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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Cheap and cheerful cushion cover

Thank goodness we don't have to put zips into cushion covers any more, making one is now a lot easier than it was. I started this one a couple of weeks ago, I picked two contrasting cotton fabrics and cut 36 squares, 18 of each. This size will easily accommodate the cushions I already have, no need to buy any new ones. I hand stitched them together in the same way I did the quilt.
The cover itself is made from a surplus sheet I already had. I have loads of bedding but no nice cushion covers. I cut out the complete cover and at the sewing it together stage I added the patchwork piece to the front, so the edges are enclosed in the seams.

Here is a video explaining how to make the envelope cushion. I ignored her measurements, I placed the patchwork on the fabric and used a long ruler to mark out the size with a pencil. The overlap doesn't have to be exact, as long as the back doesn't gape open. I needed to make mine in this way because of the way I incorporated the patchwork into it.

Here is another video with an even easier method to make the same thing, if you are not adding an extra layer of patchwork. This is very simple.


I have got five more cushions in need of a makeover, the next cover is already started. My cheerless living room should look a whole lot brighter with these extra additions. I might even remove the dustcovers from the three piece suite, mind you that will upset the cats as they like to play hide and seek underneath them.
Toodle pip.


  1. What do you use to stuff your cushions? I find stuffing can become pricey, if you buy it and lumpy if you are not careful with recycles. Any suggestions?

    1. I buy ready made cushion pads, J. If you look on Ebay you can generally get all different sizes relatively cheaply.

    2. I often use the wadding from some old fibre pillows that I usually save for arty experiments. Works for me.

    3. Hi J. I already have cushions for this project. I had four small Ikea cushions bought many years ago, they were cheap. I turned them into one big cushion, and made a cover for it. Another big cushion I made I stuffed it full of offcut fabric. It's a bit lumpy and need fluffing up all the time but the cats like it.

  2. Oh wow...I might be able to do this. (Or I'll make my sister do it if I can't.) I finally bought two new pillows for my bed and I wanted to make kitty beds out of the old ones. (She really loves them too much to toss them out.) This envelope type cover will make it easier to remove for cleaning. I'm not skilled in sewing. So I was wondering how I was going to that. Thanks for saving me the trip to Pinterest. :)

  3. I couldn't agree more with you, putting zips in cushions wasn't fun.
    Your cushion has an American feel to it.

  4. It looks great. My old cushions go in the cat igloos and when the covers get too 'distressed' after repeated washings I like to make new (old fabric) ones.
    Love from Mum

  5. I make my cushions this way. Cushion covers were one of the first things I taught myself to make after I'd taken a 'get to know your sewing machine' course earlier this year. Being a cat lover I have a lovely set of 3 homemade kitty-themed cushions on one of my sofas. I buy ready made cushion pads from Ebay; you can get all different sizes and they don't have to be too expensive. They're certainly a lot cheaper than buying bags of toy stuffing.

  6. I forgot to say I love the colours in your cushion and the contrast between the floral and striped fabrics.

  7. I have some lovely fabrics at home, so was also hoping to have a go with simple patchwork. Mine will be done with the sewing machine. I don`t think I have the patience to do all that by hand.

  8. Aw, the cats need their playground...winter is coming! :)


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