Friday, 21 March 2014

Just poppin in

Just poppin in for a quick chitchat, it's a sunny morning so I must get out walking. It rained overnight, so hopefully we will have a good day ahead of us. Yesterday I was gardening at Helen's, finished cutting back the massive laurel bush, now it is a more suitable size for the garden. The back of it was pushing up against the boundary fence, which was in danger of falling down if left unchecked, it had to have the chop. Next job is to reduce the height of the cherry tree, it is close to the neighbours on the side, and a new fence has to be erected there. I made a start but my loppers are not long enough, even with standing on a ladder, Helen will bring her extending loppers next week so I can reach a bit further.

I called in at the small Tesco at 5pm and managed to bag a few bargains. Celery hearts were 12p so I had two packs. Spring onions, black grapes, stir fry vegetables, and yogurt reduced. I also picked up five jars of Value peanut butter at 62p each. This tastes really nice and is a good price. Total shop £4.80. Last night I made another stew with the stir fry vegetables, celery, swede from last week, and the last few sprouts. This will save me cooking for two more days.

Anyway, must go, got to make my packup. Toodle pip  


  1. Great bargains as always hun. Its sunny here too, which is great as I have loads of washing to get dry. Enjoy your walk.

    X x

  2. I am always happy to learn about your food bargains.

  3. Enjoy your walk..i wonder where you are off to today? pictures to follow i hope ;)
    AFM xx

  4. Enjoy your walking :-)


  5. I hope you had a good walk and that your weather didn't change as ours did, it started off so promising first thing and now it's torrential rain and gale force winds again :-(

  6. Aha, a break from broccoli! Well done.

  7. Love celery hearts -- and swede, but not broccoloi.


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