Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Nearly but not quite

Howdy. I've been beavering away all day on the butchered air bed recycling project. It wasn't as easy as I expected, the fabric is rubber backed, and proved a pig to sew on the machine. After a false start I had to find a way round the problem if it puckering up while I tried to sew two pieces together. It looked a mess so I unpicked it, and used some sticky back fabric tape which didn't pucker but made it difficult to get it through the machine. An industrial type sewing machine might have done the job, but I don't have one of those.

I had to finish it of with hand sewing, using pointy pliers to pull the needle through. Boy was it tough, and time consuming. However, it is finished, but by then it was dark outside. I took 20 photo's of it inside with the flash, but wherever I placed it the red came out as pink. Why is it that red is the most difficult colour to photograph. Anyway, I am not happy with the photo's all have been deleted, thank goodness for digital cameras. I don't want to post photo's that aren't a reasonable standard. I will try again tomorrow in daylight, and hope that the red comes out as bluddy red.

I am nearly out of food so I must go shopping tonight. I've got no fresh veg left, no bread, no eggs, and not many tins, and hardly anything at all in the freezer apart from my own frozen home made curry stew. So it's a Tesco Dash tonight. I have a £4 off voucher on a £30 shop, will need to take a pen and paper to tot up as I go around.

Did you have a good firework party last night? I did, had a few friends round, it was fab. Made a little video of it. Have a look.

Sorry folks, that's all I could afford :o))
Toodle pip


  1. The dog sounded as though he enjoyed it!
    I thought you made your own bread Ilona, you've reminded me, I have some vouchers that I can use.
    All the best Angela ( Devon)

    1. Hi Angela. No, I don't make my own bread. Not worth the cost, the ingredients and the gas to heat the oven, and the time, when I can buy a loaf of bread at reduced price of 10p or 20p.

  2. I had 6 weeks living out of my freezer, pantry and garden only buying top up veg and dairy produce. I then stocked up with a massive shop and used a collection of money off vouchers. I had to do 3 trips round Mr S and 3 round Mr T to use them but I spent far less then the amount I had saved in those 6 weeks. I could not run down my food stocks in the winter, I have been snowed in a few times and would worry too much.