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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Been busy all day

Heidi is a right little madam, as soon as I put something down she lies on it. I needed to cut more strips, and as soon as my back was turned she decided to make herself comfortable on the new rug. Oh well, I haven't the heart to move her. She can stay on it all night if she likes, but I want it back in the morning to take to craft club. It can't be that comfortable, the netting is quite stiff and course. There is plenty of room on the sofa next to her, but no, she wants to lie on here.  
It's been a busy day round the house today. It was sunny with a breeze so a good idea to do a load of washing. Most of it dried, a few items are on the clothes horse. It's not really a horse, it's one of those concertina type things. I had the heating on for an hour this afternoon because I had a bath, so some of the washing went on the radiators. Yes, I treated myself to some heat, ha ha. Today is changeover time from British Gas to Ebico, I sent in the meter readings, and expect one last small bill from BG. They sent me a letter saying they are sorry I am leaving, and I will be welcome back anytime.

It was flippin freezing outside today. I took Lady dog a walk, or should I say she took me a walk. It's probably just as well it was a fast walk, too darn cold to bimble, need to keep moving to keep warm.

Tonight I have made a three day curried stew, it might go to four days if I stretch it out. I have two big spuds that I can zap in the microwave, that will make two meals. One day I can have it with rice, then I will add a tin of tomatoes to it to stretch it further, and make some pasta to go with it. I used the last of the sprouts and the mangetout peas. Also used the last bit of cauliflower, the last carrot, two onions, a handful of sultanas, and an apple, and a tin of chickpeas. When this is all eaten I will have to go shopping, probably Wednesday or Thursday. Sorry there is no photo, they weren't very clear so I dumped them.

I had my Anglian Water bill yesterday. It was very low, but the standing charge was more than the cost of the water I have used. There is nothing I can do about that, except keep my water usage down. The bathwater is still in the bath, it will be used to flush the toilet, and I might even wash the car with it tomorrow if I feel so inclined. It can be used for other household cleaning jobs like washing the kitchen floor and wiping the doors down. I have noticed that the upstairs windows are a bit mucky on the outside, I will wash them as well, I can reach them from the inside if I hang on with one hand and use a long handled brush. No point in paying for a window cleaner. Not a drop is wasted here.

Just thought I would mention that I am doing a frugal diary on Down The Lane forum. Anyone can read it, there are others also writing their diaries. If you want to take a look, it's here.  Go to the first section, Frugal, Thrifty, and Green, and click on Members Frugal Diaries 2014.

Right, I'm off to parcel Sue's prize up ready for the post tomorrow, then I need to cut more strips. Thanks for dropping by. See you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Hehe aren't cats funny? mind you our Jack Russell will make a bed on anything rather than get into one of is two beds lol
    AFM xx

  2. Ilona, thanks for the instructions for rag rug making. I have earmarked some of my Uncle's thermals for the job! (He died in 2007). Regards Natalie.

  3. Another pet who can't resist a pile of something, no matter how small. My old dog Eliie, would lay on a sock if I dropped one.

  4. Hi there!
    I have found your blog but never left a comment - I just read your post - I was so overwhelmed about the water usage - We are so lucky here in Canada, we don't have to think about how much water we use - Same about the heathing and drying clothes, we are so so spoiled -


  5. With the red, white and green fabric background, your gorgeous cat photo would make a good Christmas card for next year.

    I`m just off to look at the Down The Lane forum. Your thrifty lifestyle is a great example to all of us!

  6. I love the picture of the cat. In my experience with cats they will always choose awkward over comfort. I envy you drying on the line, in my weird situation it won't be worth me hanging out until around March WS xxx

  7. Hi Ilona, found your blog this week after resolving to be more thrifty this year and love reading it.

  8. She just wants to show you that she is more important than these bits and pieces.

  9. Just found your blog and I love it. I save differently to you, but for the same reason - to do what I like.
    I also love the way you look after the kitties so well.
    Keep writing!

  10. Standing charges suck. Ours is twice the water usage.

  11. I think she looks comfy, maybe likes the texture!
    Good for you saving all you can!
    Have a great week!

  12. Just to let you know that Anglian Water have a low user rate called SoLow that doesn't have a standing charge. The price per unit is slightly higher but works out cheaper for anyone using less than I think 70 cubic metres per year. They might even let you back date the change if you give them a ring.

    Rose Wood

  13. Heidi's just trying to give your purroject purrsonality! he he

  14. heidi is so cute and cuddly!!


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