Monday 7 October 2013

Visit to The Old Tile Works

There is quite an interesting history of tile works along the banks of the River Humber. This one was established in 1840, and at one time there were twelve other tile works in the area. I remember walking past this place many times about twenty years ago when I lived and worked in South Ferriby. It looked pretty derelict then, but it was still a functioning tile factory. Today, they still make tiles in some of the sheds, as they did all those years ago. Now it has a new lease of life as a visitor centre.   
 It was a lovely sunny day when I was there yesterday. Some of the buildings have been completely restored, the factory is on the other side of this wall which is not open to the general public.
The walls have been built by laying roof tiles in a vertical position with a dollop of cement along the bottom of each row to keep them in position.
Here we are in the drying shed. This old building is full of character and is like an Aladins Cave of individual and interesting things for sale, from reclaimed garden furniture to hand made Lincolnshire flower pots and lots more.

Here's a look inside. Getting ready for Halloween.

Huge great pots big enough to plant trees in.

Decorative pots of all shapes and sizes, all hand made.

Tiles made on the premises are used on the roof. I asked about them leaking as there appears to be nothing else to stop the rain getting in. I was told, no there are no leaks. Amazing when you can see the sky through the cracks.

 Old fashioned post boxes refurbished and freshly painted, for sale.
You can see the Humber Bridge in the background. I walked up there to take the first photograph, looking down on the site.

I walked around the back of the restaurant to the Artisan Village. This is a row of studios rented out to local crafts people to make and sell their traditional wares.
They use traditional methods with clay dug from their own fields along the river. Sadly the pottery man was not at his wheel. I would love to have a go at making a pot and getting all messy.

On the wall outside the Potters Shed.

I walked along the row of studios, Yellowbelly Woodwork was not open. He makes bespoke kitchens and freestanding furniture using traditional techniques. Wold Cycles was also not open, he makes hand made custom bikes. Disappointing that they were closed. A delicious smell prompted me to take a look inside Egils Preserves. The jams, conserves, chutneys and pickles smelled gorgeous.
Then I came to Natur-ally Yarns and Knitwear. This is Alison Casserly who has been a knitting and crochet fan for most of her life. She buys her locally sourced yarn in it's natural pale cream colour and dyes it herself using plants she gathers from the countryside.

Her designs are stunning, this is the work she produced for her university degree.
Alison teaches knitting and crochet to beginners here in her studio. She is thinking about teaching machine knitting, using the three machines she has. There are items for sale, from fingerless gloves and teapot cosies, to fabulous dresses and jackets. All individual and hand made.

You can also buy wool to take away and make your own creations. Alison has a website here.
The Tiles Coffee Shop and Restaurant is open 10am to 4pm daily. In fine weather there is a decking area overlooking the lake. It looked quite popular yesterday. I might go back one day and enjoy a coffee and cake in the sunshine. Inside it can seat 100, and looks to be the ideal location for a party.

So, if you are anywhere near the south bank of the Humber Bridge it's worth an hour or so stop off if you have time. It's quite close to the Reeds Hotel which is a short distance along the river bank. If you are walking you can get to it easily from Barton, just follow the river underneath the bridge.
That's all folks, this is not a sponsored posts, as you know I get nowt for plugging the places I have visited.
I will leave Thornton Abbey until tomorrow. Toodle pip.
PS. Car passed it's MOT test. BIG GRIN  :o)) 


  1. Looks a very interesting place for some time out, I have put it on my list of places to visit if I am over by the H/Bridge anytime. I would love some of those big pots for some of my shrubs. Thanks for sharing with us Ilona, I love going for armchair outings with you.


  2. The MOT folks were probably impressed by how clean your car was!

  3. Hooray for the MOT pass. I had mine done last week and it cost £440 to get a pass :( - still, that's cheaper than a new car! My car needs a good clean too, to get rid of all the green gunk around the seals - I really don't have time to do it though, it's going to have to wait until July I fear!
    The tile works looks like a really interesting place to visit, I must try to remember it for next time I head north to my aunt's - I could make a detour to the tile place on the way :)

  4. Looks interesting. going to visit the wool website

  5. Wish I lived near enough to visit the Old Til;e Works it looks interesting. Glad the car is all set to go and passed the MOT.

  6. I'd love to 'potter' around there !
    Jane x


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