Friday, 7 February 2014

Pssssst, any bad habits?

As the title says, have you any bad habits? The reason I ask is that bad habits could be costing you money, and if it's money that you can't afford to waste, then you need to break the habit. As well as emptying your purse, bad habits can also be detrimental to your health. Maybe it's time to look at what you do in your daily life. I am constantly scrutinizing mine. Changing bad habits for good habits could give you a better quality of life.

For instance, whenever I am in a large building and need to access the upper floors, like the hospital audiology department at the hospital, I always use the stairs. Bad habit using the lift, good habit climb the stairs, = better for health.  When I park in a supermarket car park, (only use the free ones), I park well away from the shop. Bad habit to cruise around looking for a space to squeeze into closest to the door, good habit to walk a bit further, and choose a quiet spot where you aren't going to get your doors bashed by the person in the next space when they get in and out of their car. Less likely to get your car damaged so kinder to your pocket in the long run.

More good and bad habits.
Bad habit, stick a pack of dishcloths or J cloths in your supermarket shopping trolley. This is a lazy bad habit which is costing you money. Good habit, cut up old towels, tablecloths, pillow cases, and sheets, into handy size squares. Find a second use for them. When you have finished using them as dishcloths, relegate them to floor cloths and other dirty jobs.

Bad habit, pick up a newspaper and a bar of chocolate on your way to work. There is nothing in the newspaper you need to know about during the working day. A bar of chocolate every day will make you fat and sluggish and will block your bowels up. Good habit, wait until you get home and get the news from the radio, television, or the internet. Chocolate is a treat, no more than once a week, and only as a reward when you have earned it.

Bad habit, getting the hoover/dyson out every day. Uses lots of electricity, and surely your house doesn't get that dirty that quickly to need cleaning every day. Good habit, actually look at the floor. Small spillages can be swept up with a dustpan and brush. Make a rule that shoes are taken off when anyone enters the house. Animal hairs are a nuisance I know, get used to them. Put throws on the furniture which can be taken outside and shaken.

Bad habit, leaving it until the last minute to get ready and go out. Leaving yourself short of time means you have got to drive faster to get to that appointment. Driving fast often means not concentrating fully on what you are doing because you are worried about being late. This way of driving is going to cost you more money. Harsh acceleration and braking means more fuel is used, and more wear and tear on your car. The brakes wear out quicker, and so do the tyres. Good habit, Give yourself plenty of time to concentrate on your driving. Smooth acceleration and braking is kinder to the car, and will cost less in petrol. You also have a better chance of getting there in one piece, and in a better frame of mind. Good for your health, less stress.

Bad habit, driving past filling stations even though you will need to top up your tank soon. You watch the needle hover on the red, you are looking for the cheapest deal. It never comes and you have to stop at the next garage you come across because the car is about to splutter to a halt. You end up paying premium price because you have no choice. Good habit, you keep your eye on the fuel gauge when it gets to the quarter full mark. You start looking before it becomes an emergency. Supermarkets are generally the cheapest places for fuel, fill up when you get your shopping. Get to know the best places in your area and fill up when passing.

Bad habit, bottling things up. Something is not right in your life but you are reluctant to talk about it with anybody. You battle on regardless, putting on a brave face so people around you have no idea that inside you are suffering. You try to hold things together, try to carry on with your day to day routine. This is bad for your health and well being. Good habit, there are some worries which need bringing out into the open. When things begin to fester, and your worries are beginning to impact on how you function, then you should seek help. A good friend or family member may be the first candidate, but if that is not possible, there are professional organisations with caring volunteers that you can turn to. Letting go and getting it off your chest is the first step to a healthier lifestyle.

Bad habit, is to get all your shopping in one supermarket. Yes it's convenient, but it will cost you more. Good habit, know the prices of the items you buy on a regular basis. then if you have a choice of supermarkets shop around for the best deal. Cherry pick at a range of different shops.

Bad habit, using your oven far more often than you need to. If you are batch baking all well and good, but an hour of heat in the oven is more expensive than fifteen minutes on the hob. Good habit, make meals in one pan, or use the microwave or slow cooker.

Bad habit, drinking fizzy drinks every day. They are bad for you, even the diet ones. You can become addicted to coca cola. Good habit, drinks made of mainly water with a splash of fruit juice. Don't buy them ready made, get a carton of juice and make it up in a bottle.

Bad habit, going to the sandwich bar every day for lunch. If you are skint you can't afford it. Good habit, save pounds by making your own lunch at home and taking it with you. Home made food is far more tastier than mass produced stuff anyway, and you know what's in it. Access to a microwave at work? Batch cook your own ready meals and take them to work. Take soup in a flask, or salad in a plastic box.  

These are just a few of my suggestions, there are many more. It's all about habits and doing things differently. Challenge yourself, turn a bad habit into a good habit, for the sake of your purse, and the sake of your health. Bye the way, your health should come first every time. If you bugger that up you are in for a rough ride. Money problems can be solved, if you mess with your health you are stuck with it.
Have a nice weekend, I'll be back tomorrow. Toodle pip


  1. Chocolate may make you fat if eaten excessively but it cannot and will not"block your bowels".

  2. You forgot the biggest ones of all--tobacco and alcohol. Both of my parents smoked, and my dad was an alcoholic. Supporting those habits meant we had only the barest necessities, if that. Yet there was always money for cigarettes and booze. It was a miserable life, on many different levels, for a child. Not to mention that non-smokers and non-drinkers, as a general rule, live longer and healthier.

    On a slightly more up note, I have a rule, don't buy things that are meant to be thrown away. The one exception is toilet paper--I buy cheap and I make it last!!

  3. Hello, im afraid my bad habit is booking holidays somewhere i dont really want to go, i.e. abroad, i go with the flow that everybody goes away then i worry about it all year, i would rather stay in this country going for walks in the country and seeing all the views etc, i have to decide what to do as we have paid a deposit for spain next winter, but do i go because i paid deposit (and dont do it again) or cancel and lose deposit? Berni.

  4. Chocolate not only blocks me up but gives me almost instant back and stomach ache!

  5. These are good ideas Ilona. Makes one think. You are an inspiration. My clothes dryer stopped working last week while I had two loads of wet laundry. We had just received a foot of snow and the temps were frigid so I hung all the laundry on anything I could find. Everything was dry in a few hours! I have put off calling the repairman. I don't think I really need a dryer. I'm now looking for an outdoor clothesline for when it gets warmer. Think of the money I'm going to save! Martha from Kansas

    1. I bought a clothes airer many years ago. Its on a pulley system. You screw the pulleys onto the ceiling, thread the rope through them and tie it to the two frames that carry the wooden poles that you hang the clothes from. You then need a hook on the wall to hook the rope to and tie knots in it for the upper and lower positions. Fill it with wet washing and hoist it up to the ceiling and your clothes will be dry in a few hours.

  6. Glad that the Spam has been reduced. Until your last post I had no idea how bad it must have been.

  7. Love love your blog read everyday

  8. After eating chocy bar still be hungry :) waste of money

  9. I'm guilty of the "drive by petrol stations" one. I do that all the time. I only seem to be programmed to fill up when I see the flashy light thing on the dashboard.

    I am going to stand in the corner whilst doing lines!!!!

    Just had a thought - does "doing lines" have a different meaning now compared to when I was at school many moons ago???

    Linda xxx

  10. I own a Village Shop and without people buying a newspaper and chocolate bar every morning my husband and I would go out of business and the village would lose its shop, and we would lose our home.

  11. I have a few habits which are not listed here - thank goodness. All of which I enjoy very much, some folk would describe my personal stuff as being bad however, have you heard of the proverb That one man's meat is mother mans poison ?

  12. All good advice and positive outlook as per usual Ilona. I dont drink pop or fruit juice; I make iced tea; a big jug with a couple of tea bags; no lemon, no sugar; maybe a couple of mint leaves from the garden in the summer. Very, very plain but drink it and after a few days you will love it. Good for you too as tea has anti-oxidents.
    And, yes, a life without cigarettes and alcohol is wonderful beyond imagining.......(saw my whole extended family fall prey to the ravages of those two things) There but for the grace of God.................
    You will have a good old-age because of how you live.