Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Cherry picking the best bargains

I had to go to town today in search of cat food which would not upset Bugsy. He can't eat Felix or Whiskas any more, they make him sick. I got him some gourmet tins, and some fresh chicken which I will grill tomorrow. 
While I was in town I had a look in the small Asda and found some yellow stickers. YAY, yogurt and veg. Then I popped in Aldi for a few items, no yellow stickers sadly. And on the way home I went to Sainsbury's to pick up some food for the rescue cats. Guess what I found, YES, more yellow stickers. The girl was marking down broccoli. I said, 'oh no, not more broccoli', and told her the story of eating it for two weeks and blogging about it. She laughed, and said, 'why not have a change, there are some sprouts in the next aisle marked down'. Ha ha, I got three bags, so it's sprouts all the way now. 
I have added up what I have spent on my food this week in four shops, and it comes to £16.21. Tesco £4.66. Aldi £4.77. Asda £4.30. Sainsbury's £2.48. Cherry picking the best bargains certainly pays off for me, and I don't have to drive very far to do it. I always combine journeys. My fridge is looking full now, I have enough to last a week or more. I reckon I spend an average of £15 a week on my food.    
Guess what was for dinner tonight. Veg of course, with a quarter of a cheese and onion quiche, at 25p. 
I was reading Justine's blog Jazzy's Place, the other day, she said she has started doing the Park Run. It's a 5k run on a Saturday morning, there are venues all over the country, and it's free. I had a look on the Park Run web site, and have signed up for it. Might as well give it a go, don't want to bugger my knees up though, but 5k once a week should be alright. I'll make an effort and go this Saturday.

It's looking like I might go for a ramble tomorrow, off to study the maps. Toodle pip.


  1. Nice haul. I am so pleased you have signed up to the park run x take it easy first time! I did and ignore the sprinters!

  2. I was just in Coles in Australia and broccoli was $8 a kilo (about 4 GBP). Pears at $1.30/kg were a better buy.

  3. I run with hubby 3 times a week and something I have found very useful has been 'pose running'. It is just a running style but it is very good if you are like me and get the odd glitchy knee or ankle. Hubby (who has run for yonks) gets a bit of arthritis in toe and knee and he has started running 'pose' style too.

  4. That dinner looks good Ilona, I very rarely find bargains in Sainsbuys, maybe I do not go at the right times. altho today my shopping was £1=93 cheaper than the other supermarkets that are doing the price check . I still felt it was expensive.

  5. Ive also registered for a 5k Park run in our local park today! Im aiming at doing a 10k for the Cancer Hospital where I work in July (which is in the same park as the 5k is held) and as a bit of a novice want to get a benchmark as to how much training I will have to do (there is a limit on the time you can complete the 10k in).
    Well done on the food bargins, Im a bit of a 'Supermarket tart' as well, cherry picking bargins from several places as well. :o)

  6. I love sprouts. Have you ever tried them with hollandaise sauce? Delicious.
    Helen in Francd