love that sunset. Not been around lately for various reasons, had a read but not said anything.

    Just a little comment about renting v purchase. I think you would not end up with money in the bank if you rented as a rent can be as much as a mortgage payment. You would have nothing at the end - at least you can sell your house for something, if you ever want to rent and then spend what you get for the house.

    The only plus for renting as far as I can see is at the moment when jobs are unpredictable. You never know if you might have to move on quickly. Still, if you become out of work, you have to pay rent!

    1. Hi Campfire, glad you are back. Yes, rents can be very expensive, around £500 - £600 per month around here, and that's cheap compared to some parts of the country. I don't know how people can afford it.

  2. Wow, those sunflowers are whoppers, well done you! Re the courgettes, its often said that if you turn your back on them they grow into marrows before you know it.:o) I like them split in half, the insides scooped out and then filled with rice and veg, yum.
    What will you do with them if you get a glut, courgette chutney perhaps?

    1. Hi Kiwijo. I am not a fan of chutney, so I will probably turn some of them into more frozen stewpots as above. I give some away to neighbours and friends, I like to share.

    2. If it's the 'vinegary' taste of chutnies you don't like, don't worry - courgette 'relish' like I made a couple of years ago tastes and smells lovely and 'green' - that's the only way I can describe it. Good with almost everything... Google the recipe!

  3. A lovely post! The sunflowers are beautiful! And esp. the sunset photo.
    Your kitty,some friends that are the oldest are so very often the dearest, hug him while you may.

  4. Hi Ilona, I sometimes slice the courgettes lengthwise, put them on a cookie sheet (put a little oil in the pan first), sprinkle garlic or garlic powder on them, salt, pepper and whatever else you like, and bake them for about 20 minutes or so. Or you can use a grill pan on top of the stove, same method but if you don't have a grill pan, then the oven makes them just as good. Oven on moderately high (350 degrees) and they are so tasty. I also have made zucchini bread (courgette bread) with them. Once they start growing, they all seem to grow at the same time!

  5. Some of my courgettes were hidden under big leaves, so they now turned rather large, just like a marrow. I stuffed one the other day with some kebab mix and cooked it ion the oven with home made tomato sauce. Bl**dy delicious! I tend to share my crops as well. My lovely neighbour and friend also likes courgettes, so I never have to worry about what to do with them all.
    If your poor old cat eats a lot, drinks a lot and is looking thin you might want to have him checked for kidney problems. Once they get old they tend to suffer with it.

  6. Poor old Bugsy, I think the time is coming where he will be wanting lots of your cuddles and a warm lap to sit on in the evenings. Spend time with him while you can.

    Wonderful sunflowers, but yes, they drink SO much water don't they!