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Sunday, 23 February 2014

A surprise for a lucky winner

A picture of my lunch today. Very easy to make, boil two eggs for six minutes, uses hardly any gas at all. Iceberg lettuce, cucumber, pickled onions, small fresh mushrooms, and a few pieces of cheddar cheese. I buy mature cheese, don't like mild as it tastes of nothing. Splosh some tartar sauce around and Bob's your uncle, a healthy salad.  
I made a 3 - 4 day stew yesterday. The usual, use up bits I had, finished the carrots, still potatoes and onions left for another day, or another week probably. I found a tin of tomatoes in the cupboard, naughty me for not checking the date on it. It was out of date in December 2012, yikes !! Never mind, chuck it in. Then I found a tin of vegetable soup given to me, also out of date, August 2013. Never mind, chuck it in. The stew tastes lovely, more left for tomorrow. I plan on doing a toddle round Tesco on Wednesday or Thursday night, whenever the fancy takes me. That will make it three weeks since the last visit.

An at home day today, most of them are these days, but I am busy with several crafty projects on the go. It saves getting bored. I have to spend some time with George so I have my rag rug up there and keep adding more to it. I also cut another long handled bag out this morning. I have four shopping bags waiting to be sewn up, and another crazy cat mat to work on. Then there's the picture to make on the back of the fancy fabric. I am collecting small beads for this project.

Anyway, I haven't got time to stand around here gassing, got to get on. Remember the bag I made on Wednesday? Well I am feeling very generous and will give it away, but you don't have to comment again to win it, I have already picked the winner. So take a step forward.......Lynn.

Here is her winning comment
Hi ilona that bag is fab it reminds me of my grannies curtains in her maisonette they where really thick material floor to ceiling and I loved them :) I have her old singer sewing machine. She was a tailoress as a job I wish I had that skill. The bags you make are fab.Lynn x    

Email me your name and address, or put it in a comment which I won't publish, and I will get it in the post to you. Oooh, I like giving surprises :o))
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. I find the stew type concoctions always taste better as time progresses.

  2. Just shows, the best-before dates can be largely ignored, part of todays dinner was stuffing mix from 2012, nothing wrong with it.

  3. Hello Mean Queen: I am a Canadian vacationing in the U.S. south just now and have been enjoying your blog and frugal ways very much. Not to mention your attitude! good for you..Regarding the boiling of eggs..of course you have a lid on as you bring them to a boil but when they reach the boil, turn the heat off. Leave 12 minutes, then cool as usual. Saves a bit more fuel. Salad looks delish.
    Toodle pip (love that).

  4. Coming from Luxembourg, I have never heard the 'Bob's your uncle' before. Are you saying your uncle is called Bob?

  5. Hi oh my gosh ilona it's lynn! wow i'm so excited about winning the bag I love it! And I'll keep it forever! How very lovely! would you like me to send postage or some money for kitty foody? I'd be happy too. Let me know.

  6. the food sounds wonderful!
    happy for Lynn!
    have a great week!


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