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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Here is the news, sorry it's a bit soggy

It's been a boooootiful day here in my neck of the woods, not far from the east coast of middle England. The morning fog lifted to give way to lots of sunshine. I had a little potter in the garden, then took a chair outside and sat doing some sewing. The birds were twittering, the wood pigeons were cooing, the cats were strolling around, and the children were having fun in their garden a few doors down. All was lovely. 
This morning I went out and did a litter pick. I noticed a few cans lying around the other day, so off I went with my trusty picking stick and a big carrier bag. There is a snicket which goes from the posh houses onto a dog walking area which we call the hills. By the way a snicket is an alleyway, or a ten foot, or a path. Just beyond that is a wood, and I spotted something in the bushes. I get really annoyed when people hurl things into the undergrowth hoping no one will notice it. I pushed my way through the brambles, big boots are a necessity for litter picking, and found a bundle of Parish Council Newsletters. Now, I know that they pay for the exact amount to be printed so every house in the village gets one. There are 44 houses which haven't received the latest copy which went out two weeks ago. Obviously someone got fed up and couldn't be bothered to deliver them. 
How chuffin annoying is that. Given the location that they were discarded they should be able to find out who did it, and give them a right rollicking. Well I would.

How ironic that there is a mention from the chairman about entering the Best Kept Village competition, and hopefully winning it this year. We usually come second or third. We won't win anything if folks keep chucking the newsletters away. Aside from creating more litter, people won't know about the competition and won't be helping to tidy the village up to give us a good chance.

It would be great if we could win it, I shall be stepping up my litter picking, and keeping my eyes open for any other little tidying jobs that need doing. Some of the road signs could do with a wash. The phone box needs a wash as well, and the bus shelter. We have a new man to look after the graveyard around the church, he seems quite keen. I shall be asking people to tidy the road in front of their house as well, failing that, I will be doing a bit of road sweeping myself, ha ha.

I am relaxing with a can of cider tonight, full up from my steamed veg dinner. I shall watch a catch up programme while doing a bit more sewing. Have a nice Sunday.
Toodle pip.


  1. Our street signs could do with a scrub. Good job I knew where today's Jumble sale was because I would never have managed to read the country sign posts, which would have been tragic.

  2. Hi Ilona

    Do you save the cans and sell them for scrap? I can't remember if you have said, but if you don't maybe its an idea? Aluminium cans are worth a bit :)

    Annoying about the newsletter- surely whoever delivers that area must have dumped them?

    1. Hi. No I don't save the cans. I think it would take ages before I accumulated enough to cover the cost of taking them to the scrap metal centre.

  3. Loved your description of the weather. I could almost imagine I was there... until I glanced out my window to the reminder of four feet of snow on the lawn and massive heaps of plowed snowbanks at the road. It was minus 23 C here last night. Spring can't come soon enough. Enjoy your nice weather, I'm envious.
    Hope the newsletter gets properly delivered next time.

  4. I'm picturing a minister standing before the congregation, holding up that bundle of newsletters! Bet it wouldn't happen again ;)

  5. Finding those newsletters would have made me so mad. I print out our Civic Society Newsletters on my printer and couldn't bear to see the paper, ink and effort wasted. I guess not everybody realises what they are doing when they discard things. (easy come easy go?)

  6. Church news letters and our community papers get delivered by volunteers. I`ve never heard of any of the papers being thrown away in this manner. That doesn`t mean that it couldn`t happen here, too. But one would hope that volunteering the delivering would attract honest and diligent folk. Shame on those that misuse such trust.

  7. Can only think it's a kid that has been given a job at half term, got fed up and dumped them :o). Shouldn't laugh but it is was I would have done. I'm a good girl now though, I litter pick and brush my pavement. Debbie

  8. How bad is that?! Church news letters too. Bet the vicar won't be too happy.

    X x

  9. There are people who are aware that they should keep their surroundings clean and clear of rubbish and then there are people who are grubs. We are continually picking up stuff that has been thrown out of vehicles into the bush or just dropped on the side of the road.Today is Clean Up Australia Day here.

  10. A smack round the ear would be a good thing for the dumper. I admire your kindness in litter picking up.

  11. What an absolutely shitty thing to do, just dump the newsletters. If they couldn't be bothered to distribute them they should have spoken out, I'm sure someone else would have taken over. Well done on at least retrieving the litter.

  12. I hope there' s nothing sinister going on like village rivalry where someone from a neighbouring village hi-jacked your villages newsletter to give themselves an unfair advantage in the best kept village competition, or have i been watching too much Midsomer Murders?
    The aluminium cans are worth a weigh in, i flatten them and a cratefull got me £10 last time, although the value varies.
    There are shops and takeaways near to my house so there is always rubbish around and even beer glasses from the pub get dumped. I used to try to keep it tidy outside my house but no-one else bothers and our bins are only emptied every 2 weeks now.


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