Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Recycled teenager

I was just knuckling down to write a post tonight when the phone rang. Once we get chatting there's no stopping us, so blame my sister for this non post. Did someone say there was a budget today? I think I missed it. I caught a mention of it on the car radio on the way back from town. Don't know much about it though, the journey only takes about eight minutes. I called in the library as I remembered that they have Newspaper discussions and wanted to know which day and time it takes place. It's on a Thursday at 10.30am, wonder if I ought to go to that tomorrow, will think about it, it's free.

While I was there I picked up a free copy of Mature Times, does anyone else get that? It always looks quite interesting on the front page, but when I get inside it I can't find anything to grab my attention. I think I must be at an in between age, somewhere between a teenager and a pensioner. In fact half the time I don't believe I am a pensioner, I'm more a recycled teenager. I am certainly not old, which is the age that this paper seems to cater for. I have to flit through it quickly as I find it quite depressing. There's adverts about getting your bathroom adapted if you have mobility problems, funerals, hearing aids, stairlifts, life insurance, care home fees, retirement homes, and super strength cod liver oil.

One advert caught my eye. They are flogging a book called Mature Guide to relationships, love and sex. It's a book designed to help you nurture and develop existing relationships, or help you find new ones. It will help you to make improvements to your marriage, and help those who are single to plan a future relationship. It claims to give practical, down to earth and humorous advice about sex, love, and those bumpy bits. Oh my word, a sex manual for wrinklies. That is something I am definitely not in need of. Surely it's like riding a bike, once you have mastered it you never forget.

There is a picture of Dr Hilary Jones on the back page, he is the advisor to the health company that sells the cod liver oil. He is getting on a bit, but still looks in pretty good nick, and quite handsome for his age. Probably a bit too old for me though, ha ha. Unless he's a recycled teenager.    

My brain is shutting down for the night, I'm off to bed. Toodle pip


  1. I don't relate to stuff aimed at my age group either (born 1946) I'm with you ... Hell's Grannies Rule !!!

  2. You kill me - you definitely are a recycled teenager, living life to the fullest - Cheers!

  3. The newspaper discussion sounds interesting oh how silly are those articles love know how for the mature person lol as if somehow over 60 you've just landed on a new planet haha no age is dreaded by my mind I've heard the dreaded 50 comment but for me I'm looking forward to it how interesting to be 50 then 60 and so on we all know what the alternative is I will be thrilled to bits to turn 50 then 60 and no sign of ill health........Louise

  4. If it is budget day in your country I'm wondering if there are cuts buried in there to the NHS budget. I've heard that big changes are coming to the health care system there and they don't sound good. Privatization of health care on the way. Maybe it is already there. It usually means those on the lower end of the income spectrum can't get good health care. There is a film coming out called Sell Off that delves into this in great detail.

  5. I think its depressing how Britain sees those over 50 (wot over 50 !). I had a major op a couple of years ago and I got the distinct impression that I just about fitted into the consultant's bracket of 'within an age range to stand the operation'. I have no pension and once my parents go will have no one to look after me. I suppose the adverts in Mature Times will suit someone like me. My Grandfather was an immigrant and I often wonder what my life would be like if he'd not chosen here (he came over around the time of the First World War). If I had any money I would love to cast adrift and choose other shores. Natalie.

  6. That sounds scary Natalie here in Australia no matter how many hours a person has worked all their life they get a pension and I don't care what anyone says it's a very generous amount students get much much less and struggle I often joke and say when I get the pension I'll be rich compared to my younger days and now working .wish you all the best Louise

  7. The Mature Times, that sounds like something to look forward to.
    Sex at 73, that'll be handy, i live at number 55 so i've not far to walk home afterwards.
    I went to the pharmacy the other day for some viagra, when i asked the assisstant to cut it into quarters she said it would be a waste of time taking it. I said quarters is fine, its enough to stop me weeing on my slippers.
    There was a woman going mad in Holland and Barratt, throwing cod tubs of cod liver around. One of them hit me but i'm ok, the doctor said its only a super fish oil injury.