Monday, 3 March 2014

Lipsmackin broccoli soup. Chuffin lovely.

An enjoyable way to start the week is to get together with a group of chattering ladies, and share craft ideas. There were ten of us sat round the table this morning, each working on our own creations. It's a really friendly atmosphere, and when it's cold outside, we are snug and warm inside sipping our coffee. 
Some people brought items to show, so I took a few snaps. This little handbag is gorgeous. It is soft and padded. The embellishments on the front are hand made.  

A first attempt at felting from scratch. A little case made in one piece so no seams. Very clever I thought.

A crochet cover with beads around the edge.
These gloves are actually shades of grey. Don't know why they have come out blue.

And this bag was made from a skirt. A fab piece of re using and re cycling. It's a shoulder bag, the strap is long enough to go across the body.

And now for my lunch. Thank you for all your suggestions of what to make with broccoli. Today it's soup. I used half a packet of prepared broccoli, and four spring onions. Cooked them in water in a small pan, and added a shake of garlic powder, a shake of black pepper, some veg pasta bake sauce mix, a dollop of cream cheese with garlic, sprinkles of grated cheese, a spoon of cream, and two teaspoons of porridge oats. Eaten with two crispbreads, it was lip smackin chuffin lovely.

Dinner tonight was, one chopped onion, and some soya mince, cooked in sesame seed oil, with garlic powder, and wholegrain mustard. When it was ready, I added two eggs and scrambled them, kept stirring to mix it all up. Served on two toasted potato cakes, (reduced 35p for 6). Very tasty and filling. 
I've finished the blue denim bag so I'll show that tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by to read. Toodle pip.


  1. I love both those bags. Bags are one of my favourite things to make. Your soup looks delicious. One of my favourite lunches is steamed broccoli and cauliflower with cream cheese and black pepper on top. Yum.

  2. I love the crafts you shared, how great!
    The food sounds wonderful, esp. the 2nd one!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Gosh, every one of those projects is uniquely lovely!
    The first time I saw a crocheted cover like that one, with bead weights around the edge, was on a sugar bowl in Armagh. Is that a typical thing in your neck of the woods? It's certainly a pretty item.
    And I envy you your broccoli abundance, Ilona! I treated myself to a small bunch of today...looking forward to steamed broc tomorrow, then soup made with the stalks :)

  4. How delightful love all the crafts and the food looks fab yum Louise

  5. Thanks for showing the craft items - smashing !. Have made several shoping bags but never thought of making a handbag. As I never seem to find one with enough seperate compartments for all the "junk" I transport I shall have a bash at making one(and put a long handle on too to put across myself. Thanks for sharing ideas. jac.xx

  6. I love broccoli soup - yum! Around Christmas, if I get my hands on special offer or massively reduced stilton then I put a bit of that in the soup otherwise it is a sprinkle of grated cheddar on top. Bags look good too : )

  7. Your fellow crafters are as talented as you :-)

  8. That bag skirt's my favourite, very professional! x

  9. Yes, one of your other readers mentioned using up the broccoli stalk. I don't think a lot of people do this. Natalie

  10. You have some very talented friends, that bag is stunning.

    X x

  11. Happy birthday to your mother, Ilona! Today, March5--a day after your mother's birthday--my mother was born 100 years ago.. During a blizzard in western Wyoming, USA, two baby girls were born prematurely. They shared one birth certificate and the doctor, who was only licensed to treat Indians on the nearby reservation (!), was so drunk that he couldn't fill it out. The twins were my mother Helen and her sister, Alice. No one knows how much (or little) they weighed at birth, but a month later, the two of them weighed 5 lbs. TOGETHER. I am going to call my cousin Nell in Maryland today so we can celebrate. After all, if Grammie had not kept them warm on the oven door, neither of us would be here. And my cousin would not have been named for her grandmother Nellie, or me for my aunt Alice (middle name).

    I am proud to say that my Aunt Alice joined the Women's Army Corps and served as a nurse's aide in England during World War II. She was very proud of her service. When she died, seven weeks before my mother in 1995, she was buried in a National Cemetery with military honors.

    I think any of us that were the children or grandchildren of what we call "the Greatest Generation" can tell family stories like this. Different, of course. Your mother, Ilona, lived through desperate times. I hope these stories will not be lost on future generations. (I called my son this morning and said, "Listen, I'm gonna tell you some of your family history, and I want you to remember it and tell your kids when you have them!"

  12. The broccoli stalks are woody on the outside so what I do is peel that part off and cook the peeled stalks with the rest of the broccoli. It is very tasty as well. Beverley.