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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Crumbs and chips

It's been a good day for pottering in the garden, not my garden though, my friends new garden. She is in charge of the indoor renovations, and I am head gardener. Mind you, there are some jobs which are a bit beyond my capabilities, like putting up new fence panels and taking a chainsaw to a tree which needs cutting back. 
The big tree is that one on the right. The Laurel at the bottom of the garden needs a good pruning as it's overhanging into the next garden, I can do that, I'll take my ladder with me next time I go. I made a start today by chopping back some unruly bushes. My friend is not sure who is responsible for the fence panels, as there are some broken and missing on both sides. She has got to speak to the neighbours about that. Quite a bit of work to do, but no rush, she is hoping it will be ready for new tenants in April. Luckily it's only ten minutes drive away so I can pop over there when we get some nice days.

Another little job I am doing at the moment is sorting the fleecy off-cuts out into colours, it will make it easier when I finish the other cat mat. There are a lot of very small pieces which are no good for sewing, so I am chopping them into tiny crumbs.

My first thought was use them for stuffing, but they are too pretty and there is nothing I want to stuff at the moment. I've got an idea to embellish a bag with them.
Still no shopping, but I have to confess, I had a craving for chips today so I picked some up from a very good chippy, on the way to the house. They were so so good. I don't make chips at home and I rarely buy any, they are a twice a year treat. There was enough for lunch and tea. Not sure if I need a dinner now, I am stuffed. I will have a snack later, probably some rice pudding. It's an amazing sunset tonight, we have a big black cloud over us and way in the distance the sun is disappearing over the horizon. In a few minutes it will be pitch black. I'll catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.
PS. Someone pointed out to me that we have 700 members. I have just noticed that it's gone over to 701, so welcome to all new people. I hope you enjoy your visits to Tightwad Towers, the place where every penny counts.


  1. Chips and rice pudding. The ultimate comfort foods for a February day :)

    1. Hi Janice. I gave the rice pudding a miss, had carrot soup instead. I change my mind on a whim :o))

  2. Ilona, Lucky you having chippy chips, the nearest one to me doesn't use vegetable oil for frying so as I'm a vegetarian I don't buy them.

    Your meals always look good, but I was a bit puzzled by you saying there were enough chips for lunch and tea and you were not sure if you need a dinner now, how many meals a day do you have?

    There are so many different words for the meals we have here in the UK, breakfast is simple enough but then there's the midday meal which is known as either lunch or dinner, then some people call their evening meal tea or dinner, yet when some people say tea they mean afternoon tea before the evening dinner!

    We have breakfast, lunch, dinner. Although we usually call dinner Supper!

    Oh forgot that there's supper too, so we could be eating all day long, breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper.
    We'd soon be lardy lumps! Lard, that's what started this comment!

    1. As a follow on to this comment it would be interesting to know what terms others use for their regular meals, are you going to start Ilona?

    2. Have done, see the next post :o))

  3. enjoyed your post!
    loved the garden views.

  4. Love your little bin of fleece snippets. They are so pretty! I would be inclined to just put them in a jar and look at them on gloomy days. xxoo

  5. Not Tightwad Towers but rather Tightwad University - I have learned so much here!

    Linda xx


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